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Demand Creation Planning PowerPoint Template

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Download the Demand Creation Planning Template at http://www.fourquadrant.com/product/demand-creation-planning-template/

The Demand Creation Planning Template is designed for Marketeer's to build a go-to-market plan to generate pipeline for Sales. The scope of the template spans creating demand creation strategy to tactical execution. Specifically, the go-to-market template walks through the key components of a plan, provides graphics to communicate each concept and includes examples or text placeholders. Downloading the PowerPoint template provides a framework for a demand creation plan that will be comprehensive, integrated and graphically compelling.

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Demand Creation Planning PowerPoint Template

  1. 1. Demand Creation Planning This SlideShare presentation includes 10 of the 29 slides available in the Demand Creation Planning Template. Download the complete template at: www.vpmarketingondemand.com/templates
  2. 2. Outline1 Estimating the Market2 Demand Creation Plan Overview3 How do You Make Your Number4 Terminology, Roles, Lead Model & Assumptions5 Customer Acquisition process Integrated Team, Planning Framework & Timeline67 Targets & Target Account Profile8 Messaging How Marketing Supports Sales910 GTM Summary for Demand Creation
  3. 3. The Demand Creation Process SOLUTION Define the solution and compelling messaging going to market. REVERSE ENGINEER BOOKINGS Decompose bookings to calculate the number of MARKET SIZING responses, MQLs and SQLs required to build the necessary Defining the addressable and served pipeline. markets. DEMNAD CREATION STRATEGY METRICS Develop the chase, come, community Measure all steps and incorporate feedback and / or co-create approaches. for optimization. Demand INTERGATED PLAN SALES TOOLS Creation Align all Marketing resources to support the initiative in aProviding the right sales tools to the Sales Reps at the right time and in the right format. Process comprehensive, logical and sustained manner. DATABASE DEMAND MANAGEMENT Build a list of targeted companies. 10 touch follow-up methodology. AUTOMATION CONTACTS Create, buy and rent contact information for SFA, lead scoring and lead nurturing. desired title and roles. OFFERS Create compelling offers that are relevant for buyers, with respect for the buying cycle.
  4. 4. Demand Creation Plan OverviewOBJECTIVE License Revenue $XXM FY’XX New Business Increase SOW G9K, SMB, OEM Top 10, Named AccountsSTRATEGY • Database • Evangelism • Behavioral • Account Intelligence • Scoring & Incubation • OPCIO Relationships Replacement:  Brokerage Firms  Insurance MARKET New:SEGMENTS  Business banking: SMB, cash management, retirement/treasury  Investments management: Wealth management, prime brokerage, asset management  Transaction services: Merchant services, commercial cards, other wholesale services
  5. 5. How Do You Make Your Number Bookings Decomposition # of Rev New Customer Accounts New Target Coverage Universe Account Based Acquisition Known and Internal & externalTop 10 10-15 B, C $13 M Direct sales defined evangelism accounts Known andNamed Internal & external 50 - 60 B, C $11.5 M Direct sales definedAccounts evangelism accounts Trends & issues, pains, compellin Inside sales g events, org Build DB, target accountF2000 (prospecting) G9K, >$ charts, business profile, messaging 400 - 500 A $6M Direct sales 1B, FSS goals, relationship, train framework, stimulants, follo (closing) (NAIC) ing (D&P) w-upSMB 500 -1000 A, B, C $ 3.5 M Partners G9K > = $ 1B Partner marketing Inside sales Tier 1: rev’s > $ Build DB, target account 60 E $ 3.3 M (prospecting) 20 M, < = $ 50 profile, messagingOEM Direct sales M, security, ap framework, stimulants, fo (closing) pliance llow-up Known andOEM 150 F, G $ 7.8 M Direct sales defined Renewals & royalties accounts
