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Stay Organized While Kids Are Home This Summer

Summer can feel like a never ending mess. Use simple tips to stay organized while the kids are out of school.

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Stay Organized While Kids Are Home This Summer

  1. 1. Stay Organized While Kids Are Home This Summer MaidPro Tulsa
  2. 2. Individual Baskets Get a basket for each kid and keep it in a high traffic area. Place left out items into individual baskets after each day. Add a color dot to the bottom of toys to know which items belong to each child.
  3. 3. Shoe Bin Keep a bin for shoes by the front and back door. Keep muddy prints from being tracked all over the house and pairs from getting lost. Add an R & L on the bottom of shoes to help children know which shoes belongs on which foot.
  4. 4. Color Code Clothes Assign a color to each child. Use a permanent market to add a color dot to clothing labels. This helps clothes make it to the right closet and draws.
  5. 5. Individual Water Bottles Keep cup usage down and stop spills. Provide a reusable water bottle to each child. Write their name on it and have them use for regular refills.
  6. 6. Evening Pick Up Have kids pick up toys each evening and place individual full laundry bags by the washing machine.
  7. 7. Stay organized, let MaidPro keep things clean. www.maidpro.com/tulsa