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CX16: How Rack Room Shoes Drives Customer Loyalty with a Mobile Cross Channel Journey

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Reaching every touch point of your customer journey may seem near impossible, but not in today's world. Today, you have the ability to reach your customers at the right moment and in the right place. In this session, learn how to leverage cross-channel insights to optimize your marketing program.

Paul Voss, CRM Director of Rack Room Shoes, will take you through his strategy for aligning email, mobile, and services programs to create 1-to-1 customer journeys that have driven well over $50MM in ROI. After connecting Marketing Cloud to its CRM database, eComm platform (Hybris), and loyalty program (Amia/Smartbutton), RRS was able to use data to create personalized customer journeys. This data has been used to help drive higher SMS open rates and offer conversion as well.

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CX16: How Rack Room Shoes Drives Customer Loyalty with a Mobile Cross Channel Journey

  1. 1. #CNX16 How Rack Room Shoes Drives Customer Loyalty with a Mobile Cross Channel Journey Paul Voss CRM Director Rack Room Shoes PVoss@obshoes.com @PaulVoss Corey Inouye EVP, Digital Digital Fusion corey.Inouye@digitalfusion.com @CoreyInouye
  2. 2. About the Companies Rack Room Shoes Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., Rack Room Shoes is the family footwear retailer of choice. Known as an innovator in the shoe industry for more than 90 years, Rack Room Shoes offers a wide selection of nationally recognized and private brands of shoes for men, women and children in comfort, dress, casual and athletic categories. Digital Fusion We help brands unify their digital marketing programs and make them relevant to each and every consumer. We accomplish this by fusing customer data together and using it to create highly personalized journeys between a brand and its' consumers This data centric, performance driven approach drives increased engagement and consistently greater ROI.
  3. 3. Agenda Keys to Success Vision and roadmap Mobile Core to Digital Strategy Results orientation Questions
  4. 4. Why Mobile is Critical
  5. 5. Keys to Success at Rack Room Shoes Vision and Roadmap Mobile Core to Digital Strategy Results Orientation 1 2 3
  6. 6. #CNX16 Vision and Roadmap
  7. 7. #CNX16 “It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” ― Jeff Eisenberg CEO, BuyerLegends.com
  8. 8. Early Challenges Siloed data repositories Inconsistent brand presentation across channels Sub optimized marketing communications Time constrained IT team Internal digital marketing expertise Too many manual processes Explosive growth of loyalty program
  9. 9. Vision Customer-centric approach Optimized digital marketing communications that are relevant, personalized and drive measurable ROI fueled by a unified view of the customer PHASE 1: WALK PHASE 3: LEAP PHASE 2: RUN Personas Mass Segmented Targeted Personalized Predictive Intelligence Real Time Behavioral Triggers ConversionROI Demographic Preference Transactional Preference & Transactional Demographic & Reference & Transactional
  10. 10. Organizational Support C Level Bi-weekly meetings with CEO, Mark Lardie Omni Channel team crosses many departments Supports marketing, works with IT IT liaison to ensure alignment with Technology team Rack Room Shoes flat organizationally Sr. Director of Omni Channel, Scott Baldt (reports to CEO)
  11. 11. Strategy Leverage data driven digital marketing tactics to increase revenue, drive online/offline traffic while adding value to and enhancing the customer experience.
  12. 12. Unified Customer View eCommerce Loyalty Email Social Media Digital Ads In-Store Mobile Website Traditional Media Paid Search
  13. 13. Marketing Cloud Solutions and Key Integrations Current Solutions (most implemented in the last 9 months) • E2.0 Email Marketing Platform • Mobile Connect • Contact Builder • Journey Builder • Mobile Push Under Evaluation • MMS • Service Cloud Key Integrations • Current – Rack Room Shoes data mart, Aimia loyalty, Point of Sale (Epicor/Aptos) • Planned – eCommerce (Hybris), Service Cloud
