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Mobile phone Data Hacking

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Mobile phone Data Hacking

  1. 1. Cyber Crime (Mobile Phone Data Hacking) Presented by Md Abu Syeem
  2. 2. Introduction Threat types Threat description Conclusion Q/A Agenda
  3. 3. smartphone a mobile phone that performs many of the functions of a computer, typically having a touchscreen interface, Internet access, an operating system capable of running downloaded apps and storage
  4. 4. All major cellular networks support • Voice calls • Voice mail (VM) • Short Message Service (SMS) • Location-based Services (LBS) • IP Connectivity
  5. 5. Email
  6. 6. Circuit Switching-Paging effect Packet Switching-GGSN(Gateway GPRS support node) SGSN(Serving GPRS support node) (CDR-Call Detail Record) Communication Attack
  7. 7. Bluetooth Attack 1.Bluesnarfing 2.Bluebugging 3. Blue jacking 4.DOS Attack Wi-fi: Packet sniffing NFC: Near field communication
  8. 8. • Apps get permission to do questionable things – Access your Address Book – Access your location – Make calls/Send SMS • Apple vs. Android – Less of an issue for Apple • Strong requirements to get into app store Doesn't mitigate risk entirely – Android is a bigger risk • Play Store is more open People don’t always read app permissions or understand them
  9. 9. Physical Attack Sim clone Dock connector lockscreen stole Sim clone Dock connector lockscreen stole
  10. 10. QR code
  11. 11. Q/A