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Workpedia: Work Planning, Delegation and Productivity Management

Enterprise wide Work Planning, Delegation, Productivity and Knowledge Management Platform. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation.

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Workpedia: Work Planning, Delegation and Productivity Management

  1. 1. Enterprise wide Work Planning, Delegation, Productivity and Knowledge Management Platform Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics
  2. 2. Planning Streams across Management, Department Managers and their respective team members need to be synchronized to enable performance • Without work planning, delegation and monitoring platform, it is not possible to enhance workforce productivity and improve resource utilization • Management is lacking visibility on how their workforce contributing in delivering top level goals and objectives • Focus on retaining quality talent is important but what about retaining reusable knowledge that is dying everyday • There is serious potential of improving workforce utilization up-to 30% PROBLEM STATEMENTMost of your workforce is working from home and getting productivity from workforce is even more challenging
  3. 3. There are three scenarios where business is loosing significant value Time to tighten the screws to navigate in these tough waters A B C Dying reusable work knowledge Knowledge is the key ingredient in improving workforce productivity. Managers and workforce is changing constantly and then it is like re-inventing the wheel again Availability of work specific knowledge can accelerate work and improve productivity Workforce Productivity is a BlackBox Improving productivity comes second, first we need to know what is the current productivity levels in the organization Does your managers know what is the productivity of their team members? Lack of Effective Workforce Utilization Managers are responsible for planning and assigning work to the team members but there is no evidence of this being done efficiently. Do you know what is the average workforce utilization in your organization?
  4. 4. You have opportunity to improve returns from your workforce investments How knowledge and effective work delegation process can change the scenario
  5. 5. Higher resource utilization and productivity result in Reduction in workforce demand How much your organization can benefit, can be identified once you start collecting data. Workforce demand in your organization can go down anywhere between 10 to 40 percent Work knowledge reusability will enable more people to take up different type of work in the same functional areas. You will no more be required to dedicated people for doing specific things. In the span of 3-6 months, you will start receiving workforce utilization and productivity trends
  6. 6. What we need is not just another system but change in the work culture Synchronizing Management, Departments and Users to Establish Integrated Planning Model Planning Streams across Management, Department Managers and their respective team members need to be synchronized to enable performance There is lack of integrated work planning model and management of activities happening in different departments on common organizational goals and objectives Management DoersDepartment
  7. 7. Workforce Utilization Vs Productivity Effective team management vs individual employee productivity Manager Territory Employee Territory Common Territory
  8. 8. HOW WORKPEDIA WORKS? Top/ Higher Management Level • Setup Business Goals and Objectives • Define Department Level Role and Responsibilities • Setup Timeline and Monitor contributions Department or Managers Level • Define Department Work Plan, Share knowledge • Monitor Resource Availability and Utilization • Delegate, Review and Monitor Work Participant/ Team Member Level • Virtual workbench to manage work and timeline • Exchange work knowledge and content • Status reporting and collaboration • Recording resource utilization, productivity and timeline performance of each employee everyday • AI powered knowledge repository maintaining content and reusable knowledge for future use and statistical data driven predictions Workpedia Artificial Intelligence Capabilities
  10. 10. DataVisualizationwithworkpedia 9boxProductivityAnalytics
  11. 11. To Sum up That’s all we have in this presentation. Thank you For more information, please visit: www.gofusion.in/workpedia Or write to us at: info@gofusion.in