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Kristin imagine dragons

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Kristin imagine dragons

  1. 1. Imagine DragonsBy: Kristin Iwata
  2. 2. The beginning• Imagine Dragons was originally createdin 2008.• After forming the band, Imagine Dragonsreleased two extended plays titledImagine Dragons and Hell and Silence in2010.• Both extended plays were recorded atBattle Born Studios.
  3. 3. Meet the BandDan ReynoldsBenMcKeeWayne SermonDan Platzman
  4. 4. Albums• Imagine Dragons has created threealbums named: Night Visions, ContinuedSilence, and It‟s Time.
  5. 5. • Night Visions consists of thefollowing songs: Radioactive,Tiptoe, It‟s Time, Demons, OnTop of the World, Hear Me,Amsterdam, Every Night,Bleeding out, Underdog, NothingLeft to Say, and Rocks.
  6. 6. • Continued Silence is made up of:Radioactive, Demons, On Top of theWorld, Round and Round, It‟s time, andMy fault.
  7. 7. • It‟s Timehas thefollowingsongs init‟s album:America,Amsterdam, It‟s Time,Leave Me,Look HowFar We‟veCome,Pantomime, TheRiver, and
  8. 8. The Mystery?• “Imagine Dragons”is an anagram witha mystery. Alot ofpeople have yet toreveal what theanagram is for.
  9. 9. DanMac, is themanager forthe band. Macis mistake forDan frequently.• Dan oncepassed out intothe drumswhileperforming along set inVegas. Hecame to andfinished thesong.Hm...
  10. 10. Ben• Ben is an excellentknitter. He makeshats. :O• Ben has the highesttolerance for spicyfood out of all theband members.
  11. 11. Wayne• Wayne is insomniac. Hewrites lots of music whileeveryone else sleeps.• Wayne played the cello fornine years.
  12. 12. Daniel• Daniel once scored a short film called„Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses.‟
  13. 13. Imagine Dragons• Three of thebandmemberswent toBerkleeCollege ofMusictogether.The bandused to playfour nights aweek atO‟Shea‟s onthe Vegasstrip.
  14. 14. Radioactive• Radioactive wasfirst sent on radioApril 2, 2012.• Due to rotation oncommercials andrtrailers, the songhas so far reachedNo. 7 on theBillboard Hot 100chart.
  15. 15. Quotetime tobegin,isnt it? Iget alittle bitbiggerbut thanIlladmit,Im justthesame asI was.Nowdontyouunderstand,that Imneverchanging who Iam.”• ― ImagineDragons
  16. 16. Interview• http://youtu.be/f6XX0cv1Ezs
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  18. 18. Hope you liked mypresentation!