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Your Personal Branding Blueprint

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Your Personal Branding Blueprint

  1. 1. Personal Branding Blueprint How to improve your personal branding on social media Gerry Moran | @GerryMoran | in/GerryMoran | MarketingThink.com
  2. 2. The World Is Checking In On Your Reputation. Are you in control?
  3. 3. You Build Your Reputation By Adding Value
  4. 4. .. .. UR BRAND How To Build Your Personal Brand It’s easier than you think!
  5. 5. 5 Social Reputation Goals 1 2 3 4 Get your brand found Get your brand viewed Use content to network and footprint Start to engage Press Interviews Influencer Blog Interviews Speaking Engagements Quotes for Publications 5 Establish your influence Company Impact First Touches Appointments Opportunities Pipe Acceleration New Job?
  6. 6. 70-90% of the buying decision is made before our customers contact us.
  7. 7. Your Reputation Can Impact The Customer’s Decision Customer begins due diligence Customer’s first contact Customer purchase decision Your personal reputation and content on LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging impacts this timeframe. 90% Source: Forrester
  8. 8. Customers Look For You On Social For Solutions
  9. 9. Your personal reputation gets you invited to the buying, networking, hiring party.
  10. 10. “Personal brand is what people say about you when you leave the room.” Jeff Bezos
  11. 11. Most B2B Purchases Start With A Search Engine 75% Are you using your reputation to be found on LinkedIn, blogs and Twitter by customers? 80% of all those searchers only click results on the search engine's the first page. Source: Software and Information Industry Association Source: Software and Information Industry Association
  12. 12. What if 7 of top 10 Google results were negative … about you or your company? Could that impact sales?
  13. 13. Your sales and marketing team is being challenged by search and social media.
  14. 14. Your social network is likely 92% different than your company’s owned social media channel followers, so tap it.
  15. 15. Only you can tell your story to the varied, segmented, and incremental audiences.
  16. 16. Customers Trust You More Than Your Company
  17. 17. Your Reputation’s Impact Is Exponential You Coworker Customer Network
  18. 18. Social Reputation Becomes Social Influence… Enabling Co-worker Ambassadors and Evangelists. Ability to connect with online users who can share your message to a wide and relevant audience Building ‘Street Cred’ With Social Proof. Increase your social proof by building up your reputation footprint. Using Influencers To Reach a Wider Audience. Tapping established thought leaders to get your message in front of their audience. Source: Sensei Marketing … which becomes sales.
  19. 19. Dell Monetized Their Employees’ Reputations
  20. 20. Customers Search For And Increasingly Trust Reviews Are you using your reputation to impact online reviews? Online consumer reviews are the second most trusted form of advertising. 70% of global consumers surveyed indicated they trust reviews, an increase of 15% in four years. Source: Nielsen 70%
  21. 21. Customers Search For And Trust Earned Media Are you using your reputation to be a part of the most trusted source of advertising? 92% of people around the world trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from their network, friends and family above all other forms of advertising. An increase of 18% from 2007 Source: Nielsen 92%
  22. 22. Customers Trust Social Media As Learning Resource Are you using your reputation and network to be THAT TRUSTED RESOURCE? Social media increased 75% Y/Y as a trusted resource for company information, technical expert, person like yourself, and regular employees rank highest for credibility after academics. Source: Edelman Trust Barometer 75%
  23. 23. Customers trust social media. Put yourself in their shoes and use your reputation.
  24. 24. I Gotta Get Me Some Of That
  25. 25. I want you to walk away with an understanding of 10 strategic ways to use social media to amplify your reputation.
  26. 26. Make your brand consumable, productized and packaged. Embrace modern marketing to transform your reputation into findable, consumable and sharable influence. 75% of B2B buyers are using social media to help inform their purchase Source: IBM
  27. 27. Scale your reputation-building plan. Avoid spending too much time on efforts that do not reach your intended audience. 1% of most emails are opened.
