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2015 05 heimdall-joint-brochure-v03

Heimdall Towerlight Brochure

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2015 05 heimdall-joint-brochure-v03

  1. 1. HD-S / HD-E Innovation comes as standard. +44 (0)843 855 0068 www.heimdalluk.co.uk
  2. 2. Innovation comes as standard. Heimdall brings innovative design to a market hungry for change. With growing concerns about safety on building, events, emergency services and road construction and maintenance sites, Heimdall gives the user peace of mind over safety and greater control over costs. Smart Stability and telemetry offering remote monitoring and control come as standard in addition to market beating extended service intervals. Combine with security features and class leading build quality and Heimdall is pleased to introduce the HD-S and HD-E range of mobile towerlights. www.heimdalluk.co.ukThe world’s most advanced lighting towers. 02/03ABOUTUS
  3. 3. Innovative Design Class leading products. Heimdall Shadow Telemetry Imagine you could check on the upkeep of your investment. How is your towerlight being treated?Heimdall HD-E A true hybrid, the HD-E uses LED lights to minimise fuel consumption and environmental waste. The hybrid specification ensures the engine only runs when power is required to charge the systems power pack. This minimises noise pollution and unnecessary engine use, while the engine management system works to ensure the engine is always running under optimal load to maximise engine life. In keeping with all Heimdall products, the HD-E towerlights come with the ‘Smart Stability’ system fitted as standard and integrated with the hydraulic support legs. Heimdall towerlights take site safety to the next level. Heimdall HD-S With ‘Smart Stability’ system fitted as standard and integrated with the hydraulic support legs, the Heimdall HD-S towerlight takes on site safety to the next level. Automatically sensing a change in the stability of the towerlight due to changing ground conditions or inclement weather, the HD-S will automatically lower the 9m mast to a ‘safe position’, minimising the risk of catastrophic roll over. 1000 hour service intervals and Heimdall Shadow telemetry fitted as standard compliment a class leading product offer. GPS Tracking Instant precise location information on all your Heimdall mobile lighting towers in both map and street view modes, allowing efficient planning for fueling and maintenance visits Movement alerts Movement alerts when your Heimdall mobile lighting towers are taken outside of predesignated geo-parameters Remote diagnostics Fault detection system, which alerts remote owner to a fault and prompts an onsite reading of the engine management diagnostic screen. This gives a detailed fault description before maintenance staff are sent out to site Remote shutdown Remote shutdown of Heimdall mobile lighting tower, allowing use to be blocked at end of a shift, authorised hire period or upon theft of the unit Fuel level indicator Informs you remotely when re-fuelling is required Usage overview Hours on clock can be read to give overview of usage and be used to inform efficient service scheduling which reduces service costs Remote monitoring Snail trail facility to view all movements of your Heimdall mobile lighting tower Theft alarms Theft / tow-away alarm that can be timed Reporting Individual reports on all Heimdall mobile lighting towers can be set to be emailed daily or weekly to PC, phone or tablet to allow remote monitoring and cost-effective scheduling of service engineers To register your interest in Heimdall Shadow Telemetry please visit: heimdalluk.co.uk/ telemetry Imagine you could control it, turn it off from the comfort of your office, track its movements. Heimdall’s Shadow telemetry is the answer and comes fitted as standard on all Heimdall’s range of mobile towerlights. Heimdall Shadow gives you remote control of all your Heimdall mobile lighting towers, giving you control of the following: Key Specification HD-S HD-E ‘Smart Stability’ system* manages weather and changing ground conditions automatically • • 4 x Hydraulically controlled raise/lower stabiliser legs • • Heimdall ‘Shadow’ Telemetry as standard • • 1000 hour generator service intervals as standard • • Maximum height 9 metres • • Wind resistance measured as greater than all comparable competitor models • • Hydraulic mast lifting system • • 340 degree mast rotation • • Individual on/off lamp switches • • 4 x 1000w metal halide lamps • 3kva 230v power outlets with MCB protection • • 180 litre fuel tank • • 94 hours run time • • 4 x 160w LED lamps • Hybrid generator system: Charging battery bank when required • *Patent pending www.heimdalluk.co.ukThe world’s most advanced lighting towers. 04/05DESIGN&FEATURES
