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Investor Presentation PowerPoint Template

Download the Investor Presentation PowerPoint Template at http://www.fourquadrant.com/product/investor-presentation-template/

Investor Presentation - Raising seed capital, angel funding or venture capital financing? You will need to build a PowerPoint presentation to tell your story.

Create a compelling PowerPoint presentation to present to the board or management team to to raise seed capital, angel or VC funding.

28 professionally designed PowerPoint slides (editable).
A proven process, compelling graphics and go-to-market examples.
Download the Investor / Board presentation template and put your best foot forward when presenting to investors, the management team or the board.

The processes that is shared to build an Investor Presentation has been tested and proven at F1000 companies and startups and were used in an advanced marketing class taught at the executive MBA level.

Download go to market planning templates at

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Investor Presentation PowerPoint Template

  1. 1. Investor / Board Presentation This SlideShare presentation includes 10 of the 26 slides available in the Investor / Board Presentation Template. Download the complete template at: www.vpmarketingondemand.com/templates
  2. 2. Outline1 Executive Summary, Mission2 Market Needs, Size, Maturity, Competition3 Management Team, Advisors4 Value Proposition5 GTM, Business Model Product Offering, Roadmap67 Pricing8 Customers, Partners Financials910 Next Steps
  3. 3. MissionThe focus for the company Key Market Who is your target client/customer? Your CompanyDistinction MissionAre there any other solutionson the market today and whatmakes your product orservice unique? Contribution What product or service do you provide and what business problem does it solve?
  4. 4. Market Needs Your Company What you offer – the tablestakes from competitors plus the fulfillment of unet customer needs Unmet customer needsCompetitor 1 Competitor 2A description of what they offer A description of what they offer
  5. 5. Market Sizing – EPM*Subscription Maket has been growing at 16% CAGR Historically Served Market Strategy & Measurement Revenue potential $50M in 5 years $3.2B $959M $50M/5 $323M Addressable Market Total EPM Market Beach Head (Representing Annual Subscription Volume)Source: Forrester Research, Inc. (2012)* Enterprise Performance Management
  6. 6. The Right TimeWhy is this the right time for you offering Existing Competitor New Paradigm/Economy  Market maker - enterprise  SMB/Enterprise markets  Annual planning Your Company Log  Agile planning  Performance appraisals  Manage key outcomes  Intricate and complex UI  Interactive and engaging  Technical integration required  SaaS BK01 Kom
  7. 7. FounderSerial Entrepreneur: Combining Enterprise & Consumer Startups Prior 10 1999 2005 2011 June yrs Description Description Description Description Logo Logo Logo Logo Logo Logo Logo Logo 2004 2002 2009 2012 June Description Description Description Description
  8. 8. Product OfferingDimensions of the Product Extended Product Payment Free (Product related service) Terms Delivery Actual Product (Product appearance) Education Design Packing Construction & Training & Installation Customer benefit Core- (Product or service) Product Brand Quality Main- On-site tenance Service & Care Functionality Customer- Guarantee / Support Warranty
  9. 9. Product Roadmap 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Product ProductProduct Name Product Name Product Name Name or Name or or Image or Image or Image Image Image Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder PlaceholderDescription goes here… Description goes here… Description goes here… Description goes here… Description goes here… .
  10. 10. TractionEstablished BaseLine Product to Market Fit & Customer Acquisition/Activation.Status• Still to workon customer Signed up 800 users retention (8%) and 800 revenue.• Embedded analytics from Visited Signup Page day one. 2,000• Capturing customer feedback Traffic• Beta enterprise customers• Need to work on UI and 15,987 some functionality based on customer feedback Impressions 158,978
  11. 11. Achievements• Product • Product • Scale Sales, • Expand operations • Possibly a merger Development Enhancements Marketing, Support with a larger• New Platforms • New platforms software company • Setup Sales &• Paid beta Marketing Engine • New territories customers • Sustainable, • Support• Lead Nurturing & dependable customer retention infrastructure Revenue Model• Channel • Demand Creation optimization Engine• Setup metrics
  12. 12. Investor Presentation Next Steps This SlideShare presentation includes 10 of the 26 slides available in the Demand Creation Planning Template To view all 26 slides, and other go-to-market planning templates for demand management, websites, social media, messaging and positioning, go-to-market and demand creation planning, please visit www.vpmarketingondemand.com/templates