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Fashion Growth Opportunities City by City

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If you’re in the apparel industry, emerging markets need to be part of your growth agenda. In too many cases, however, expanding into emerging markets is just shorthand for moving into the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China). But the answer isn’t just to look at other countries; the critical point is that investments in growth need to happen at a city-by-city level. That’s because emerging-market cities are capturing most of the global growth in apparel. Some 80 percent of top growth cities for total apparel sales by 2025 will be in emerging markets. Together, these cities will enlarge world apparel markets by an additional $100 billion. (read related article: http://cmsoforum.mckinsey.com/article/fashion-sense-leading-apparel-companies-are-looking-to-cities-for-growth)

Fashion Growth Opportunities City by City

  1. McKinsey International RoundtableJanuary 31st, 2013Unleashing fashiongrowth city by cityNathalie Remy
  2. McKinsey & Company | 1Shanghai26 3New York2 2
  3. McKinsey & Company |Growthis granular3 insights about growth…2Growthis shiftingGrowthis happeningin citiesWhat does it mean for you?
  4. McKinsey & Company |AD 1Evolution of the world’s economic center of gravity318201950200020102025est.
  5. McKinsey & Company |The same shift is happening in the women’s apparel marketMID MARKET LUXURY200420112025Mature Emerging4+50%25%37%55%7%14%28%
  6. McKinsey & Company | 5An important but less talked-about trend…… the growing power of cities600 cities = 65% growth¾ of the top cities are fromthe emerging markets
  7. McKinsey & Company |Rise of the mega cities…6From 25 to 60 mega cities~1/4 of the global wealthTianjin = Sweden
  8. McKinsey & Company |Beyond the mega cities, middleweight cities are increasinglyimportant77Pune million populationHarbin million population8Luanda million population9Puebla million population3middleweights =Growth in the 400
  9. McKinsey & Company |Some urban markets will be as large as countries…8Shanghai = Poland + PortugalMoscow = 4 IrelandNew York = 3 DenmarkParis = Norway + New Zealand
  10. McKinsey & Company |Growth concentration in top 6009Luxury apparelConsumerspendingMid marketapparelConsumergoods85%62%60%40%
  11. McKinsey & Company |… TO SUCCESS10What does it mean to your organization?FROM STRATEGY…Resource reallocationOffer tailoringBrand buildingGo-to-market modelOrganizationTalentLocal stakeholders
  12. McKinsey & Company |“CityScope”112,600 citiesA proprietarymethodologyFashionScopein women’s apparel
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