  4. 4. Heimdall units are available both nationally and globally Call 0843 855 0068 to find a hirer of Heimdall products in your area www.heimdalluk.co.ukThe world’s most advanced lighting towers. 06/07HIRELOCATOR
  5. 5. Smart Stability Bad set up, bad monitoring, bad weather, all are potential reasons why what initially appeared to be a stable towerlight deployment can change to be a very nasty accident. The Heimdall HD-S and HD-E range of towerlights have got you, your site and your businesses covered. How Heimdall can help Mobile towerlights are used in a number of different environments. Whether construction, road works, railway maintenance, events or for spot hire and sports fields, these operations have one thing in common… people. Whenever a towerlight is deployed there is the risk of potential instability and a catastrophic collapse. A change in the units’ stability can be the result of a change in ground conditions or a change of weather. Whatever the reason, the risk of significant injury to people on the ground — or travelling alongside the work site in the case of road works — is considerable should a towerlight become unstable and fall. With laws governing a company’s duty of care and director’s responsibilities regarding safety at work, a work environment with a managed and minimum risk of injury to employees or the general public is of primary importance. Heimdall’s Smart Stability system significantly reduces the risk of towerlight collapse on all work and event sites. The hydraulic legs allow for easy deployment, the operator can lower all the support legs from one position. The mast cannot be raised above 3 metres unless the legs are deployed, the distribution of load is equal and the Smart Stability system active. After deployment and over the subsequent days and weeks, the unit self-monitors by continually measuring the weight and pressure distribution at each corner of the unit. The Smart system calculates and recalculates the stability of the unit. If a change is detected that results in the unit becoming at risk of a fall, then the system acts. The mast is automatically lowered to a safe height and the system then continues to calculate the stability. The mast will not redeploy until the user has evaluated the situation and safely reset the towerlight in an environment where it is safe to do so. Similar to how your own body reacts when you realise you are falling — you move and change position. The Heimdall Smart Stability system does the same. So during those winter storms, when wind can blow us over or heavy rain soften ground, the Heimdall HD-S and HD-E range of towerlights have got you, your site and your businesses covered. Security and peace of mind — rest assured that action is being taken. www.heimdalluk.co.ukThe world’s most advanced lighting towers. 08/09SMARTSTABILITY
  6. 6. How to buy Now available in the UK and Ireland, direct from Heimdall (UK) Ltd. Our purpose built factory holds stock of machines and parts for your immediate lighting and service needs. Contact one of our experienced sales engineers for a demonstration or advice on product specifications. Experience Heimdall’s HD-S and HD-E mobile tower lights, the safest and most secure lighting solutions available. www.heimdalluk.co.ukThe world’s most advanced lighting towers. 10/11HOWTOBUY
  7. 7. Service intervals of 1000 hours are standard on the HD-S and HD-E range of machines. Service Information For a company wishing to maintain a fleet of machines, service is an expensive business — a constraint on your own employee’s valuable time and a significant cost to your business. If you choose not to service, then when things go wrong they really go wrong and how many suppliers want to help when they realise they have a get out? Heimdall offer extended service intervals on their complete range of towerlights as standard. Service intervals of 1000 hours are standard on the HD-S and HD-E range of machines. Relax and be assured that your fleet of Heimdall towerlights are fully compliant with our recommended service intervals while watching your company save money. Use our ‘Extended Service Saver’ to calculate how much you could save when substituting Heimdall for your current towerlight provider: www.heimdalluk.co.uk/service- information www.heimdalluk.co.ukThe world’s most advanced lighting towers. 12/13SERVICEINFORMATION
  8. 8. The world’s most advanced lighting towers. Now available in the UK, visit heimdalluk.co.uk www.heimdalluk.co.ukThe world’s most advanced lighting towers. 14/15ENQUIRIES
  9. 9. Innovation comes as standard. The world’s most advanced lighting towers. FOR MORE INFORMATION Call: +44 (0)843 855 0068 Email: info@heimdalluk.co.uk — www.heimdalluk.co.uk