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Insurance Advice for Young Adults in Their 20's

  1. for People in Their 20’s
  2. “Do not discount the value of an independent agent to be your insurance advocate.” Mary B. Pursell, CPCU Agency Principal
  3. “I recommend that you start your life insurance program as early as possible with a product that will allow for additional amounts of coverage as needed. The younger you are, the premiums are less and the policy value is greater in future years. The need for insurance may not seem apparent in younger years, but it is there and there are many factors that could complicate the application process later on.” John Kennedy Personal Line Support
  4. “Stay at home, save your money! Living at home with your parents covers you under their insurance policy. When you are ready to shop for your own insurance you will get a “prior insurance credit” which will lower your monthly premium. Lisa Iannotti Vice President of Personal Lines
  5. "Nobody is invincible. Accidents happen at all ages. Do not think that your property or body is immune to damage or injury. Be prepared by having the best insurance that your budget will allow.” Jim Halloran Life and Health Associate
  6. “When in a car accident always call the police and get a police report even if the damage is minor. The police report is extremely important in the claims process in determining the ‘at fault party.’ Furthermore, if you are in a car accident and it is not your fault, always file a claim with the other party’s carrier. It is so important to exchange as much information as possible when in an accident. Always get the other party’s insurance information!” Kathleen Long Personal Lines Customer Service Representative
  7. “Understand ‘Personal Injury’ and how important it is to protect yourself.” Jessica Ritoe Personal Lines Customer Service Representative
  8. “Think of insurance as your financial security since it protects your assets and protects your earning power if you are sued.” Joseph Bittner Commercial Lines Support
  9. “While you are young and healthy, obtain a life insurance policy amount for ‘life’ and not for ‘term’. Once you’re older and you try to go and get a policy, you will pay triple what you would have paid when you were 25.” Lina Fiondella Administrative Receptionist
  10. “If your car is not too valuable, you can save money by not purchasing collision coverage.” Gada Horehlad Bookkeeping
  11. “If you’re not an insurance expert, get the advice of one before purchasing coverage by yourself. Going direct to one company might be cost effective, but when you don’t know what other companies can offer or what you should be covered for, your policy might not cover you when you file a claim. Remember, agents are your advocates and are there to make sure you are ok.” Huda Khalid Director of Technology and Marketing
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