  28. 28. Educate your network, community and customers. Avoid selling and embrace teaching, and explaining ‘why’ something is important. 76% prefer different content at each buying stage Source: Pardot
  29. 29. Use your profile as your reputation’s launch pad. Tune up your social brand on LinkedIn and Twitter to look like you know what you are talking about. 49% researched their vendors by looking at their LinkedIn profile. Source:IDGn
  30. 30. Customer-centric LinkedIn and Twitter account are the price of entry Work on your curbside appeal before you try to sell yourself. “Tidy up your house before you invite any one over to visit. Make it easy to walk in and get comfortable.” Source: Gerry’s great-grandmother Picture source: Ben Hollingsworth
  31. 31. Differentiate yourself, your content and your engagement. Stand out from the crowd by delivering relevant content and participating in the conversation. 68% rely more on content today than they did last year Source: Demand Gen Report
  32. 32. Watch. Listen. Respond. Listen to the conversation and needs of your network and respond with you insights. Your network values that. And, you’ll become and you’ll become a trusted advisor. 63% appreciate being contacted at the right time with relevant content. Source: DG
  33. 33. Incite action to reach you. Make it easy and compelling for your network and customers to take action with your brand and contact you. 86% are more likely to engage when it’s simple for them to contact you. Source: Harvard Business Review
  34. 34. Use Multi-Media. Whether it’s a YouTube video, a recorded video or a SlideShare presentation, there many ways to increase your reputation. It’s not all about blogging. 42% buyers have been influenced by watching a relevant video Source: IDG
  35. 35. Build A bigger network. A larger network lets you intersect and connect with a larger relevant network, whether or not they are directly connected to you. 44% found vendors by looking at shared connections on LinkedIn Source: IDG
  36. 36. Speak Up. People Are Listening. Customers, influencers and co-workers want to hear what you have to say. Be relevant and original. Have a POV. 40% LinkedIn members follow influencers, consume content on the platform. Source:IDGn
  37. 37. It’s Not About Judgment. It’s About Reaching More People.
  38. 38. Think of your social brand like it’s a car. Stand out when parked next another. Optimize its performance to win against your competition.
  39. 39. I want to show you how to do that using your LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging to and content to build your personal reputation and amplify your company’s story.
  40. 40. Connect your branding, content and social channel dots to build your influence and reach your goals
  41. 41. The New Calling Card Is Your Social Media Profile(s)
  42. 42. The New Networking Tool And Watering Hole Is Content
  43. 43. Do you Google yourself monthly?
  44. 44. Own Your Brand. Get Above The Fold! Active Diverse Right Words
  45. 45. Help More. Have More. Make More. 1 post reached 6,216 people and generated 50 contributions to a conversation.
  46. 46. LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging, etc. Social Profile x Reputation = IMPACT Content Awareness, engagement, registration, opportunities, speaking engagements, influencer connections, interviews, sales, etc.
  47. 47. The Buyer Journey Is Not As Simple As This
  48. 48. Your Reputation Influences The Real Buyer Journey
  49. 49. Using Social Channels Like You Used Your VCR? Did You Ever Get All Of The Functionality Out Of Your VCR?
  50. 50. LinkedIn Is The Biggest Gear For Your Brand
  51. 51. What happens when someone is on the phone with you the first time?
  52. 52. “OMG. You HAVE to check out this sales guy’s LinkedIn profile! Too funny!”
  53. 53. Who has a 100%-complete LinkedIn Profile?
  54. 54. You can’t sell your house, before you work on your curbside appeal.
  55. 55. You need LinkedIn All-Star status to be found via search. So, complete and polish your profile.
  56. 56. There are a billion annual searches on LinkedIn. So make it easier to be found than you are making it today.
  57. 57. 13 Words Never To Use When Describing Yourself 1. Guru 2. Expert 3. Humble 4. Generous 5. Honest 6. Rock-star 7. Guru 8. Legend 9. Maven 10. Nice Guy 11. Exceptional 12. Funny 13. Visionary
  58. 58. Pick 5 Keywords (and variations) To Be Known For 1. Headline 2. Summary 3. Work Experience 4. Skills & Endorsements 5. Anchored Text
  59. 59. LinkedIn profiles with pictures are 11x more viewed than those without a picture. But you really need a good one …
  60. 60. LinkedIn Photos Show Up On Google. Make It Count.
