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Butterfly talent acquisition management solution system recruitment management hiring ATS EAN

Recruitment Hiring Onboarding Appointment Job Offer Checklists Applicant Information Management

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Butterfly talent acquisition management solution system recruitment management hiring ATS EAN

  1. 1. www.butterflytalent.com driven by artificial intelligence Butterfly Talent Supply Chain Management Talent Demand Planning, Hiring Management, Applicant Tracking System, Onboarding Management
  2. 2. BUTTERFLY TALENT SUPPLY CHAIN KEY FEATURES  Talent Requirement Planning  Allocation and Gap Analysis  Employment Action Notification  Hiring Management  Vacancy Monitoring  Pre Appointment Planning  Checklist and Actions Management  Job Offer and Appointments  Pre Onboarding Planning  Onboarding Management  Applicant Tracking System  Data Analytics and Visualization Talent Demand and Engagement Hiring and Onboarding Express Applicant Tracking System Data Analytics and Visualization
  3. 3. Butterfly Talent Demand and Discovery  Talent Demand Planning  Allocation and Gap Analysis  Talent Movement Planning  Internal Talent Discoverer by Job Profile, Functional Experience & Competency based fitment and Availability  Robotic Attrition Rate Update  Integrated with Assignment Management, Offboarding and Relocation Planning
  4. 4. ButterflyTalentDemandManagement DemandPlanner
  5. 5. Butterfly TALENT DEMAND MANAGEMENT TALENT REQUIREMENT PLAN  Job Requisition and Approval Process Automation  Define Job Profiles/ roles and select in Requisition  Allocate Weight for Each Criteria Type  Selection Criteria Includes Functional Exp., Educational or Professional credits and Competencies
  6. 6. Butterfly Talent Demand Management Talent Discoverer
  7. 7. Butterfly Hiring and Onboarding Management
  8. 8. Employment Action Notification  Initiate Hiring Action  Pre hiring activity planning  Workflow Based Approval Management  Robotic Task allocation and Followup management  Integrated wit Checklist, Applicant Information and Onboarding planning Checklist and Action Planning Applicant Tracking System  Create custom checklist  Setup tasks to be included in the checklist  Define rules for task allocation & administration  Setup rules to apply checklists based on Position and Operating Units  Applicant Information management  Competency and functional experience details  Professional credits and educational Information  Search and Track candidates as per need Onboarding Planning and Management  Pre Onboarding Planning  Robotic task allocation  Onboarding day activity management  Document verification  Compliance checklist  Background verification template and feedback registration Butterfly Hiring and Onboarding Management: Key Features
  9. 9. ButterflyTalentSupplyChain EANProcessManagement
  10. 10. ButterflyTalentSupplyChain HiringActivityDashboard
  11. 11. Butterfly Applicant Tracking System  Comprehensive Applicant Database  Integrated with Job Sites to convert online application into applicant  Applicant analysis by Job Profile, Job Requisition, Status  Applicant fitment analysis based on competency, experience and accreditation requirements  Integrated with evaluation criteria defined in Job profile to calculate fitment  Innovative data analytics and visualization capabilities
  12. 12. Butterfly Talent Acquisition Management Applicant Information Management
  13. 13. Butterfly Applicant Tracking System: 9 Box Applicant Analysis
  14. 14. Butterfly Onboarding Management Pre Onboarding Planning
  15. 15. Butterfly: Onboarding Activity Monitoring
  16. 16. THANKS