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General_PerkPanther Customer Loyalty

  1. We are an ambition inspired company with a strong desire to achieve goals with hard work and determination. We are passionate about what we do and how we can help small businesses thrive and grow by connecting them to their consumers. Chris Grosser
  2. PerkPanther brings the power of Text Marketing to small and big business alike! We'll help you build your own customer list and market to them in the most effective ways possible. With new advances in technology, Mobile Marketing is now easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes. No other form of advertising gets a greater return on investment than Text Marketing! Reach your customers anytime, anywhere, with highly effective SMS broadcasts. iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry; it doesn’t matter! Nearly every cell pone (even non-smartphones) can receive SMS messages! Your customers can fill out a survey right from their cell phone and give you an instant response and insight to their recent visit in real time! Results are then sent directly to one or more email addresses you specify. Data is King! Our robust analytical reporting will provide insights to your customer’s buying patterns and visit frequency. Leverage this data to bring your customers back more often all while maximizing the potential of each visit! Encourage repeat visits by rewarding customers for their loyalty! Our feature- packed touchscreen kiosk offers an easy way for customers to sign-up and check-in on every visit. No apps, no cards, no hassle! Creating Text-2-Win Sweepstakes to produce an instant win or random winner is one of the most popular and effective marketing tools. Our platform is setup to automatically close the sweepstakes and notify winners and losers. We’ll create, manage, & promote your business or organization at events and shows using this mobile marketing solution. SMS polling provides clients with inexpensive research on customer habits and preferences.
  3. Our loyalty kiosk and proprietary loyalty software make it easy for your customers to opt in to your loyalty program. A simple two step process has your guest signed up in 10 seconds or less!
  4. Encourage repeat visits by rewarding customers for their loyalty! Our feature-packed touchscreen kiosk offers an easy way for customers to sign-up and check-in on every visit. No apps, no cards, no hassle! SIGN-UP @ KIOSK CHECK-IN @ KIOSK EARN REWARDS REDEEM REWARDS INCREASE SALES! The entire process is quick & easy. Your customer only needs a valid mobile number to join your loyalty rewards system. Most of our merchants offer their customers an incentive to join, such as a one time discount on goods and/or services. Once they’ve joined, give your customers a reason to visit your business more often and check-in by offering loyalty rewards that are available at specific check-in intervals. Take a look at the loyalty rewards one of our top performing Menchie’s is offering their customers! You of course have the flexibility to create any rewards you’d like! PERK TIP: Sign-Up offers yield 90% customer participation! REWARD LOYALTY WITH SPECIAL OFFERS $ 5oz FREE FroYo! FREE Yogurt for a Year SWEEPS $1 Off Today’s Purchase
  5. Reach your customers anytime, anywhere, with highly effective SMS text message broadcasts. iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry; it doesn’t matter! Nearly every cell phone, even non-smartphones can receive SMS messages! Your SMS text broadcast can even be interactive. Would you like to include a link to your website, list of locations, or simply show more content? We’ve got you covered! You can even attach a loyalty reward to a text message. That reward will be available to your customer on their next check-in! PERK TIP: Send targeted text blasts during peak times when guests are most likely to visit you or a competitor!
  6. There are a number of reasons why a customer may not return to your business. Whatever the reason, once they’re gone, they’re gone. Right? WRONG! Perk Panther’s automated engagements let you remind your customers how great you are! The example above demonstrates what you can do with automated engagements. Automatically send text messages to those loyalty subscribers that you haven’t seen in awhile. You can send them special offers to get them back in to your business or simply ask why they’ve left and haven’t returned. Either way, the response you get (or don’t get) from these text messages speak volumes about your business. Oh, and you don’t have to stick to the rigid structure in the example. You can choose any number of days without a check-in, offer whatever you’d like, and have as many different levels as you’d like. It’s all completely customizable! SEND SPECIAL OFFERS TO CUSTOMERS YOU HAVEN’T SEEN LATELY Stop In for 10% off your purchase We want you back! Take 20% off It’s been awhile…how’s the free gift sound? Tell us why you left! We Miss You!