  14. 14. Vision and Roadmap – Key Takeaways Executive support is critical Be clear about your goals Put the customer at the center of your strategy Build a digital roadmap but stay flexible through execution Choose your partners and technology solutions carefully Maintain perspective – very few mid-market players have it all together
  15. 15. #CNX16 Mobile Core to Digital Strategy
  16. 16. Mobile at Core of Customer Loyalty and Digital 2011 - 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Current Program Capability/Scope Capability Under Evaluation PHASE 1 2016 - Q1 2016 - Q12015 – Q4 SMS Responsive Rewards Website Responsive Email Templates Mobile App / Mobile Push Messaging Responsive eCommerce / Rewards Website Automations, Journeys and Interations MMS Messaging Service Cloud Hybris Integration
  17. 17. Mobile Usage – Rack Room Shoes and Off Broadway Shoes Customers 56.57%32.21% 11.22% Mobile Desktop Tablet April 2015 66.73% 24.77% 8.50% Mobile Desktop Tablet April 2016
  18. 18. SMS / MMS SMS Promotional SMS messages with coupon codes and eCommerce links • Weekly SMS messages • Flash sales MMS Evaluating for high frequency / high value customers to increase engagement Brand considerations
  19. 19. Rewards Responsive website SMS • Near threshold, 60/30/15 day rewards expiration, birthday • In-store rewards sign-up flow Email • Near threshold, 60/30/15 day rewards expiration, birthday
  20. 20. Promotional Email Responsive Personalized Dynamic content
  21. 21. eCommerce Hybris backend Website Tools • Monetate • Google analytics • Foresee • Social sign-on – evaluating The Athletic Shop
  22. 22. Journeys / Automations / Integrations Integrations and Automations • Data mart imports • Loyalty platform imports Journeys • Rewards – Email • Flash sale
  23. 23. Mobile Application / Mobile Push Messaging Rack Room Shoes mobile app launch date • June 2016 Feature set • Rewards focused • Rewards barometer • Full purchase history • Integrated Journeys • Full locations map visibility • Notifications via mobile push messaging
  24. 24. Mobile Core – Key Takeaways Be open to new channels and evaluate them early It’s not the technology but the application of the technology that drives results Build your customer profile incrementally This is complicated, plan for delays and troubleshooting and test, test, test Add value for the customer… always
  25. 25. #CNX16 Results Orientation
  26. 26. Benchmarking and Measurement Laying foundation for effective tracking in 2017 End to end conversion mapping – identify and fix gaps from all channels • Rewards sign up • Promotional email sign up • SMS sign up • App download Early positive indicators on SMS rewards sign up
  27. 27. SMS Rewards Sign Ups Program Overview Goal Counter flat, in-store loyalty sign-ups by enabling customers to sign-up for our loyalty program with their mobile # Customer Benefits Reduces barrier of entry as Email address is no longer required at Point of Sale Convenient – customers can sign-up while in line 100% SMS driven – not smart phone dependent Brand Benefits Relieves pressure on sales associates to drive all in-store sign-ups at POS Expands reach of program while incrementally adding data over time Accurate data
  28. 28. Early Program Results Two Test Regions Oregon • 9% increase in loyalty transactions Colorado • 46% increase in loyalty transactions March reflected first increase in YOY enrollments since program launch Company Wide rollout May 2nd 2016
  29. 29. Challenges Automated Reports not sent or missing data Email Journeys randomly not firing Creating control groups for Journeys Limitations with validating target population via Test Mode Processing time for Journeys Multi-channel Journeys
  30. 30. Recap Slide Digital Vision and Roadmap Leverage All Facets of Mobile Results Orientation 1 2 3
  31. 31. #CNX16 Questions?
  32. 32. #CNX16 Thank You Paul Voss CRM Director Rack Room Shoes PVoss@obshoes.com @PaulVoss Corey Inouye EVP, Digital Digital Fusion corey.Inouye@digitalfusion.com @CoreyInouye
  33. 33. Take the after-session survey! Take the Survey in the Connections 2016 Mobile App Join the conversation! #CNX16
  34. 34. Join Us For Dreamforce 2016 October 4-7, 2016 | San Francisco, CA