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Benchmarking OTM and Java - Is Your Platform Limiting Performance

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Your choice of platform has a significant impact on how OTM performs. Factors such as hardware architecture, operating system, Java JVM and application server can either enhance or limit OTM's performance and scalability. In this presentation, Chris will share his experience in benchmarking platforms for Java performance. He will discuss several freely available tools that you can add to your toolkit, including VolanoMark, DaCapo and Soap Stone. He will then show you to use each of these tools and discuss how the results relate to aspects of OTM, including agents, workflow and bulk plans. After this presentation, you'll understand how to use freely available tools to benchmark your platform and predict relative OTM performance.
Presented by Chris Plough at MavenWire.

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Benchmarking OTM and Java - Is Your Platform Limiting Performance

  1. 1. Benchmarking OTM and Java: Is Your Platform Limiting Performance? OTM SIG User Conference ‘09
  2. 2. Agenda Setting Expectations OTM – Hardware and Platforms Tools – System and Monitoring Benchmarks Hands-on Benchmarking (Real-time) Interpreting and Applying to OTM Q&A
  3. 3. This Presentation WILL: Teach you to benchmark various OTM platforms Show you how to interpret the benchmark results Show real-world platform results
  4. 4. This Presentation will NOT: Teach you to load-test an OTM installation Show you how to predict OTM SCA (scalability / clustering) performance Utterly fail (I hope!)
  5. 5. Hardware / Platforms CPU and Hardware Platform Matter! A LOT! CPU Speed – Not a Good Indicator of Performance Other factors (cores, memory bandwidth, on-chip cache) necessitate benchmarking OTM Requires both high multi-threading AND high single-thread performance Lots of cores and high per-core performance Performance of Current Platforms Linux / x86-64 Windows / x86-64 (note: memory limitations) Solaris HP-UX / PA-RISC Note: HP-UX / Itanium currently unknown AIX / POWER
  6. 6. Operating System / Stats – Helpful but Limited Review system performance under production load for the previous 2 weeks Utilize System Tools to Monitor sar / kSar top / prstat / topas / etc Utilize Tools to Trend Nagios / Munin / etc
  7. 7. Benchmarking – Which Benchmarks? VolanoMark DaCapo Soap Stone Hammerora Why? Java based Replicate OTM behavior Easily repeatable
  8. 8. Why Not Load-Test OTM? Complicated to setup Time-consuming to run Requires OTM installed AND configured Not Necessary to determine platform capacity
  9. 9. Benchmarking - VolanoMark Running VolanoMark (Hands-On Exercise) Full instructions at: http://www.otmfaq.com/forums/blogs/chrisplough/6- benchmarking-part-1-java-jvm-performance- volanomark.html
  10. 10. Benchmarking - VolanoMark VolanoMark Java-based benchmark that simulates high transactional and multi-threaded load Reflects the performance of the following OTM activities Web UI, Agents, Integration, General Workflow, General OTM Activities (not including optimization and planning based) Higher numbers are better
  11. 11. Benchmarking - DaCapo Running DaCapo (Hands-On Exercise) Full instructions at: http://www.otmfaq.com/forums/blogs/chrisplough/12 -benchmarking-part-3-java-jvm-performance- dacapo.html
  12. 12. Benchmarking - DaCapo DaCapo Java-based benchmark that simulates highly computational, algorithmic, single-threaded processing Reflects the performance of the following OTM activities Optimization and Planning / Bulk Planning Lower numbers are better
  13. 13. Benchmarking – Soap Stone Running Soap Stone (Hands-On Exercise) Full instructions at: http://www.otmfaq.com/forums/blogs/chrisplough/13 -benchmarking-part-4-real-world-network- performance-soap-stone.html
  14. 14. Benchmarking – Soap Stone Soap Stone Java-based benchmark that tests data throughput between servers and replicates application protocols, such as HTTP, RMI and RAW. Reflects the throughput and protocols utilized between the various OTM Tiers Browser / Web: HTTP Web / App: RMI App / DB: RAW Higher numbers are better
  15. 15. Benchmarking – Hammerora Running Hammerora (Hands-On Exercise) Full instructions at: http://www.otmfaq.com/forums/blogs/chrisplough/11 -benchmarking-part-2-oracle-db-performance- hammerora.html
  16. 16. Benchmarking – Hammerora Just Kidding!!! There’s no way we’d have enough time
  17. 17. Benchmarking – Hammerora Hammerora Benchmark based on the TPC-C and TPC-H benchmarks. Reflects the performance and scalability of the DB Tier Lower numbers are better
  18. 18. Interpreting the Results These benchmarks have linear trends (twice as fast is twice as fast) VolanoMark Higher is better Applies to Web and App tiers DaCapo Lower is better Applies to App tier Soap Stone Higher is better 40Mbit or faster Web App 400Mbit or faster App DB Hammerora Higher is better Applies to all tiers
  19. 19. Online Resources Performance kSar http://ksar.atomique.net/ Nagios http://www.nagios.org/ Munin http://munin.projects.linpro.no/ Benchmarking Full Replication Details http://www.otmfaq.com/forums/blogs/chrisplough/ VolanoMark http://www.volano.com/benchmarks.html DaCapo http://dacapobench.org/ Soap Stone http://soap-stone.sourceforge.net/ Hammerora http://hammerora.sourceforge.net/
  20. 20. Q & A and Discussion Questions?
  21. 21. Thank You! chris.plough@mavenwire.com 866.343.4870 x701 www.MavenWire.com