  61. 61. Your LinkedIn Profile Pic Can Kill or Help Your Credibility 1. Avoid the LinkedIn Profile Wall of Shame 2. Professional photo 3. Smart-phone photo 4. Photo will appear in Google search results
  62. 62. Most B2B Purchases Start With A Search Engine 80% of all those searchers only click results on the search engine's the first page. 75% Source: Software and Information Industry Association
  63. 63. People Search For You. Use The Name They Use. “Gerry Moran” or “Gerard Michael Moran” Only my mother would find me!
  64. 64. Commonly Used Names Get Found Easier 1. Use the name that others use 2. Lose the formal name 3. If people commonly misspell your name, then include that in your profile so they find you (e.g., Summary)
  65. 65. Your Network Might Be In Your Backyard … so make sure you give them the right neighborhood to help you get found.
  66. 66. People Will Search For You Based On Your Location
  67. 67. Select The Biggest City Near Your Home Address 1. Largest and nearest geographic location 2. Show up in geo-targeted searched
  68. 68. Your Industry Might Define Your Brand … so make sure you pick the right one.
  69. 69. Networks Can Search And Be Searched By Industry 1. Choose one to complete your profile 2. You cannot change or add
  70. 70. 1. Select the best category that represents you Industry Category
  71. 71. Goldfish Attention Span is 12.5% Greater Than A Reader’s Source: StatisticBrain
  72. 72. Hook Readers With A Strong LinkedIn Headline
  73. 73. Use A Headline To Tell Your Story. Not A Job Title 1. Not (just) your job title 2. Value proposition 3. Headline appears on Google search results page 4. Keywords increase visibility with external search engines 5. Tell your story
  74. 74. LinkedIn Headline for a Service Provider
  75. 75. 5 Minutes To Create Your Personal Headline
  76. 76. Fine Tune LinkedIn Performance By Getting Under The Hood
  77. 77. Who knows their LinkedIn address? (Hint: It’s not just search for me on LinkedIn)
  78. 78. Create A Customized LinkedIn URL 1. A customized URL will help you increase visibility to search engines 2. Does NOT affect LinkedIn search 3. Use a variation of your name if it is already taken (e.g., gerrymoran1) 4. Use on Twitter 5. Use in your email signature
  79. 79. Anchored Text Increases Search Findability 1. Use anchored text instead of actual URLs to impact search results 2. e.g., ‘My social media speaking info’
  80. 80. Blogs Are A Key Influencer Tactic Source: Technorati
  81. 81. Be A Blogger On LinkedIn To Influence 1. Apply to blog 2. Additional followers who are not LinkedIn to you 3. Repurpose/syndicate past content 4. Repository for your thought leadership 5. Link to other key content or activity
  82. 82. Be A Blogger On LinkedIn To Impact Your Profile 1. Immediate profile impact under LinkedIn headline 2. 3 posts are visible 3. Eye-catching visual 4. Identifies your followers
  83. 83. 51% of buyers performed a more detailed ROI analysis before finalizing their decision. Compared to 30% in 2012.
  84. 84. Customer-Centric Summary Connects The Dots 1. First-person 2. Easy to contact 3. Easy to read 4. Specialties 5. Key highlights 6. Humanizing/Humor 7. Key-word driven 8. Call to action
  85. 85. Great Example Of A Customer Centric Summary
  86. 86. 10 Minutes To Write Your LinkedIn Summary.
  87. 87. Customers Use LinkedIn Groups To Make Decisions
  88. 88. Join Up To 50 Groups To Be Connect More Easily 1. Join up to 50 2. Engage in 5 3. Own conversation in 1 4. Another way to be searched 5. Ability to reach out directly
  89. 89. Refresh your past job experience with words and phrases that people use to search on today. Refresh your job from years agon
  90. 90. Continually Refresh Keywords To Help Others Find You Source: Gerry Moran profile at 6/5/14. Only you can access these statistics by going to Who’s Viewed Your Profile ! Your Profile Has Been Viewed By x People In The Past Day ! click one of the four links under the graphi
  91. 91. Keyword & Results-oriented Job Experience 1. Key words in job titles and summary 2. Update regularly with relevant key words 3. Results-oriented 4. Logos 5. Key take-away
  92. 92. A Recommendation Is A Key Sales Influencer
  93. 93. 10+ Recommendations On Your LinkedIn Profile 1. 10+ (per LinkedIn) 2. Ask for recommendations 3. Include great recommendations 4. Direct your recommenders 5. Give and you will receive
  94. 94. Multi-media Files Impact Early- and Mid-funnel Sales
  95. 95. People view 159,000,000 SlideShare pages monthly. It’s owned by LinkedIn and is like a 24-7 sales person!