  7. A whopping 98% of all text messages are opened and read! Eye opening huh? Among other very popular forms of digital advertising, we not only have the highest click through/open rates, but we allow you to engage your customers for a fraction of the cost. Don’t get us wrong: Facebook, Twitter, and Google all serve their purpose when it comes to bringing your business new customers; but nobody creates repeat business and customer loyalty like PerkPanther! 50¢ 10¢ $2.25 $2.16 FacebookPerkPanther Twitter Google SOURCES:,, global-facebook-advertising-insights-report-q3-2014,,, marketing-wallops-email-with-98-open-rate-and-only-1-spam-43866/ 0.4% 98% 3% 2% FacebookPerkPanther Twitter Google EMAIL MARKETING In most cases, emails can be broadcast to your subscriber list for around 3¢ each, and open rates hover around 22%. This sounds so very enticing doesn’t it? Unfortunately, only around 2% of subscribers respond to an email’s call to action. The fact remains, most people have multiple email addresses but only ONE mobile number.
  8. 133,450 | current mobile subscribers 47,802 | check-ins per month 200+ | merchants use PerkPanther 2,133,928 | text messages sent last year 68% | reward redemption rate
  9. Numbers don’t lie! In the month of July 2014, Menchie’s 245 achieved a 521% ROI using PerkPanther vs. only 152% ROI using a popular coupon book direct mailer! $7.93 $7.47 Avg. Ticket Menchie’s 245 Avg. Ticket PerkPanther Coupon $7.31 Avg. Ticket System Wide $8.97 $7.47 Avg. Ticket Menchie’s 245 Avg. Ticket Direct Mail Coupon Avg. Ticket System Wide $7.31
  10. Based on the scenario in the last slide, it cost $5.93 to bring in a new guest with a direct mail ad and only a fraction of the cost to keep them coming back!
  11. This entire presentation is just words on pages if it doesn’t amount to something that drives your business forward. We’ve got some ideas on how we can put our services to work for you. Of course, nobody knows your business like you! We can build a custom solution that meets your needs and fulfills your vision. Reward your customers for being loyal to you. The typical guest purchases FroYo twice per month. Generating one additional visit per month from 25% of your base, will gross an additional 12.5% in revenue per year. Reach out to new guests soon after their first visit and give them a reason to return sooner. Consider offering a reward in exchange for their response on a short survey that may reveal some key insights. What’s better than a walking, talking billboard? Consider broadcasting a discount that encourages guests to purchase branded merchandise and promote your product for you! With the ever-growing self- serve FroYo craze and increase competitive activity, it is more important than ever to maintain existing relationships. Keep constant communication with those guests and give them a reason to remain loyal to YOU. Our tools aren’t just client focused. Keep your staff up to date by broadcasting important information and announcements. Short staffed? Quickly and easily ask your employees to pick up shifts.
  12. Your monthly subscription gives you access to all of our powerful mobile marketing tools. We even throw in some text messages to jump start your campaign for the first time. When you’re ready to re-up, purchase à la carte message bundles that roll-over! 1,000 Message Bundle $99 one-time buy 5,000 Message Bundle $399 one-time buy 10,000 Message Bundle $599 one-time Buy Message Bundles Roll-Over! SUBSCRIPTION $ 59monthly Loyalty Rewards, SMS Broadcast, Text-2-Win, Text-2-Poll, Text-2- Survey, Client Loyalty Analytics Includes: 500 Text Messages Advertiser Dashboard Reporting & Analytics Complete Suite of Mobile Marketing Tools, Including: One Mobile Keyword LOYALTY KIOSK $ 299per kiosk 9.6” Samsung Tablet Proprietary Software Proprietary loyalty check-in software that captures client retention data & provides a vehicle for: Rewarding loyal customers Engaging customers you haven’t seen in a while!
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