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What I do

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How I spend my time

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What I do

  1. 1. A DAY IN THE LIFE Roles & responsibilities of the CEO at Front
  4. 4. ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES the health of the company spans 4 dimensions 1 Financial safety 2 Product leadership & strategy setting 3 Culture upkeep 4 Executive hiring
  5. 5. FINANCIAL SAFETY “making sure the business is well-capitalized” what i do examples • Keep existing investors informed • Regularly meet with prospective investors • In time, raise funds at the best possible conditions for the company • Lunch with Jeff Clavier, our Seed lead • Meeting with Arjun from Social+Capital • Meeting with Next World, a potential investor time allocated 5%
  6. 6. what i do examples • Market research, competitive analysis • User research • Product management • Shadowed customer calls • Tested new competitor • Read all NPS reviews and reply to some of them PRODUCT & STRATEGY “building the right things at the right times” time allocated 10%
  7. 7. CULTURE UPKEEP “creating the best environment to achieve our goals” what i do examples • Meeting with every candidate • Stating our values & making sure we live up to them • Improving the EX (employee experience) • Reviewed potential offsite locations 😎 • Evaluated whether “Low ego” should become one of our values • 4 candidate interviews time allocated 10%
  8. 8. what i do examples • Meeting with candidates for open roles • Investing in existing leadership team • 3 interviews of VPE candidates • Kicked off a search with the Cole Group to find a VP Sales/CRO • Worked with Jim Herbold (sales advisor) and found a new HR advisor EXECUTIVE HIRING “finding the best leaders and giving them the means to succeed” time allocated 10%
  9. 9. ROLES
  10. 10. ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES as both ceo & co-founder, i have 4 different roles 1 Manager 2 Public face of the company 3 Internal communications 4 “The buck stops with me”
  11. 11. MANAGER “making sure my direct reports are set up for success” what i do examples • Weekly sync • Monthly 1:1 • Quarterly & yearly goals setting time allocated 25%
  12. 12. PUBLIC FACE OF THE COMPANY “for when people want to talk to the ceo” what i do examples • PR, blog posts, events • Strategic sales time allocated • The Startup Show (Jason Calacanis) • Growth Everywhere podcast time allocated 5%
  13. 13. “THE BUCK STOPS WITH ME” “when no one else would make a decision” what i do examples • Strategic operations that need my input • Crisis management • Lending a hand when we’re short on resources time allocated • Decision on new pricing for live chat product • Crisis management - confidential 🙈 • French admin work time allocated 10%
  14. 14. INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS “making sure information flows to all teams” what i do examples • Coms between individuals • Coms to the company as a whole time allocated • This presentation • “Mathilde is free to chat” office hour • Weekly email • Last month at Front presentation time allocated 10%
  15. 15. APPENDIX i also do emails… lots of emails… 214received per day 30replies per day 10%of my time
  16. 16. APPENDIX and look for ways to keep improving Meditation (“gym for your mind”) Chill board games Meeting more experienced executives & advisors, occasional seminars, etc.
  17. 17. THANKS