  96. 96. Videos, SlideShares & Articles To Show Your Expertise Multi-media files included in Experience section. Multi-media files included in Summary section
  97. 97. A Positive Review Affects Buyer’s Purchases Source: Dimensional Research
  98. 98. The psychological impact of 500+ contacts.
  99. 99. 10 Steps To Be A LinkedIn All-Star 1. Place a profile pic 2. List your name 3. Write a profile headline 4. Select your industry 5. State your location 6. Create a summary 7. List your past 3 jobs 8. Note your education 9. Chose at least 3 skills and expertise 10. Secure 50 LinkedIn connections
  100. 100. Turn off your network update settings before your make any changes
  101. 101. Turn Off Your LinkedIn Updates … Until You Are Ready
  102. 102. Now that you are all dressed up, don’t be a wallflower. Let’s dance!
  103. 103. Twitter Good: 2 links to your content, 2 RTs, 2 curated tweets Better: 2 links to your content, 2 RTs, 2 curated tweets Best: 2 links to your content, 2 RTs, 2 curated tweets LinkedIn Good: 1 daily status update, 2 weekly group contributions Better: 2 daily status update, 3 weekly group contributions Best: 3 daily status update, 4 weekly group contributions Blogging Good: 1 biweekly Better: 3 per month Best: 1 weekly
  104. 104. Your Customers & Network Expect Personalization
  105. 105. Don’t Be Like This Guy!
  106. 106. Send A LinkedIn Invite With Context and Personalization 1. Never automatic 2. Never from a mobile app 3. Always provide context 4. Always make a preemptive strike 5. Connect before you send 6. Cannot use hyperlinks, but bit.ly links will work just fine
  107. 107. Respond To Each LinkedIn Invite Or Acceptance 1. Use to respond to an invite 2. Use when someone accepts your invite 3. BUILD THE RELATIONSHIP 4. Humanize the interaction 5. Include calls to action 6. Include hyperlinks 7. Use words that will inspire a response to continue the conversation
  108. 108. Maximize Every Contact Touch Point
  109. 109. 20 LinkedIn posts per month reaches 60% of your audience. Source: LinkedIn
  110. 110. Post 3 Times Daily To Increase Your Content Reach Example of how one post was viewed 6,216 times and generated 50 comments. Recent 2-week count of messages and their reach and engagement.
  111. 111. Post Daily On LinkedIn To Increase Your Reputation 1. Post at least once a day 2. Posting 3-5 times a day is best 3. Spread posts over the course of the 24-hour day 4. Use a scheduling tool 5. Post more of the content that gets shared
  112. 112. How To Message In A LinkedIn Group 10 insights for every 1 brand-centric link that you post.
  113. 113. Engage With Contact’s Updates To Sustain Relationship 1. 3 minutes a day in the morning 2. 2-line message 3. Great chance to interact and sustain your relationship
  114. 114. Blog On LinkedIn To Expand Reputation 1. Repost current material 2. At least once a week 3. You’ll gain ‘followers’ 4. You can be self-promotional 5. Link to outside LinkedIn 6. Pay attention to formatting http://specialedition.linkedin.com/publishing/
  115. 115. Engage On Another’s Blog 1. Find relevant blogger 2. Add to the conversation 3. Begin a relationship 4. Make them look smart 5. Leave a breadcrumb like a link, Twitter handle … something subtle
  116. 116. Google+ Account To Help Your Your Brand
  117. 117. LinkedIn Profile In Google+ To Get Found More Easily 1. plus.google.com 2. Create account 3. Go to Account 4. Go to Edit Profile 5. Go to Links 6. Add LinkedIn
  118. 118. Know Your LinkedIn Limits! • Company Name: 100 maximum characters. • Professional Headline: 120 character limit. • Summary: 2,000 character limit. • Specialties: 500 maximum characters. • Website Anchor Text: 30 maximum characters. • Website URL: 256 maximum characters. • Position Title: 100 characters. • Position Description: 200 minimum and 2000 maximum characters. • Interests: 1,000 Characters • Phone number: 25 character limit (Viewable only to 1st degree connections if populated). • Address: 1000 character limit (Viewable only to 1st degree connections if populated). • Skills: You may add up to 25 skills using 61 characters per skill. • LinkedIn Status Update: You can use up to 700 characters unless you want to update your Twitter status at the same time. Twitter® updates are limited to 140 characters. If you go over the 140-character limit, only the first 140 characters will be visible on Twitter.
