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Mconnect Layered Navigation Magento 2 Module - Advanced Product Filter & Search Functionality

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Do you have the large catalog in your eCommerce store? Looking for the easy and effective product search or filtering solution for your Magento 2 website?

Mconnect Advanced Layered Navigation Magento 2 extension help online store owner to improve your website navigation, user experience and sales by offering pleasant product filter facility.

Help your online buyers or customer to find their desired product by filtering custom product attributes like color, size, price, rating, category and much more with Advanced Ajax Layered Navigation module by M-Connect Media.

Visit https://www.mconnectmedia.com/alnavigation-magento-2.html for more details.

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Mconnect Layered Navigation Magento 2 Module - Advanced Product Filter & Search Functionality

  1. 1. Mconnect Advanced Layered Navigation Magento 2 Extension
  2. 2. Advanced Layered Navigation Are your online store customers getting upset as it is taking their so much time in just searching a best suitable product? Do you want the best and cost effective solution for your online store? Implement Ajax Layered Navigation functionality on your Magento 2 based eCommerce store. Allow user to filter their desired product by selecting multiple product attributes checkbox and dropdown without reloading page.
  3. 3. Enable/Disable Extension
  4. 4. Price Range with Price Slider
  5. 5. Enable/Disable Ajax
  6. 6. Select the Filter Type
  7. 7. Set the Filter Location
  8. 8. Choose the List Of Attributes to Show For Filter
  9. 9. Remove All The Selected Options
  10. 10. Filter By Category Front-View
  11. 11. Product Category Filter Front-View
  12. 12. Multiple Attribute Filter Front-View
  13. 13. Filter Product Price Without Slider
  14. 14. Product Filter by Rating Front-View
  15. 15. Product Filter by Price Front-View
  16. 16. M-Connect Media a leading Magento extension development company welcome eCommerce merchants to visit https://www.mconnectmedia.com/alnavigation-magento-2.html for more details. Improve product browsing and searching experience of your website with Mconnect Advanced Layered Navigation Magento 2 Module. Interested to know more about Al Navigation Magento 2 Extension?
  17. 17. Website: https://www.mconnectmedia.com/ Front-End Demo: http://alnavigation.m2.demo.mconnectmedia.com/men/tops- men/jackets-men.html Back-End Demo: http://alnavigation.m2.demo.mconnectmedia.com/admin_5orlgh/a dmin/ Configuration Link: https://support.mconnectmedia.com/hc/en- us/sections/115000425472-Mconnect-Ajax-Layered-Navigation-for- Magento-2 Useful Links
  18. 18. M-Connect Media 353 McCook Cir NW, Kennesaw, Georgia 30144, United States. info@mconnectmedia.com +1 319 804-8627 Thank You!!!!!! Reach US