Childrens story

  1. A trip to the zoo a children's story book
  2. Charlotte is a 10 year old girl who loves animals. she loves going to Zoos, taking pictures of animals and learning about them.
  3. One Saturday night she was watching a documentary on animals , as always. she noticed something that she never noticed before.
  4. She realised that the documentary was different to what she saw in zoos, that the animals acted different in the documentary. After that, all she wanted was to see what animals are like outside of zoos.
  5. As she grew older she looked more into it. she got a job at the zoo and realised how they treat the animals and that them being in a zoo is actually like us being in jail.
  6. They aren't in their natural habitat and they were not born and raised to be in zoos. Charlotte really didn't like that. all she wanted was for animals to be happy and do what they were born to do like hunt for there food instead of getting fed and being bored.
  7. She thought she had to do something about it, she wanted the whole world to know that zoos are animal cruelty that's almost impossible. so she did what she could and made a group against it.
  8. now Charlotte is a proud leader of a no animal cruelty group and all all turned out happily ever after.