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Business Proposal - Market My Hotel

  1. Your Market Managers !
  2. We are a 360º hospitality solutions company which Branding, Marketing, management that identifies the best Distribution and Revenue solutions available in the market and implement the same at our partner hotels. device compatible website equipped with booking engine and payment gateway; if you want to generate bookings through maximum no. of online or offline travel agencies; if you are looking at professional handling of every single business enquiry of your hotel; if customer’s reviews bothers you and are willing to invest in your hotel’s online reputation then you are talking to the right people ! If you are looking to build a Market My Hotel is a team of seasoned youngsters who exactly understands the way travel distribution works.
  3. Market My Hotel team works towards transforming your hotel into a Brand Market My Hotel Branding services are as follows:  Content development and management.  Website Audits and developing Device compatible.  Deploying trusted booking engine and payment solutions ensuring safety of transactions.  Customer engagement across platforms, seek reviews to build positive online reputation.  Professional call call centre, prompt response, IVR, recording, customized welcome greetings.
  4. Market My Hotel team works towards improving visibility of your hotel Market My Hotel Marketing services are as follows:  Content distribution on every relevant channel.  Transforming customers into Brand Ambassadors.  Customized media plans, cost effective and targeted advertisements.  SEO, SEM and Social Media marketing [facebook page likes] solutions.  Market representations, trade events.  Business enquires generation.
  5. Market My Hotel team works towards connecting your hotel to more than 100 OTAs and 100000 Travel agencies. Market My Hotel Distribution services are as follows :  Contracting with Online Travel Agencies.  Negotiating and representing offline travel agencies.  Room inventory management and distribution through trusted managers.  Maintain rate parity across all distribution channels.  Connecting to Meta Searches Engines and generating direct traffic.  Booking via social channels like Hotel’s facebook page. channel
  6. Market My Hotel team aims at generating higher Return on Investment for your Hotel Market My Hotel Distribution services are as follows :  Demand forecasting, Data  Being predictive, driven revenue management strategies updated of travel trends, holiday season, local festivals and events.  Keeping a track of your competition  Focus on increasing revenue per available room [RevPAR] and improving length of stay [LoS] patterns  Pricing, designing packages and promotions,  Professional handling of customer enquiry by result oriented staff.
  7. List of Service offered by Market My Hotel S. No Services Basic Customised 1 Website Audit & developing Device compatible websites As per requirement 2 Property Management System  3 Booking engine solution  4 Payment gateway solution (% of transaction value) 5% 5 Channel Manager - Room inventory and distribution system  6 Contracting with Online Travel Agencies  7 Negotiating and representing offline travel agencies  8 Direct traffic through Meta Searches Engines 9 Booking via social channels (Hotel’s facebook page)  10 Maintain rate parity across all distribution channels  11 Pricing, designing packages and promotions  12 Competitor’s tracking on rates and others relevant parameters  13 Professional call centre, IVR, call recording, customized welcome greeting  14 Market representations, trade events etc.  15 Social Media engagement, reviews and online reputation management  16 SEO, SEM and Social Media marketing [facebook page likes] solutions As per requirement 17 Customised media plans and targeted advertisement As per requirement 18 Payment reconciliation services with OTAs 19 Lead generation 20 Monthly performance reports Budget based  Budget based 
  8. Terms & Conditions Market My Hotel team takes up Branding, Marketing, Sales & Distribution of a Hotel on following Terms & Conditions :  Property will, during the duration of the agreement, have only Market My Hotel as its exclusive partner for online and offline distribution.  Market My Hotel will contract with all online and offline distribution channels.  Market My Hotel will assign and install a unique phone no. on hotel’s website, as well as all other distribution channels where in all inbound enquires will be mapped. Such calls will be recorded and will be made available to Hotel owner/assigned staff 24 x 7.  Property shall provide necessary property photographs, website content, rates and inventory details.  Property shall provide details on any third party contracts already in place related to sales, marketing and distribution in order to maintain Rate Parity.  Property needs to inform in advance for all walk-in/direct bookings at hotel before confirming to the customer.  Property needs to communicate the standard cancellation policy.  The services are available for an initial minimum term of one year and subject to termination as per mutually agreed termination clause.
  9. Basic Plan payment terms & conditions Market My Hotel offers a basic all inclusive Marketing, Sales & Distribution plan on following Terms & Conditions : Retainer Fees: Market My Hotel will be paid a retainer fees of Rs. 10,000/month during the period of agreement. Sales Incentive: Market My Hotel will be paid 10% as sales incentive on the incremental net amount credited* over and above the sales of Rs. 1 lakh per month. Payment Calculation: Total payment = Rs. 10000 + 10% (133125-100000) = 10000 + 3312 = Rs. 13312 S. No Particulars a % break up of sales b Room nights sold (eg.100) c Paid by customer (Rate Parity) d Direct Enquiry Offline - Travel Online on phone Agents Booking engine Online – OTAs Total 40% 30% 5% 25% 100% 40 30 5 25 100 1500 1500 1500 1500 Booking engine chgs (@5%) 0 0 -75 0 e Agency Comm. (@20%) 0 -300 0 -300 f Net Realised Value (f = c-d-e) 1500 1200 1425 1200 Net Amount in Bank in the month 60000 36000 7125 30000 133125 Due Date: Sales incentive will be calculated and communicated by the end of month and the same needs to be paid by Hotel on or before 5th of the consecutive month. *Net Amount Credited: Net Amount credited is the net amount realised by the hotel after deducting travel agent commission and payment gateway transaction charges.
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