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NISO Plus 2023 - Publisher Perspectives on Metadata Quality and Completeness.pptx

  1. Thursday Feb 16, 2023 2:00 PM EST Publisher Perspectives on Metadata Quality and Completeness Matthew Ragucci Associate Director, Product Marketing Wiley
  2. For my ally is the force, and a metadata powerful ally it is… its energy surrounds us and binds us.
  3. Wiley Green External 2021-10.potx 3 Metadata practices Robust metadata is in everyone’s best interest Standards-compliant approach (XML, HTML, JATS, BITS, MARC, ONIX, KBART, OpenURL, COUNTER) Different user behavior, expectations, and awareness Different metadata for different content types serials vs. monographs Consider the end-user, downstream who is consuming the content
  4. Wiley Green External 2021-10.potx 4 Publisher Vendor Library User CrossRef IdP Publisher Platform Create and delivery full text feeds Publisher Database Create and delivery title lists Repository Central Index Ranking Linking Options DOI Direct OpenURL Link Resolver Knowledgebase Select Collections Prioritize Collections Configure DOI Linking Configure Direct Linking Configure OpenURL Select Targets Select Limit Search Databases Set Ranking Preferences Select DOI Linking Select Direct Linking Select OpenURL CrossRef Database DOI Resolution Abstract Full-Text Authenticated Configure Authentication IP. U/P. SSO Discovery dataflows and metadata* * Adapted from Zhu, J. (2017). Should publishers work with library discovery technologies and what can they do?. Learned Publishing, 30(1), 71-80.
  5. Wiley Green External 2021-10.potx 5 Students Wiley Online Library Full text access Social Networks Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Subject specific A&Is CABI, ERIC, PsycInfo, Inspec TDM services RightFind XML, Linguamatics Major evaluative A&Is CAS, Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed Professional networks Medscape, Sermo, Article management tools ReadCube, Colwiz, Zotero Discovery Services Primo, Summon, EDS, WorldCat Agent gateways EJS, J-Gate Library Systems OPACs, A-Z lists, link resolvers etc Web-scale search Google, Google Scholar, Bing, Baidu Subject portals RePEc, SSRN, PhilPapers SCNs Mendeley , ResearchGate, Corporate info tools Quosa, DirectPath Current awareness Meta, Sparrho Library services Pubget, BrowZine, Boopsie Charting pathways (through metadata) 5 Aggregator platforms Document delivery Institutional repositories Researchers Librarians * Adapted from Conrad, L. Y., & Somerville, M. M. (2013). Blazing new paths: Charting advanced researcher patterns.
  6. Wiley Green External 2021-10.potx 6 Metadata contents and formats PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL Working with vendors Regular distribution of product-level metadata: • Full-text • Abstracts • eTOCs What formats do we share: • ONIX • MARC • KBART • HTML • XML (JATS & BITS) Support Text and Data Mining
  7. Wiley Green External 2021-10.potx 7 Using metadata to support library discovery PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL • Drivers for library, monograph discovery • ONIX 2.0 > MARC21 conversion • Created, delivered, and supported by OCLC • Full-level records with key bibliographic elements • DOI-based linking direct to content Field Contents 020/024 Standard identifiers 072 Subject Category Code (BISAC) 100 Main Entry - Personal 245 Title Statement 300 Physical Description 490/830 Series statement 505 Table of Contents 520 Book Summary 650 Subject added entry 776 Additional Physical Form 856 Electronic Location and Access Example – MARC Records
  8. Wiley Green External 2021-10.potx 8 How else can metadata help content discovery? Following Google best practices for tagging articles to allow access to full text even when behind a paywall. Add Metadata tags to HTML for articles Improves accuracy of title, author and citations Give Google XML Access to the full text Google-friendly site design Allows all search engines to navigate through our site more easily Wiley, Atypon, and Google representatives meet regularly Consistent collaboration Helps Google track versions of articles Allows Google to index article full text even when behind the paywall Provides better access to references improving Google’s “Cited by” metrics This ensures Wiley content continues to meet best practice standards for Google indexing Finding all content for a specific journal and uses persistent links to easily find newly published content
  9. Wiley Green External 2021-10.potx 9 We identify open access and embargoed journals and tag free articles We provide institutional holdings and subscriber data to Google This increases the likelihood that the free link position to the right of search results will go to a licensed version vs a free copy Google has found from other sources Using metadata to support library access Example – Google holdings metadata
  10. Wiley Green External 2021-10.potx 10 Observations & Recommendations Providers should heed content optimization and interoperability standards Quality metadata is they key to enabling discovery, access and usage Enforcement of standards and practices require transparency Monitor metadata trends and respond accordingly Continue or strengthen the provider investment in metadata

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  1. Mapping out the library intermediary space and how/where we engage with it as a business.