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Assignment 17 – revision of pitch 2

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Assignment 17 – revision of pitch 2

  1. 1. Assignment 17 – Revision of pitch 2 JAKE, SAM, CHARLIE, IDREES
  2. 2. The Plot of the OTS  Start with a black screen and production titles  Open on protagonists eye (extreme close up) dilating  Cut to the title of the film  Shows a beam of light coming in from window, he closes it up (opposite to what a normal person would do)  Cut to the bathroom where you see him put in false teeth (Ones hiding his fangs) Extreme close up revealing that he is covering fangs with false teeth. (Not revealing identity)  He brushes his teeth and blood falls in sink. Focus on the running of the blood down the sink.  Shots in bathroom don’t show his face, high angle looking down  See him get make up from same angle and suggests he puts it on (covering a pale vampire face) also puts on his neck from an angle where you don’t see his face, (shows he isn’t totally normal)  Drinks orange juice, use a filter giving it a red tint  See him finally putting on strong sun cream (extreme close up not revealing identity)  You see the character leave his house revealing his identity
  3. 3. Inspirational films  Dexter  Twilight  True blood
  4. 4. Dexter Our main inspiration came from Dexter. It shows a serial killer hiding his true identity as ours does. We used this hiding idea and related it towards vampires. We also used the idea of a morning routine as well suggesting that something is not quite right, however adapted features to relate to our character. We liked the way which normal routines were made to suggest something deeper about the character which we want to achieve in our OTS.
  5. 5. Twilight From Twilight we firstly looked at the way stereotypical traits of a vampire. Like the red eyes shown beside, we saw that vampires are shown to have glistening or sensitive skin, have fangs, etc. We then looked out how blood was represented throughout the films. As shown above, there is a clear focus on the beating of the heart and the complexity of it. Blood is also shown to be a deep, smooth, red colour with little else in it, almost making it seem sacred. We plan to show our vampire covering up these traits and show a similar representation to blood as is done in twilight.
  6. 6. True blood True blood shows modern day vampires and how they are represented. The OTS uses contrasting music to the images shown which I think could work in our OTS. It also cuts, as shown beside, with fragments of the sexual representation that vampires bring. This could be something we look to add in to our OTS.
  7. 7. Unique Selling Point  Our OTS is completely unique as both Vampires and this type of OTS have rarely been used.  The linear and symbolic nature of our plot works well in establishing enigmas and a character.  We want to represent our character with stereotypical traits, such as glistening skin, but represent the character as different from other vampires where he hides his true identity in order to fit in.