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You spend too much for your parcels

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This Slideshare tells a story with old black and white images. The story of a business that wants the best parcel carrier. It found a good carrier, but... ...Watch it to see the ending.

This story is told by ColisConsult a shipping consulting group located in Paris.

We help you obtain the best shipping services at the most competitive rates. We benchmark your rates and services against current market conditions. We identify savings and service opportunities. We manage your entire international RFP or simply help with negotiation. We are not affiliated with any transportation company. Therefore, we are totally carrier-neutral.

You get the discounts you deserve. You optimize your express shipping budget on a European, EMEA or worldwide scale, either by keeping or changing your current parcel carrier. You save money and hundreds of hours in labor costs.

Our services are offered on a success fee basis. This means, a fee is only charged if you achieve savings.

Knowledge is Power. Together we will go further and it will be faster. You have nothing to lose, as our fee is derived exclusively from the verifiable cost savings we generate. Give us a call : 33 1 48 98 18 68

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You spend too much for your parcels

  1. 1. 6 months later
  2. 2. Give us a call to reduce your transport costs ColisConsult Paris: 33 1 48 98 18 68
  3. 3. The Endhttp://www.colisconsult.com/english/ image credit : Shutterstock