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FintechOS Corporate Deck 20.2


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FintechOS Corporate Deck 20.2

  1. 1. Personalize | Automate | Transform
  2. 2. Our story Markets | Growth | Case Studies
  3. 3. 40+ Global Clients Opening New York, Frankfurt, Zurich, Singapore and Dubai 2 1 3 Growth Ready for tomorrow Already, millions of people globally are successfully consuming hyper-personalized products and services using FintechOS technology. In only 24 months we’ve onboarded 40+ clients across the World, have $85bn under management, and opened offices in London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Copenhagen and Bucharest. With plans to expand East and West in 2020, watch this space. Offices in London, Amsterdam, and Bucharest Markets. Clients. Dreams.
  4. 4. Clients Brands who believe in us So many brands with so little time. Worldwide.
  5. 5. Managed Assets 86B International Markets 20 YoY Growth 265% Capital Raised 20M+ Available Capital 0.5B Ecosystem Partners 20+ Highlights High level company overview
  6. 6. Success Stories
  7. 7. 3 2 1 4finance / TBI Bank Next-generation digital lender 100% digital lending B2C and B2B platform. Customers: 1.4m Sales Points: 6,500 Challenge: To create next generation digital lending. Solution: Using FintechOS technology, TBI Bank created personalized individual and business banking services offered through any digital channel to its customers. TBI’s objective was to deliver a 100% digital lending platform with an exceptional customer experience whilst maintaining regulatory compliance. The main focus was enhancement of customer data, data processing, controls and technological support of digital processes. Plus a simplified way to integrate with multiple systems and vendors. With back-office operations facilitated by automating KYC and risk profiling to speed up time to money. 100% digital lending multiple channel solution Decrease ‘time to yes’ and ‘time to money’ : 80% automated in 9 seconds Paperless process and operational efficiency
  8. 8. 3 2 1 4 Getin Holding Group / Idea Bank End-to-end digital transformation 300% credit portfolio increase. Assets: €3.3Bn Staff / Offices: 8,000 employees Challenge: As a specialist in retail banking, Getin Holding Group’s challenger bank, Idea Bank, relies on the development of new technologies to provide cutting-edge solutions across credit, saving and investment products in a simple, prompt, personal and transparent way. They needed to re-shape their customers experience, digitise existing products and automate operational processes to boost their growth in the market and gain competitive advantages. Essential to maintaining their position as a bank of fresh and simple financial products and services. Solution: Using FintechOS technology, Idea Bank reshaped their customer experience and reduced time to money. Open source, ready-to-deploy apps empowered the bank to drive digital transformation easily across all lines of business and enable customers access to powerful, hyper-personalized journeys and products. Streamlined omni-channel digital onboarding, loan origination based on automated scoring and risk analysis, and disbursement processes tailored for each consumer and SMB customer. The bank transformation was fueled by our Customer360 and Product engine. All lending products were launched through digital channels in weeks not months. 100% digital onboarding omni-channel solution 300% balance increase 50% increase in productivity and operational efficiency 99% reduction in ‘time to yes’ for 40% of clients
  9. 9. 3 2 1 UNIQA Insurance Group 100% automated digital process. Customers: 10m Challenge: UNIQA Group is one of Europe’s leading insurance groups serving 10 million customers. To remain relevant to modern consumers, they had to transition from manual paper-based quote & bind and underwriting processes to a 100% automated digital process that transformed the digital customer experience. Solution: Using FintechOS technology, UNIQA automated and digitised household, motor, travel, liability insurance with real-time processes and OCR technology, facilitating BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) policies as well. Empowering sales agents to subscribe a policy from any device in a single customer meeting. 100% digital quote & bind and underwriting 70% reduction of sales cycle time 70% reduction in processing time
  10. 10. 3 2 1 Hyperion Insurance Group Global insurance brokers 5 key insurance applications fully automated in 5 months. Challenge: Hyperion is an international insurance intermediary group operating across Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas. Its brands include DUAL, Howden, RKH Specialty and RKH Reinsurance. To reduce operating costs, improve data capture and speed time to market, RKH needed to digitise existing products and processes, and accelerate new product delivery. Solution: Using FintechOS technology, a self-service framework was implemented to automate workflow and accelerate the development of powerful E2E insurance products. Allowing non-technical staff to create, test and operate powerful omni-channel applications including customer facing services. 8 weeks time to market for new digital product lines 100% digital user experience across every channel 3x decrease of underwriting time due to automation
  11. 11. Vision Mission | Philosophy | Approach
  12. 12. We believe easy access to finance is as essential as electricity, water and education. Our Mission What we believe
  13. 13. Our Value Proposition Roll-out hyper-personalized digital products & customer experiences as quickly and efficiently as fintechs. Personalize.Automate.Transform. At speed.
  14. 14. Top-down, self-service & end to end digital transformation. Omnichannel API Website Mobile Intelligent Automation Lean Core Our Approach Challenging current dogmas data at the core no-code, low-code
