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Infographic: The fundamental five

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Moving business into high gear. As companies begin adopting the cloud into their business strategies, what are key elements in ensuring it is a success? Learn more about Mapping the cloud maturity curve in the new programme from The Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by IBM.

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Infographic: The fundamental five

  1. 1. The Intelligence E D Economist Unit G) ALIGNED STRATEGY ORGANISATIONAL Know what's possible, what's HARMONY imperative and how you will Redefine teamwork. measure 5“CCe55- ' I Always bring IT and business executives closer together to ensure cloud technologies support business strategy. Moving business into high gear GOOD GOVERNANCE Don't risk the reward. Ensure that security, privacy and legal compliance are addressed —up front. DYNAMIC INFRASTRUCTURE Be practical. Find ways that cloud technologies fit with your organisation's 9 DIGITAL CU I'. I-URE unique needs and eapab”meS_ Prepare for the rule ofthe digital natives. Help employees ofall ages and backgrounds embrace the "as—a-service" culture.