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Netiquette by matthew clower

  1. Netiquette By Matthew Clower
  2. Introduction In this presentation we will be learning about netiquette and what it is. We will be learning how to practice it, and what are some helpful tips, and the basic rules of netiquette.
  3. What is Netiquette • Netiquette is the practice of good manners and/or appropriate conversation online.
  4. What Are The Basic Rules
  5. Rule 1 Refrain from personal abuse. You can express disagreement, but do not call names or threaten.
  6. Do not spam. This is repeatedly posting the same thing such as, advertisements or message. Most websites have rules on spamming but if it doesn't still refrain from it. Rule 2
  7. Rule 3 Be courteous. There might be nonnative English speaking people so don't use English slang. Be thorough in your typing.
  8. Rule 4 Remember that your posts are public. They can be seen by all including children, parents, adults, and your friends . So make sure that your posting appropriate posts to all ages.
  9. Rule 5 Make sure that your on topic. That means don’t be posting stuff about football in a gardening forum, or stuff about computer games on a hair care forum.
  10. Rule 6 Don't be going to the community for help on homework or simple problems that you can easily solve yourself.
  11. Rule 7 Do not use copyrighted material of which you do not own the rights to. If you do you could be facing legal problems with the Copyright holder.
  12. Rule 8 Remember that you are not the boss. The site will be ran by moderators and they have the final say in a argument.
  13. Helpful Tips
  14. • The page your on may have a newcomer page were you can read the proper rules. • Look for a FAQ(frequently asked questions)section. These show the questions and answers to frequently asked questions. • Make a good first impression. Read what people have been talking about and join in.
  15. Conclusion In this presentation we have learned about netiquette. We have talked about the rules to follow to keep you safe and well liked.
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