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Cats Protection Case Study

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Cats Protection Case Study

  1. 1. Green Energy Consulting - Case Study CUSTOMER CATS Protection BRIEF Procurement of Energy. kVA Analysis and Reduction. Procurement of Oil. THE SITUATION CATS Protection is the United Kingdom’s leading feline welfare charity. It helps over 194,00 cats and kittens per year through its national network of 250 volunteer run branches and 31 adoption centres. In addition, CATS Protection have 69 charity shops and approximately 9,000 volunteers and staff throughout the United Kingdom. Green Energy Consulting approached CATS Protection to procure renewable energy and oil on their behalf. WHAT WE DID Green Energy Consulting conducted a review of the market using their high level supplier relationships and buying power to access products unavailable to the marketplace. Furthermore, Green Energy Consulting used their market intelligence to supervise the provision of oil for CATS Protection. As an added service, Green Energy Consulting conducted a complimentary kVA Analysis on behalf of CATS Protection to review the possibility of reducing Available Supply Capacity. OUTCOME Green Energy Consulting procured renewable electricity for CATS Protection at annual saving of 2.11% against current brown costs, and procured gas at an annual saving of 23.50% over current costs. Furthermore, Green Energy Consulting procured oil for CATS Protection at a saving of 13.49% over current oil costs. By analysing historical usage data, Green Energy Consulting’s team of experienced analysts identified the possibility of achieving savings through a reduction in kVA. This reduction led to a saving of 52.39%, when compared with previous capacity charges. As a result of the work carried out by Green Energy Consulting, CATS Protection will liaise with Green Energy Consulting on all future energy requirements and have been asked to review future ESOS reports to assist with implementation of cost savings measures.