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Mechanical Designer (BIW Fixture Design & Detailing)

Publicada em: Indústria automotiva
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  1. 1. RESUME MANOJ KUMAR.M S/o. K.Mani No.5,Thiruvupathiamman kovil street, Paundamangalam-(PO), Paramathi velur-(TK), Namakkal-(DT), Tamil nadu Pin : 637208 Mobile : +91 9944140087 Email id : mano3786@gmail.com Skype id : mano3786 CAREER OBJECTIVE To obtain a challenging Mechanical Design Engineer position which will enable me to utilize the knowledge and skills I have acquired throughout my education and previous employment. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION Sl. No Degree/ Subject Period of study Institute Marks 1. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 2003-2006 The Salem Co-operative Sugar Mill Polytechnic College, Mohanur, Namakkal 64.62% 2. S.S.L.C 2003 Govt High School, Paundamangalam, Namakkal 59.4% FIELD INTEREST:  Drafting and Design SOFTWARE PROFICIENCY  Modelling Software : AUTO CAD 2007 : CATIA V5 R19 & R22  Operating system : WINDOWS XP, WINDOWS 7 : MS OFFICE (i)
  2. 2. TOTALLY EXPERIENCE : 6 year, 6 month Preview of the Employer : MONTBLEU TECHNOLOGIES (P) LTD, Coimbatore. Designation : MECHANICAL DESIGNER Period : 15 April 2015 to 17 July 2015 Software Used : CATIA V5 R22 Profile: Project Engineer Design, processing and detailing BIW fixture tools, quality checker, project stack holder and project management. Client : Hirotec America & Hirotec Corporation, Coimbatore. Means:  Design of Welding Fixtures (BIW) for Pre Production Operation using CATIA V5 R22 as per GMNA standards.  Manage all level communication with internal and external customers and provide an effective interface and resolve all complex issues.  Lead initiatives and special assignments on team behalf.  Organize project meetings along with Design team to review Drafting work delivery schedule.  Layout of each unit and key sheet preparation, BOM generation, layout call outs, setup dimension, CCS placement are done according to the NAAMS standards.  Using CHRYSLER & TATA for detailing.With good project management skills improved quality of deliverables and improved schedule variance. Preview of the Employer : TEJAS ENGINEERS (P) LTD, Coimbatore. Designation : MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN Period : 14 May 2012 to 03 Sep 2014 Software Used : CATIA V5 R19 Profile:  Create drawings and apply GD&T, Critical and Significant Characteristics.  Understanding the Customer Standards & Expectations.  Prepare engineering documents, and coordinate with customer, suppliers, and assembly Design.  Knowledge in material selection.  Have throughout working knowledge Design.  Generate BOM’s maintain open issues lists, and typical engineering documents.  Conduct component tolerance studies and assembly stack evaluations. (ii)
  3. 3. Preview of the Employer : RAK GERMAN ENGINEERING FZC, RAS AL KHAIMAH (www.rge-uae.com) Designation : MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN GENERAL Period : 25 January 2011 to 31 March 2012 Company : Designing for the complete body shell(side body, under body, enclosures etc) for the geo, respot and marriage stations and also detailing for components. Software Used : CATIA V5 R19 Nature of Work: Client : MERCEDES-BENZ(FFT, EDAG), BMW & KUKA. Body in White: BIW is a stage in the automobile manufacture where car body sheet metal(door, hood, deck lids etc) has been assembled before the components (chassis, motor so on) and trim (wind shield, seats etc) have been added. 3D Modeling: Designing for the complete body shell (side body, under body, enclosures etc) for the geo, respot and marriage stations.  Designing of Welding fixtures.  Designing of Checking fixtures & Roller Hemming fixtures.  Designing of Robotic Grippers, Combo Grippers.  Designing of Robotic Grippers, Combo Grippers, Buffers (Storage), Docking stands, Pull off carts and so on. 2D Drafting & Detailing: Generating the 2D drawings for the designed 3D fixtures which includes.  Creation of Bill of Materials.  Detailing of units in the fixtures.  Preparation of Layout sheet (for the single unit)  Preparation of key sheet (for the Station) Preview of the Employer : SRI AMMAN PLASTICS COMPANY (P) LTD, Muniagoundampalayam, Pandamangalam. Designation : OPERATOR & SUPERVISOR (Injection Molding) Period : 5 July 2007 to 31 January 2010 Highlights of Qualifications:  Over 2 years, 6 month experience as an Injection Molding Operator and Supervisor.  Knowledge of Robot and End-of-Arm Tooling used in injection molding.  Understanding of Injection Molding machine process and operation. (iii)
  4. 4.  Great time-management skills and able to work well under pressure in order to meet deadlines.  Experience with JIT manufacturing-broadcasting process. Technical Skills:  The ability to read and interpret various blueprints and drawings.  The ability to troubleshoot and diagnose pneumatic and hydraulic systems and install different components.  Some experience operating and troubleshooting PLC’s and proximity sensors.  The ability to use simple intricate measuring tools in order to inspect, compare and analyze components. Work Experience: - Supervised the production of jobs  Prepared daily report, daily housekeeping is performed, job start-up and shut down procedure are followed.  Ensured parts meet Quality Standards.  Manage and monitor employee labour distribution.  Planning daily production activities, analysis of production follow-up, monitoring operations.  Perform trouble shoot of defective parts and adjust accordingly.  Ensure machine is running to the specifications listed on master set-up sheet.  Perform machine shut down as scheduled. PERSONAL DETAILS: Date of Birth : 03.07.1986 Gender : Male Marital Status : Single Nationality : Indian Linguistic Skills : English, Tamil Passport no : H2741938 DECLARATION: I hereby declare that all the above-furnished information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. (iv)
  5. 5. Date : Yours faithfully, Place : (MANOJKUMAR.M) (v)
  6. 6. Date : Yours faithfully, Place : (MANOJKUMAR.M) (v)