Endangered marine life allie carlson

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5 de Dec de 2011

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Endangered marine life allie carlson

  1. Endangered Marine Life Allie Carlson McGinley Fall 2011
  2. The amount of endangered marine life is on the rise.
  3. Top 5 Endangered Marine Species 1. Bluefin Tuna 2. Cape Penguin 3. Coral 4. Gray Whale 5. Hector’s Dolphin
  4. Bluefin Tuna  Known as the most valuable fish in the ocean  Tuna are a very important food source for humans  Only 25,000 remain  Cause of endangerment: overfishing, tuna ranching, loss of prey  Removal of this species and others, such as the shark, can degrade marine habitats
  5. Cape Penguin  AKA the “Jackass Penguin” because of their call that sounds like a donkey  Endangered because of oil spills, loss of nesting sites and loss of food due to overfishing
  6. Coral  Very important sea animal  Protects and gives creatures a place for breeding/spawning  Pharmaceutical properties  In danger because of ocean acidification and bottom trawling commercial fishing
  7. Gray Whale  Known worldwide for their fierceness  Ones located near Baja California tend to be friendly  Overfishing is the main cause of their endangerment  North Atlantic population is extinct  Fishing restrictions have allowed the Eastern North Pacific to grow
  8. Hector’s Dolphin  Only 7,400 left off the coast of New Zealand  Reasons for endangerment: bycatch, boat disturbance and pollutants
  9. We are their #1 cause of endangerment! By the effects of pollution, overfishing, boat ing, oil spills, etc., it is clear that we are the ocean’s biggest threat to life.
  10. Overfishing and Pollution  Overfishing and pollution are the two main issues concerning the destruction of marine life  75% of all fisheries are overfished, and if this rate keeps going as is, there will be no more fisheries by 2050  Pollution of the ocean is a major problem and is done through many different ways
  11. Not only are we endangering marine animals, but their environments, as well.
  12. Coastal Dredging Projects The project that created this upscale community on Roanoke Island in North Carolina can significantly alter wetland ecosystems, disrupting animals’ habitats and interfering with a marshland's natural ability to control inland flooding.
  13. Another way to destroy a habitat is simply by killing off the species which inhabit the area. For example, 40 million Thresher Sharks are killed each year, just for their fins. Removal of predators such as these can destroy the environment.
  14. Bottom Trawling Bottom trawling is a form of net fishing that scrapes the ocean floor. This damages habitats by ripping up coral reefs. Bottom trawlers also collect large amounts of bycatch that is simply thrown back to sea or left to die.
  15. Why does this matter?
  16.  Who wants 75% of our world to be polluted?  Activities such as boating and snorkeling are leisure activities and are a main source of income through tourism for many places  Hundreds of marine species, such as fish, lobster, squid, etc. are a main food source for people all over the world  It is said that at the rate we are going, by 2050 there will be no more fisheries. In the United States alone, the international trade in coastal and marine fisheries contributes $70 billion annually to the economy  This would not only hurt economies around the world, but also some peoples’ way of life  Etc. And most importantly…
  18. Video!
  19. Expected Learning Outcomes 1. What are we, as humans, doing to hurt the ocean’s environment? 2. How do these things endanger marine life and their habitat? 3. Why should we care about the ocean’s environment? (How does it effect us?)
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