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LinkedIn Benefits and Features

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  2. The buyer’s process has changed
  3. Most people want to know: • WHY should I use LinkedIn? • Someone invited me to LinkedIn. I made a profile, have a few connections and now I wonder WHY am I on this website? • How can I benefit from LinkedIn without spending too much time?
  4. Business people - connecting with business people. It’s still all about people!
  5. Some are content to only take from others. What’s your networking attitude?
  6. “I want to share information in a reactive and proactive way without expecting anything in return.” What’s your networking attitude? Can you adopt this attitude?
  7. LinkedIn has re-engineered its features and benefits! Image Credit: From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository
  8. Blog Posts on LinkedIn Try writing a blog post! Click on the small icon that appears in the right corner where you would normally type your status updates. Click
  9. Clicking on the icon then takes you to a new window, (resembling the Wordpress interface) where you can write and edit a post. Blog Posts on LinkedIn
  10. New Edit Feature LinkedIn has simplified the profile editing experience. You’ll notice a number of changes: Now instead of selecting “edit” each time you want to make changes to a section of your profile, you can simply click on that section and begin typing.
  11. View profile You can now see what your profile looks like to those that find it – just click on the “View profile” button on the top of the profile.
  12. Showcase Your Accomplishments LinkedIn has made it easier for you to showcase your accomplishments. Optional categories like volunteer work and certifications are now front and center to make it easier for you to add them to your profile.
  13. Keywords Keywords Keywords Are you a premium member? • Get discovered! • Take advantage of the new keyword feature • LinkedIn provides keyword suggestions for your summary • Edit your profile using keywords • Get insights into how to help others find you for business opportunities
  14. Build A Profile On LinkedIn Tips Tell A Story: • Use your profile summary and experience to tell your story • Improve credibility 4 keys to gain credibility: • Skills & Endorsements • Recommendations • Portfolio • Projects
  15. Networking on LinkedIn • 1st direct connections make up the 1st degree of your network • 2nd connections to each of your direct connections make up your 2nd degree • 3rd connections to those in your 2nd degree make up your 3rd degree • Personalize your message to each connection • Keep in touch • Export on Excel
  16. LinkedIn Groups Join the right group. Check the group statistics. Is it the right group for you? Can you establish yourself as a thought leader?
  17. Stay engaged with your customers through groups. Join discussions (the right ones). LinkedIn Groups
  18. Add value and provide thought leadership. Share your LinkedIn on other social media platforms LinkedIn Groups
  19. LinkedIn Company Pages Describe what you offer, add your specialties and contact info. What is your unique selling proposal? What sets you apart from your competition? Write a company profile:
  20. Add company logo. Add banners. Add the follow button. Add links to your website, blog, newsletter. Include visual identity, branding LinkedIn Company Pages
  21. Post updates about company and industry news. Include images, video, presentations. Ask questions and encourage comments. Engage LinkedIn Members LinkedIn Company Pages
  22. Create a career page! Describe the application process. Provide updates on status of positions available. Are you looking for talent? LinkedIn Company Pages
  23. What was your reach in the past week or month? Analytics LinkedIn Company Pages
  24. Check on your engagement Analytics LinkedIn Company Pages
  25. Find out what types of posts drive numbers higher. Check on your progress over time. Analytics LinkedIn Company Pages
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