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Assignment 29 conventions

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Assignment 29

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Assignment 29 conventions

  1. 1. Assignment 29 - Conventions Sam, Jake, Charlie and Idrees
  2. 2. Conventions • They are expected features and elements that are associated with a particular sub genre - in this case horror • Conventions can be: • Plot • Character types • Representations of characters • Settings • Editing • Camera work • Narrative structure • Anything MES
  3. 3. List of conventions in our sub- genre Convention Film example Vampire attacks victim for blood Dracula (1992) Vampire gets burnt by the sunlight Dracula (1992) Vampire has a bloodlust/addiction Twilight (2008) Vampire is associated with vampire merchandise/items Vampires suck (2010) and Hotel Transylvania (2010) Vampire is made to look superior/ overpowering Dracula (1992) Vampire has fangs Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter (2012) Vampire dislikes garlic Dracula (1992) Vampire is associated with bats/ can turn into a bat The Vampire bat (1993) Vampire lives in a big house on his own and has human victims for his bloodlust Dracula (1992)
  4. 4. Our conventions Convention Use/develop or challenge Film example Low key lighting Use it Dracula Vampire drinks blood Use it Twilight It appear the vampire lives a normal life (for most of the OTS) Challenges the stereotype Dexter Vampire kills his victims to get blood Use it Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter Vampire looks in the mirror to see his reflection Challenges the stereotype because vampires can’t see their own reflection Dracula