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  1. Review
  2. Easy Round x1
  3. 1. Artichoke, asparagus, celery, and fennel belong to what group of vegetables? A. Cabbage family B. Onion family C. Stalks/stems D. Leafy greens
  4. 2. What refers to a bouquet of vegetables used in making soups, stocks and sauces? A. Jardiniere B. Rondelle C. Bouquet ere D. Chiffonade 3. What market form of fish that is boneless, with or without skin? A. Steaks B. Fillets C. Dressed D. Drawn
  5. 4. Which tool is used to drain excess water after washing vegetables? A. Bowls B. Colander C. Steamer D. Utility Tray 5. Which kind of seafood that has no internal bone structure? A. Fin fish B. Freshwater fish C. Round fish D. Shellfish
  6. 6. What color component that is responsible for red and blue to violet pigments? A. Anthocyanin B. Anthoxanthin C. Chlorophyll D. Carotenoids 7. Which fat-soluble compound is responsible for the green color of plants? A. Anthocyanins B. Carotenoids C. Chlorophyll D. Lycopene
  7. 8. Which of the following is a source of energy? A. Kangkong B. Corn C. Cabbage D. Bell pepper 9. It pertains to tomatoes with garlic, parsley and sometimes mushrooms or olives. A. Fermiere B. Doria C. Jardiniere D. Provencale
  8. 10. Which of the following vegetable dishes are cooked through pan frying? A. Pinakbet B. Breaded squash C. Tortang Talong D. Vegetable tempura
  9. Average Round x2
  10. 1. What is basted to baked lean fish to help prevent it from drying up? 2. What color component that is responsible for the yellow pigments? 3. What market form of fish in which viscera, head, tail and fins are removed?
  11. 4. What shellfish that becomes tough and rubbery when overcooked? 5. What do you call the process of removing bones of a fish? 6. What do you call the natural sugar that provides the sweetness in vegetable?
  12. 7. Green leafy vegetables like pechay, malunggay and cabbages turn _______ in color when acid is added. 8. Italian term which refers to vegetables being cooked firm but tender.
  13. 9. Select foods and garnishes that offer variety and contrast. This should be applied to colors, shapes, textures and flavors. 10. Ability to perform according to required standards is called __________.
  14. Difficult Round x3
  15. 1. Why vegetables should not be soaked for a long period of time? 2. In grilling a large fish, why it is needed to split the fish? 3. Why potatoes and eggplants should be treated with vinegar after slicing?
  16. 4. Identify the ingredients used in preparing shrimp tempura. 5. Why do you need to devein shrimp before cooking?