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MeTA MSP workshop: Issues and challenges: Rich picture

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MeTA MSP workshop: Issues and challenges: Rich picture

  1. 1. 1/11/2010 MeTA Multi Stakeholder Processes Workshop for MeTA pilot Countries Ghana, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Peru, Philippines, Uganda, Zambia 3. Issues and challenges Rich picture Simone van Vugt/ Karen Verhoosel Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation January 2010 Rich picture A drawing of a situation that illustrates the main elements and relationships that need to be considered in trying to intervene to create some improvement. A rich picture helps us to understand the complexity of an entire situation. It is a way of thinking holistically. A rich picture helps us to see relationships and connections that we may otherwise miss. It is called a rich picture because it illustrates the richness and complexity of a situation. 1
  2. 2. 1/11/2010 Rich picture Pictures, text, symbols and icons should all be used to graphically illustrate the situation. ‘A picture tells a thousand words’. Developing a rich picture is also a good group exercise as everyone can add to it and use it to explain their particular interests or perspectives. A rich picture can also be a non threatening and humorous way of illustrating different perspectives and conflicts. Rich picture example 2
  3. 3. 1/11/2010 Rich picture – group assignment per country Take your country case as a starting point for developing the rich picture: Draw the key problematic Who are the stakeholders and how do they relate to the problematic? What are their relations to each other? Context description: causes and effects Any other relevant social, economic, political, environmental features or issues How does this all relate to the wider context of MeTA? Write down on cards the 5 main challenges in the MSP process arising from your rich picture. The end result 3