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Malon devine

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Malon devine

  1. 1. Malon Devine Is A Board Certified Anesthesiologist
  2. 2. Malon Devine is based in Florida and is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. He is a highly educated individual and has years of professional experience in Anesthesia. He is professionally trained from Hershey Medical Center at Pittsburgh University for anesthesia residency.
  3. 3. In addition to that, Malon Devine has a Master Degree in Health Sciences and Health Care Administration from widely renowned institution La Roche University in Pittsburg PA. After graduating from the university six years back, he started working.
  4. 4. He has worked for a few years at Bethesda Hospital and also opened his firm known as Devine Anesthesia which is renowned for offering locum tenens or per-diem, or temporary staffing for anesthesiologists. He is directly working as the primary anesthesia provider for Dr. Douglas Martin, a neurosurgeon.
  5. 5. Other than that, he is also working for Dr. Sami Dagher who is based in Boynton Beach Florida and is known for being an expert in pain management. Also, he is the President and CEO of accredited institutions like Devine Anesthesia Inc., Relevant Topics Seminars LLC, Durable Medical Equipment Exporting LLC, Care Givers Plus Home Care Agency, Devine Entertainment LLC etc. He also holds degrees like DNAP, CRNA, ARNP, MHA etc., which he received after his graduation from the graduate school in PA.
  6. 6. Devine Anesthesia was incorporated by Malon Devine in 2006, which serves as a premier anesthesia staffing agency. The firm provides permanent staffing and superior solutions for anesthesia providers.
  7. 7. His firm Relevant Topics Seminar LLC is yet another continuing education firm which offers tax deductible vacation for physicians who wish to continue their education. Durable Medical Equipment exporting (DMEex) is an another firm established by Malon Devine which aims at buying and selling of durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs; syringes etc. and exports to countries like Trinidad, Tobago, Barbados and Bahamas.
  8. 8. In addition to that, Care Givers Plus, founded by Malon Devine, is an excellent home care agency or private duty home health care faction located in Dade, Broward and Palm countries.
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