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Deeo Design and Engineering - On Track presentation

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Deeo is Europe’s first virtual Design & Engineering Consultancy. Deeo support you in developing your train interior project or product to not only be relevant to today’s user, but tomorrows. Break the mould with us

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Deeo Design and Engineering - On Track presentation

  1. 1. Page 0 Rail Industry Experience On Track
  2. 2. Page 1Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author On Track Contents 02 – Rail 03 - Catering Areas 05 - Drivers Cabs 07 - Interior Trim 08 - Toilet Modules 09 - Contact Us
  3. 3. Page 2Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author On Track Rail When it comes to rail vehicle design & engineering, there are many that say they can – but not many that can deliver. In this sector, our team have a long ‘track’ record in delivering solutions, concentrating mostly on the interior of the vehicles. Nobody Does It Better You will not find greater independent expertise than exists among the Deeo team of rail engineers. We provide 'windscreen to windscreen' experience in designing rail vehicle interiors. Our services include special focus on the most challenging environments. We also complete structural analysis for all our designs & are one of the first to have completed a train seat design that meets the criteria for GM/RT 2100 iss5. Not the OLD way We question “that’s how we have always done it” statements in all sectors we support, but especially in the rail sector. We bring fresh solutions, from other industry sectors in harmony with our years of rail vehicle design experience to create new solutions for you. From Hybrid physical & virtual mock-up’s, digital configurators that show a new interior design in multiple configuration’s & changeable at the touch of a button to light weight material solutions & advanced lighting technology. We want to break the mould & do something fit for the future, not the same as the past! Designed for manufacture. What We Do These are the complex areas of a rail vehicle Deeo specialise in the design & engineering for both new & refurbished vehicles.
  4. 4. Page 3Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author On Track Catering Areas On-board catering & shop facilities are one of the most complex design challenges in a rail vehicle, but as more & more people travel further distances on trains, the need for advanced catering facilities has grown. Over the past fifteen years, Deeo’s team members have designed the majority of catering facilities fitted to UK rail vehicles both in new & re-furbished trains. In the age of product branding & customer choice, the general public have become more discerning in what they eat & drink. To facilitate their needs, the train operators wish to supply more than just warm sandwiches & stewed tea. Our designs for catering facilities have incorporated all of the latest technology food preparation equipment available, appropriate for producing food in a moving vehicle. From a simple shop area to a fully equipped galley, we have the know-how to complete your design. We understand all food preparation/hygiene regulations & important working practices adopted by operatives within the catering industry. Along with our full ergonomic appreciation to design, this gives our customers & the end user peace of mind that the design will not only follow the initial brief for the sale of food & drinks but also meet all regulations & ergonomic parameters required. We know how to deliver an on-board catering solution; we have done it many times. We also know why others who have tried – fail. What’s the harm in a chat – let us explain how we can take the heartburn away from this process.
  5. 5. Page 4Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author On Track Catering Areas
  6. 6. Page 5Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author On Track Drivers Cabs For the last 20 years, key members of Deeo’s team have been at the forefront of design innovation of one of the most important interfaces in a rail vehicle - the driver cab. The sculpting of a drivers control desk & its surrounding environment requires a great deal of understanding in a variety of areas: o Drivers day to day work-flow o Ergonomic requirements to ensure a safe working area o Mandatory sightline requirements to track styling / user interface / customer wishes o Material selection & manufacturing process required to create a cost effective, maintainable end production product We understand all of the above criteria & have successfully designed & advise in the development of over 15 different drivers cab areas for a variety of different vehicle types. As this is where all systems converge to control the train it is critical this environment is done with the right team. The key to our success in the design of each cab environment, is our interest in what the end-user needs. Taking every effort to understand the user's perspective of driving the vehicle & to adopt, where possible, enhancements to make their day-to-day driving experience more pleasurable. Our ergonomic assessments utilising our virtual mannequin’s also helps define the best solution way before manufacture of any prototype.
  7. 7. Page 6Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author On Track Drivers Cabs
  8. 8. Page 7Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author On Track Interior Trim As the interior of a train is the area most scrutinised by the passenger, it is key that the design is right. We have, for many years, completed interior design solutions for rail car & interior trim manufacturers for vehicles in service for the UK & Europe. Part of the team Working either alongside our customer’s interior stylist or developing the concept internally, we have engineered inspirational & ‘Fit for Purpose’ solutions for many projects. From a specific area of the vehicle interior to a full interior design, members of our team have designed & engineered solutions for: o Body side Trim o Ceiling/Lighting Rafts o Flooring Solutions o Grab Poles/Rails o Heating Systems o Luggage Stacks/Racks o Refuse Receptacles o Tables o Seat Design o Seating Configurations o Vestibule Areas From concept to commissioning, Deeo’s team have been part of the design & project management of many prestigious projects. In the design or integration of any interior trim, we fully understand the mandatory regulations each design has to meet.
  9. 9. Page 8Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author On Track Toilet Modules Some of our senior designers have been on the toilet for years! We have many year’s experience in the design & integration of Toilet Modules into rail vehicles, both in the UK & globally. Many companies manufacture vacuum toilet systems to process the waste & there are some companies that actually manufacture so called “turn-key” toilet modules. However, due to the gauge ranges of the rail vehicles & the frequency of new build train orders globally, a lot of “off the shelf” modules have to be re-designed specifically for the vehicle it is to go in. Our team have designed toilet module solutions, integrating the best toilet systems into ergonomically designed “Plug & Play” modules sighting the water tanks & effluent tanks to the vehicle & accessing displacement issues. Across the World Our CEO has been part of a “Global Think Tank” to create a bio digest solution for third world countries transportation systems to reduce disease & save lives. Where mass populations travel by train, but the infrastructure & availability of water is an issue – we strive to develop a cost effective solution to answer this problem. For any assistance in toilet solutions you may have, we would be glad to let you know how we can bring value to your problem.
  10. 10. Page 9Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author On Track Contact Us Now you know what Design & Engineering services we can offer, it would be great to have a chat to see how we can assist you & your team. Contact us at: Deeo Design & Engineering Midlands Technology Centre, Wolverhampton Business Park, Broadlands, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, United Kingdom WV10 6TB T: +44 (0)1902 907525 E: info@deeo.co.uk W: www.deeo.co.uk Deeo Design & Engineering | A DATAport Media Ltd Brand