  15. 15. Our Differentiators Start small in tactical areas and expand horizontally and vertically, end-to-end Value is delivered faster (up to x10), with a high emphasis on driving customer value and leveraging technology across multiple use cases. Unique ability to operate with or without legacy infrastructure We don’t just bypass or replace existing systems. There’s enormous business value and data available within them. We make use of previous investments through our “data at the core” approach. An integrated, no-code financial technology stack that encourages self-service Companies no longer want to pay for multi-million dollar platforms, after which they may possibly get business value by spending big on services to make them work together. Accelerated Time to Value
  16. 16. Technology Personalization | Automation | Transformation
  17. 17. Data is the new core. 150+ legacy and external data sources pre-integrated. Compliance CRM Legacy Social AML Risk Evolutive Data Core Transformation, End-to-End Data, automation, personalization
  18. 18. Transformation, End-to-End Data, automation, personalization Personalized, data-driven products and services. Data Wealth Savings Lending Insurance Pensions Data Core
  19. 19. Transformation, End-to-End Data, automation, personalization Plug and play intelligent financial automation. Data Core Onboarding Automation (OCR, Face, Liveness, Video, Co-Browsing) Risk Underwriting Automation (Scoring, Rating, Eligibility Check) Workflow Automation (Workflows, Business Rules, Document, eSignature) External Automation (REST, SOAP, RPA) Hyper Personalization (Customer 360, Personas, Campaigns) Lean Core Automation (Admin, GL)
  20. 20. Mobile eKYC Customer Profiling and Offer Personalization Risk Assessment Automation Automated Underwriting Automated Account Opening Insurance Service Lending Product Transformation, End-to-End Data, automation, personalization Data Core Mobile Website IoT Chatbots Open API Omnichannel hyper-personalized customer journeys
  21. 21. Game changers Innovation Studio | Fintech AppStore
  22. 22. Innovation Studio Open source, open-minded Data users, product managers, devs, underwriters and CX experts. Together. The Innovation Studio was created to bring together CX managers, digital engineers, data scientists and product managers together in one place. A place where everyone can come and build and develop new products and services and ideas without being limited because they don't know code. The interface is intuitive, with a friendly very visual drag ’n’ drop approach, like a website builder. Anyone can integrate pre-built apps and solutions, customise existing ones or create their own. There are no barriers or limitations to how you architect a digital journey.
  23. 23. Ready made. Plug & Play. Open source. Open minded. Fintech AppStore
  24. 24. Innovation Studio | App Stor Ecosystem Partners | Community
  25. 25. Partnership Ecosystem Global consultancy, services and technology partners The big players bringing their ‘A’ game to the party.
  26. 26. 3 2 1 4 Our Community An ecosystem of ideas Insights, innovation and shared goals. If you’re excited about digital automation, personalization and transformation, the Community is your new home. It was created to help build better experiences for developers, clients and end users. Where everyone can share everything and anything about FintechOS technology. Armed with a Digital Innovation Passport, devs to techs, CX to UX, analysts to project managers can explore the limitless possibilities of our technology. It’s another reason why all our apps are open-source; to encourage free thinking and generosity. For anyone wanting to get officially FintechOS certified there’s the Academy; a ‘hothouse’ of learning programs from our technology experts. We see our Community as a primary enabler of our company vision. It’s our way of giving something to the global tech community that will ultimately benefit everyone, everywhere. App Store - Discover a wealth of pre-built banking and insurance apps and solutions. Academy - Know nothing about our platform? The Academy is where you learn and get officially Certified. Content - Videos, demos, datasheets, tech documents, brand assets and more are only a download away. Blog - The hottest topics, the coolest tech, the big industries issues, interviews with innovators.
  27. 27. Contact Sales: hello@fintechos.com Marketing & PR: marketing@fintechos.com Careers: careers@fintechos.com Offices 30 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5EU, United Kingdom Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 104, 1012 SG Amsterdam, Netherlands Oregon Park, Building C, 2nd Floor, 46-48 Pipera Road, 2nd District, Bucharest, Romania www.fintechos.com Contact Us Any questions, anytime.
  28. 28. Thank you Grazie | Arigato | Merci | Danke | Multumesc

Notas do Editor

  • We told you earlier we take a brave and human approach to everything we do
    So welcome to our Innovation Studio.
    The Innovation Studio is where the creation and deployment of automated and hyper-personalized journeys happens.

    Importantly, it makes creating complex digital journeys as easy and quick to construct as simple ones.

    And it’s human. The interface is intuitive, with a friendly very visual drag ’n’ drop approach. Like a website builder.

    So, anyone can integrate pre-built apps and solutions, customise existing ones or create their own.

    There are no real barriers or limitations to how you architect a digital journey.

    It was also created to bring together CX managers, digital engineers, data scientists and product managers in one place.

    No need for new people, tech or resources.

    What’s more, all our apps are open-source and open for anyone to play with.
    Just choose our App Store.
    Which already has over 150 apps ready to go already and is constantly growing.
    [show demo if available]