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Butterfly Talent Management

Manage Talent, Succession, Development, Leadership, Centre of Excellence, Talent Reviews, Competency Management, Talent Comparison, Talent Insight, artificial intelligence, machine learning

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Butterfly Talent Management

  1. 1. Talent Management Cloud driven by artificial intelligence www.butterflytalent.com
  2. 2. BUTTERFLY TALENT MANAGEMENT KEY FEATURES  Organization Skills and Competency  Job Profile Configuration Engine  Evaluation Process and Criteria Setup  Talent Discoverer  Talent Assessment Centre  Gap Analysis and Calibration  Career Planning and Progression  Competency Development Centre  Succession Nomination Process Automation  Interactive Succession Chart and Drilldown  Succession Planning and Demand Alignment  Integrated with learning management Talent Management Essentials Talent Development and Calibration Succession Planning Learning Management
  3. 3. Butterfly Talent Management Survey Says: Employee Retention Demands Transparency
  4. 4. Butterfly Powerful Data Visualization with state of the art Talent Springboard (SB)
  5. 5. Butterfly Springboard My Talent  Dashboard for individuals to visualize their talent  Plan career and target position for next move  Identify gap in competency, experience, professional credits
  6. 6.  Dashboard for managers to view team talent  View career plans, next move, readiness and fitment related information  Success plan and nominated members quick view and fitment Butterfly Springboard Team Talent
  7. 7. Butterfly Modules Talent Re-engineering Discover a new approach to manage and develop talent in your organization with our powerful and intelligence tools
  8. 8. Butterfly Competency, Job Profile Setup and Succession Chart Overview
  9. 9. Butterfly Centre of Excellence  Multiple Centre of Excellence Setup  Define Objectives and timeline to achieve  Each objective may need multiple expertise to build overall capability  Define contributors and their role  View Achievements against objectives
  10. 10. Butterfly Talent Maturity Levels It is time to switch gear before and adopt talent management practices Establish Competency Framework and adopt suitable Assessment Approach Individual Talent assessment and development process setup Deliver Insight for Managers, Executives and HR leaders Integrate talent management processes across different levels Predictive Talent Management using Artificial Intelligence
  11. 11. Butterfly Modules Succession and Development Talent development, succession nomination process automation, talent reviews and calibration, side by side comparison
  12. 12. Butterfly TALENT MANAGEMENT Talent Insight  Covering information about the talent that includes current competency profile, next move and gap analysis  Nominated successor information, their fitment and readiness information  Talent Functional Experience and accreditation  Long term and short term career goals  Integrated tag cloud
  13. 13. Butterfly Succession and Development: Side by Side Comparison
  14. 14. Deepest Functionality Sum up: 5 KEY REASONS For Choosing Butterfly Talent Management Cloud Edition 1 2 3 4 5 Complete Single solution covers all your needs and designed for Employee, Manager, Local and Global HR Revolutionary UI Best user experience, Responsive UI design using masonry layouts Real-time Tightly integrated across modules and real-time analytics, Dashboards Centralized and Distributed Design to cater to centralized or distributed workforce management Best Value to Cost Delivering faster ROI and best value for the investment Quick Deployment with Reduced Risk Robust Technology Platform
  15. 15. THANKS