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  1. PRINCIPLES 1.Efffective health worker irrespective of position or place of work, function as a team -she has to work with physician, nurse, health visitor that she must familiar with the duties and responsibilities of all the other workers on the health team and thus duplication of work can be avoided
  2. 2.The health worker is responsible to the authorized health authority -nurse has to work in close consultation with the public health authority for the area in which she is working .It is necessary for the cooperation of total health programme
  3. 3.Professional relationship and etiquette are essential in public health service -the worker new to the area should visit the official health agencies and established organizations interested in health such as punchayath, block development office etc.
  4. 4.Any person who work with village people can and should help to carry out the health programme -many people who are not working directly in a health agency can contribute great deal with health programme. So she should know all the workers.
  5. 5.Health services should be available to the people irrespective of age, sex, creed, nationality, political affiliation or social and economic status -every human being has a right to good personal health and an environment conducive to healthful living
  6. 6. The health worker must be non political and non sectarian in her relationship with people -the public health worker should not interfere in any with a persons political or religious beliefs. Understanding of various beliefs social customs and manners enable the worker to encourage people to practice the best
  7. 7. The public health worker must never accept gifts or bribes 8.Health services should be based on the need 9.Health services should be reliable in terms of available personal and facilities 10. The family and community are unit of work in public health 11.Teaching is an essential part of all health services
  8. 12.Continuous service is effective service -it is necessary to see the effectiveness of treatment and to improve the health habits 13. Evaluation of services is an important factor in planning and progress -to know whether the established goals met or not 14. Records and reports are essential to public health service -to assure the continuity of service and to facilitate the evaluation
  9. 15. Public health nurse should be qualified -basic or general nursing training is the foundation for effective nursing service 16. Facilities for further training should be provided by the organization 17. Job condition should be conducive to optimum satisfaction -salary, provident fund, vacation, sick leave etc. should be provide to the nurse
  10. 18. Provision should be made for supervising and directing public health nursing service 19.Professional interest should be developed and maintained 20. Community health nursing is community focused, so it is essential to know the defined community make a map and effective working relationship