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Personal Branding Portfolio: Mail Print, Inc. Variable Data Marketing

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From a concept to completion, Mail Print is your single source for direct marketing, digital Variable Data Printing (VDP), email and Personalized URL marketing, multi-channel marketing automation, and enterprise Web-To-Print solutions.

A leading innovator in direct marketing technologies, Mail Print engineers solutions that empower our clients to achieve higher response rates and Marketing ROI while streamlining their sales and marketing communication processes.

Visit our website or contact us at 800.660.0108 or info@mailprint.com for more information about how our solutions can help you make your company more profitable.

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Personal Branding Portfolio: Mail Print, Inc. Variable Data Marketing

  1. 1. Mail Print is your partner in creating your Personal Brand. A marketing representative communicates with you from start to finish, and works with a Mail Print graphic artist to create a package that is uniquely you.
  2. 2. “I’m thrilled with the results of my Personal Branding project from Mail Print. What a great feeling it is to be able to present something so professional to my current and potential clients. It was the best thing I ever did for my business.”
  3. 3. At Mail Print, your marketing materials in your Personal Branding package are created to be a direct reflection of you. They stand in your place when you’re not around, creating a lasting impression that gets results.
  4. 4. Mail Print’s strengths in planning, writing and designing allow for fast and efficient creation of Personal Branding packages. Choose between a variety of packages compiled specifically to save you time and money.
  5. 5. Successful Personal Branding is about finding what makes you unique and creating a recognizable and effective marketing tool based on your skills and personality. So whether you’re strictly business or full of whimsy, your marketing pieces are a true reflection of you.
  6. 6. “One postcard mailing could very well turn into just over $900,000 in volume! Spend $90 and get $900,000 in volume? That’s about a jillion percent return isn’t it?”
  7. 7. Take advantage of Mail Print’s years of experience and marketing knowledge, and see results when you start using your personalized products. Mail Print has the valuable resources, products and personnel to help you get the most from your marketing efforts.
  8. 8. “Mail Print is awesome to work with. All your great ideas were there when I had none and on top of that, you were a great sounding board.”
  9. 9. Building relationships for future business happens faster the more you increase the connection between you and your prospects. Mail Print's Personal Branding packages build recognition and get results.
  10. 10. From your business card to your brochure, Mail Print creates your brand and shows you how to use your materials to gain more business. With Personal Branding, Mail Print makes your marketing easy, fast, efficient and effective.
  11. 11. “Since I contacted Mail Print to complete a Personal Branding package, I have seen my COI list grow, my re-sale business increase—in fact my entire business grew 200% in one year. I know smart choices are the keys to my success. One of the smartest was to brand myself through Mail Print.”
  12. 12. “I can’t tell you how critical QUALITY is. My materials had to be highly polished, INTUITIVE, and impactful to get the ATTENTION of the audience I am pursuing. MAIL PRINT gave me that, and more. The IMPACT they created with my brochure helps me to cut through the clutter and get appointments with my Target and General Public prospects.”
  13. 13. Seeing is believing. The Personal Branding portfolio pieces you’re viewing are a direct result of the kind of commitment to customer care and brand development Mail Print's clients appreciate. Make your own mark with Personal Branding from Mail Print.