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ZES 1133,[object Object],Technical English 1,[object Object],Adverb,[object Object]
An adverb is used to describe the action of a verb such as How, Where or When it is done.,[object Object],Examples :,[object Object],	He frowned angrily.,[object Object],	She shouted loudly.,[object Object],	They passed the test easily.,[object Object],What is an Adverb?,[object Object]
Adverbs are also used to modify adjectives, other adverbs, a whole sentence and a prepositional phrase.,[object Object],Examples:,[object Object],to modify adjectives – She is very excited.,[object Object],to modify other adverbs – He ran very quickly.,[object Object],to modify a whole sentence – Actually, we don’t know.,[object Object],to modify prepositional phrase – The ball flew right through the window.,[object Object],What is an Adverb?,[object Object]
Types of Adverbs,[object Object],Adverbs of manner describe ‘how’,[object Object],Example : happily, easily, loudly, well,[object Object],She sings happily.,[object Object],He shouted loudly.,[object Object],Adverbs of time describe ‘when’,[object Object],Example : soon, then, now, before, since, already,[object Object],They need the books now.,[object Object],I lived here before.,[object Object]
Adverbs of place describe ‘where’,[object Object],Examples : here, there, everywhere, nowhere,[object Object],I’ve looked everywhere but I can’t find it.,[object Object],She was here just a few minutes ago.,[object Object],Adverbs of degree describe ‘how much’,[object Object],Examples : almost, much, only, quite, very, rather,[object Object],Rahim runs much faster than Johari.,[object Object],He is very good at chess.,[object Object],Types of Adverbs,[object Object]
Adverbs of frequency describe ‘how often’,[object Object],Examples : once, twice, again,[object Object],I once saw a yellow beetle.,[object Object],I beat the boy twice.,[object Object],Adverbs of interrogation  are used in questions.,[object Object],Examples : where?, when?, how?,[object Object],Where do you stay?,[object Object],When did he call?,[object Object],How long is it?,[object Object],Types of Adverbs,[object Object]
Adverbs of negation. ,[object Object],Examples : no, not,[object Object],They are not here.,[object Object],No, I did not see your pen,[object Object],Types of Adverbs,[object Object]
Adverbs can be placed anywhere in  the sentence.,[object Object],Initial position ( at the beginning  of a sentence or clause ),[object Object],Soon, he walked out of the class ,[object Object],Suddenly, Jane screamed,[object Object],Mid-position ,[object Object],Mrs. Wan often bakes delicious cakes.,[object Object],I have always enjoyed sentimental music,[object Object],Position Of Adverbs,[object Object]
End-position ,[object Object],Jane screamed suddenly.,[object Object],We ended the meeting early.,[object Object],Position Of Adverbs ,[object Object]
Most adverbs can fit both mid-position and end-position,[object Object],She often falls ill.,[object Object],She falls ill often.,[object Object],I completely forgot about it.,[object Object],I forgot about it completely.,[object Object],Position Of Adverbs,[object Object]
Adverbs never  place in mid- position.,[object Object],1. Adverbs of place,[object Object],She came inside.,[object Object],2. Adverbs of definite time.,[object Object],The fire occurred yesterday.,[object Object],Tomorrow, I shall visit my grandmother ,[object Object],Position Of Adverbs ( Exception 1 ),[object Object]
3. Adverbs of definite frequency,[object Object],This magazine is published monthly.,[object Object],We practice together  daily.,[object Object],4. Adverbs used to evaluate ( to say how well something is done.,[object Object],They dance beautifully.,[object Object],My sister does not cook well.,[object Object],Position Of Adverbs ( Exception 1 ),[object Object]
1. Adverbs never placed in end-position ,[object Object],Examples: only, simply, also, specially, too, either , as well, particular,  definitely, nearly almost, quite, hardly, scarcely, etc.,[object Object],Position of Adverbs ( Exception 2 ),[object Object]
Mid-position Adverbs ,[object Object],1. Before verbs,[object Object],We alwaystravel together.,[object Object],They seldomgo to cinema.,[object Object],2. After ‘is’,[object Object],Ali is never around when I need him.,[object Object],The shopping complexes areoften  crowded in the evening.,[object Object],Where to put the Adverbs,[object Object]
3. After the first auxiliary verbs ( if the verbs has several parts ).,[object Object],You willdefinitelyhave to return the book to the library.,[object Object],My parents haveneverquestion me on my decision.,[object Object],4. Before an auxiliary verbs ( if it used alone ).,[object Object],I never will. ( to the question  ‘ Will you return?’ ),[object Object],I always did. ( to the question ‘ Did you love him?’ ),[object Object],Where to put the adverbs,[object Object]
5. Adverbs of manner are put after auxiliary verbs .,[object Object],Don’t worry, it will bewelltaken care of.,[object Object],Has it beenproperly washed.,[object Object],6. In emphatic sentences, many adverbs are placed before the first auxiliary verb.,[object Object],I really thought he was an honest fellow.,[object Object],She never has beenan easy person  to deal with.,[object Object],Where to put the adverbs,[object Object]
End-position adverbs ,[object Object],Generally, the order of adverbs in end positions is an follow.,[object Object],1. Adverbs of manner+ 2. Adverbs of place+ 3. Adverbs of time,[object Object],Example:,[object Object],We study hard in schooldaily.,[object Object],They performed well on the stagetonight,[object Object],Where  to put the adverbs,[object Object]
Adverbs Formation,[object Object]
Adverbs Formation,[object Object],When adjective end in –able or –ible, the adverbs is formed by replacing final –e with –y,[object Object]
When adjective ends in –y, the advebs is formed by replacing final –y with –ily,[object Object],When adjective ends in –ic, the adverbs is formed by replacing final –icwith -ically,[object Object],Adverbs Formation,[object Object]
Using suitable adverbs will make your writings more interesting. Look at the example:,[object Object],Adverbs commonly used with certain verbs,[object Object]
1. Complete these  sentence with suitable adverbs.,[object Object],a) She walked ____________________________.,[object Object],b) The bird sang __________________________.,[object Object],c) Take these dirty socks away _______________.,[object Object],d) She ____________________got killed.,[object Object],e) They _______________ take the short cut to school.,[object Object],f) Pradeep is __________________ the first in class.,[object Object],g)_______________________ are you going home today?,[object Object],Sample Questions,[object Object]
2. Writing out these sentences using the correct from of the adverbs in brackets.,[object Object],a) The ( soon ) you finish your work, the ( good ).,[object Object],b) The children walked ( fast ) than their mother.,[object Object],c) Karen speaks ( softly ) than anyone I know.,[object Object],d) I can whistle the ( loud ).,[object Object],e) He can do sums ( easy ) than any of us.,[object Object],Sample Question,[object Object]
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