  6. 6. Reverse Engineering The Numbers Responses MQLs SQLs 2,235 SMB $ 1.3 M 25 @ $ 50K 498 125 North F2000 $ 7M 2,400 480 120 Closed America 20 @ $ 350K Won $ 13M 263 480 OEM $5M 50 @ $ 100K 4,950 Integrated Programs Database OPCIO • Vertical analysts • Verticals • Web 2.0 / RIA – Tapscot • Webcast • Companies • Web 2.0 / RIA – O’Reilly • Social media • S,P,C • Web 2.0 / RIA – UI • White Papers • Contact info • VITO events • Downloads/Trials • Clean • Field marketing • Speaking Opp’s Scoring , Nurturing, Reverse look-up, Analytics, Metrics
  7. 7. Sales & Marketing Pipeline Suspect Database 200,000 50 contacts per 4,000 Cos Fits the target profile Responses 5,400 2.7% Response based on a Sales or Marketing program Marketing Qualified Lead 1782 33.0% Leads that have met agreed to (Sales & Marketing) criteria Sales Qualified Lead 446 25.0%MQLs that have been accepted by sales and are active in the sales process Closed Deals 134 30.0% SQLs that have moved through the sales process and have closed ASP $55,000 Revenue $7,350,750
  8. 8. CHASE  Database development  Account Intelligence  Digital assets  Social media  Sales calls  Incubation  Interactive email  Appointment settingCAUGHT CO-CREATE Website tracking Reverse look-up Demand   Partner Marketing Influencers Digital assets Incubation Creation   Analysts Peers Interactive email  Authors Account intelligence Strategy   Academia Thought Leaders COME  Social media  Content  Endorsements  Credentialism  Birds of a feather  Starburst
  9. 9. ELEMENTS OF A CAMPAIGN Proof Vehicles Suspects/ Prospects  References  Social Media  Success Stories  Email, Dmail  SFA  3rd Validation  TeleQualification  Hoovers  Credentialism  Webinars, Seminars  iProfile  SEO, SEM  Social Media  Events Sales ToolsValue Prop B2E  PPTs B2C  Scripts industry Campaign  White Papers IT  Industry Metrics LOB  ROI Calculator Strategic  Presentations Functional  Demos  RFP Response Offers Waves Follow-up Follow-up  Blogs • Trends  White Papers  10 Touch • Issues  Webcast  Scripts • Hot buttons  Events  Emails • Competitive  Research Notes  Phone Calls  Thought Leadership  Nurture Paths  Starburst
  10. 10. Integrated Planning Framework *Branding Rich Information Applications *Awareness Rich Information Applications, Without Limits (loyalty & productivity)Target Audience Product Managers, IT Thought Leadership/Domain Expert in: CSS/FS, RIA, User Interface *PR/Media Best Practices, DeMystifying, G500 Success Stories in Web 2.0/RIA Buyer Mode Educate Internalize Mobilize What is it How do you use it What do you get Why do you need it Flash Demo Case Study ROI/TEI Content White Paper References Benchmarks Collateral Market/Tech Primer Customer Reference Presentations Website Social Media Telephone PR/AR PR/AR WebEx Demo Social Media Website Face to Face Meetings Demand Webcast Podcast Other People’s Intro’s Creation User Groups eNewsletter Vehicles Seminars Syndication Field Mktg/Events Google PPC OPCIO OPCIO
  11. 11. Content Throughout The Funnel TACTICS AND PROGRAMS • Market identification • Companies selected • Titles selected Database Contact information • Contact information built • Process established • System established • DC vehicle Expression of interest • Web behavior Lead • Lead or account score • Size of company • Right industry Meets agreed upon criteria • Right title or role Qualified Leads • Right expression of interest • Budget • Authority Qualified Opp Ready, Willing & Able • Need • Timeframe • Technical due diligence • Proposal delivered Forecast Bookings is Forecasted • Short listed • Selected • In legal review Making the selection • Contract signed Won • Contract received
  12. 12. Next StepsThis SlideShare presentation includes 10 of the 29 slides available in the Demand Creation Planning Template To view all 29 slides, and other go-to-market planning templates for demand management, websites, social media, investor/board presentations, go -to-market planning and messaging, please visit www.vpmarketingondemand.com/templates