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Health keeping techniques at english lessons

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Health keeping techniques at english lessons

  1. 1. Health keepingtechniques at English lessons Health is not simply the absence of sickness. Hannah Green Presented by: Pascal Marina
  2. 2. What is health? .• The health is the most expensive wealth that we have.• It is a physical, social, psycho- pedagogical human harmony.• It is calm and friendly relationships with people with the nature and with yourself.
  3. 3. “Health”- today •Advertisements •Warnings•“Health” topics in textbooks
  4. 4. What do you see?
  5. 5. Pupils/ Techniquesstudents
  6. 6. Types of health keeping techniques• Musical-dancing• Improving attention• Gymnastics for eyes• Gymnastics for hearing• Massages• Relaxing breaks• Mimic gymnastics• Finger games
  7. 7. Musical-dance
  8. 8. Improving attention
  9. 9. Gymnastics for eyes
  10. 10. Gymnastics for hearing
  11. 11. Massages
  12. 12. Finger games ”A Family Fingerplay” “Fun finger play” ”Pairs” “Happy Family”