  119. 119. How to measure the impact of your brand and reputation.
  120. 120. Score Your Personal Branding Improvement on LinkedIn ACTIVITY PAST 90 DAYS NEXT 90 DAYS 1. LinkedIn Profile views | Company Rank 2. LinkedIn Update views, likes, comments 3. LinkedIn Blog followers 0 4. LinkedIn Network Growth Manually add 5. LinkedIn invitations to you Manually add 6. LinkedIn Invite acceptances Manually add 7. LinkedIn Social Selling Index 1. Click on Who’s viewed your profile and record Profile views Last 90 days into your scorecard 2. Click left arrow in Who’s Viewed Your Updates and record Views, Likes and Comments 3. Click left arrow in Who’s Viewed Your Updates and record Views, Likes and Comments 4-6. Record your Connections, which will be a combination of Invitations received and accepted
  121. 121. LinkedIn Update Views, Likes, Comments 2-week view Per-post view
  122. 122. LinkedIn Update Views, Likes, Comments 3,481 3rd-level views 6,940 2rd-level views 4,487 1st-level views Connections Explained 1st-level connection. Someone connected directly to you. 2nd level connection. Someone connected to one or more of your 1st level connections at the 1st level but is not connected to you at the 1st level. 3rd-level connection. Connected to one or more of your 2nd level connections at the 1st level but is not connected to either you or one of you 1st level connections at the 1st level.
  123. 123. LinkedIn Blog Followers
  124. 124. LinkedIn Profile Views
  125. 125. LinkedIn Keywords Help People Find You
  126. 126. Your Social Network Size
  127. 127. Maximize Every Contact Touch Point
  128. 128. Twitter is embedded in the culture of the world.
  129. 129. Use Your LinkedIn Photo For Your Twitter Profile Pic 1. Professional pic 2. Smart-phone pic 3. 400px x 400 px
  130. 130. Use The Name People Use To Search For You 1. Use your name 2. Test search on Google
  131. 131. Choose Twitter Handle Close To Your Name 1. Use your name 2. Test search on Google
  132. 132. How To Change Your Twitter Handle 1. Log in to Twitter.com and visit your account settings pages from the dropdown menu in the top right corner. 2. On your account settings page, change the username listed in your username field. 3. If the username is taken, you'll be prompted to choose another one. 4. Click Save changes at the bottom of the page.
  133. 133. Use Your Signature To Build Your Reputation
  134. 134. Position Yourself With Your Twitter Profile 1. 160 characters 2. Tell your story 3. Hashtags 4. Humanize 5. Be casually professional 6. Google searchable
  135. 135. Manage Your Reputation On Google Searches This Key words are key! shows up on a Google search
  136. 136. Optimize Your Twitter Profile For Geographic Searches 1. Geo-searches
  137. 137. Location. Location. Location. 1. Choose largest geographic location near your home
  138. 138. Link Your Network To Your Next Step Destination 1. Blog 2. LinkedIn
  139. 139. Another Good Reason To Customize Your LinkedIn URL
  140. 140. Tweets With Pictures Get More Retweets
  141. 141. 1. Use at least 6 pictures that are professional 2. Infographics 3. Event pictures 4. Asset covers Use Pictures in 50% Of Your Tweets
  142. 142. Use A Relevant Profile Background