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Secure by Design: design security into your software from the very start

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As a developer, you need to build software in a secure way. But you can't spend all your time focusing on security. The answer is to use good design principles, tools, and mindsets that make security an implicit result - it's secure by design.

Secure by Design teaches developers how to use design to drive security in software development.

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Secure by Design: design security into your software from the very start

  1. 1. How can I improve the security of my software? With Secure by Design by Dan Bergh Johnsson, Daniel Deogun, and Daniel Sawano. Save 42% with code ssjohnsson.
  2. 2. Security is important, but it always seems to take a back seat to other things during development. How can we work security into our process so it doesn’t get left behind?
  3. 3. You just have to think differently. Having secure software is a must these days, but security just doesn’t usually get the attention it deserves during the development process. Traditional methods of securing software are lacking and often insufficient. Secure by Design teaches you how to build security into the fabric of your design.
  4. 4. Security should be a top priority. You don’t have to look at security as a set of features to be added to a design – after the fact. Security should be approached first in the design itself. Secure by Design shows you how you can use design to drive security in software development.
  5. 5. Security is a concern, not a feature. Secure by Design shows you how design is a powerful way of achieving security. You will learn how to alter your development mindset, so you can create more secure software with much less effort. You just have to focus more on the design itself, rather than on security.
  6. 6. Wait. You just said NOT to focus on security… how can I make my software more secure without focusing on security!?
  7. 7. Embed security into your design. As a developer, you can’t spend all your time focusing on security. What you can do is use good principles, tools, and mindsets to help incorporate security into your software as you build it. Secure by Design helps you create securely-built software that avoids a majority of the most common security vulnerabilities – so you can focus on developing features!
  8. 8. Some of what you’ll learn in Secure by Design: • How to spot and address weaknesses in legacy code • Important concepts of Domain-Driven Design, pertinent to security • Good patterns and best practices of careful design • Code constructs which have a high impact on security (like immutability and validation) • The mindset for secure coding • And much more!
  9. 9. All taught in a practical and easy manner. Secure by Design teaches you through a wealth of real-world examples, clear explanations, illuminating diagrams, and hands-on exercises. You will learn why designing security into your work is important, and then jump into doing just that, right away!
  10. 10. Learn from a team of security experts. The authors have collectively been working with security and development for several decades. They are developers at heart and understand that security is often a side-concern. They have also evolved work habits that enable them to develop systems in a way that promotes security, while focusing on high-quality design habits - something that is easier for developers to keep in mind during their daily work. All three are established international speakers and often present at conferences on topics regarding high-quality development as well as security.
  11. 11. Make security a part of your development mindset. Save 42% off Secure by Design with code ssjohnsson. New from manning.com For more on security also see: