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Flyer Strong Girls! Marielle Evertsz

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Flyer Strong Girls! Marielle Evertsz

  1. 1. Strong Girls! SELF ESTEEM AND SELF RESPECT GROUP FOR TEEN GIRLS This 10 week group counselling program for teenage girls is designed to help young girls ages 12 and above to believe in themselves, to feel good about the unique person they are and to help them discover their own special gifts. The social world for teenage girls can be a stressful and challenging environment. The rise in peer pressure, competitive conflicts, and unhealthy social media messages are all likely contributors to an increase in anxiety, mood disorder and low self-esteem in girls. In the ‘Strong Girls!’ counselling group the focus is on building self-esteem by establishing an acceptable body image, developing a positive self-concept, and forming healthy peer relationships. The goal is to increase the girls’ ability to make safe and healthy choices, to develop skills to combat peer pressure, to learn and practice effective coping strategies to address negative feelings and to feel connected with other girls. Cost: QR 950 (includes material and snack) Location: Qipco Library (Qipco Compound West Bay) Dates: start in February/March 2014 Please contact Marielle Evertsz for further info about dates/ times This program can be adapted to or complemented with one-to- one counselling sessions. IS THIS GROUP FOR YOU? Are you feeling overwhelmed by school and/or social issues? Do you often feel sad or worried? Do you sometimes think you are not good or pretty enough? Would you like to feel more in control of your life? Join the group ‘Strong Girls’. Meet with other teen girls. Share your experience. Learn something new about yourself. Feel empowered! Skill building:  Managing your emotions  Managing your relationships  Relaxation skills  Stress management  Communication skills Comparing yourself to others is nothing but bad news… the only good comparison is comparing yourself against your own potential. -Unknown Group leader: Marielle Evertsz MSc in Clinical Child and Adolescent Studies Child, Youth and Family Counsellor Al Messilah Compound Sunset blvd 128 Doha Tel. (974) 55 10 99 33 marielleevertsz@yahoo.com