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Butterfly Employee Workforce Talent HR Performance Review / Appraisal 360 and Goals Management system / solution

Performance Auto Pilot, RPA, 360 Degree Reviews Appraisals Appraisal, Robotic Process Automation, Continuous Performance Management

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Butterfly Employee Workforce Talent HR Performance Review / Appraisal 360 and Goals Management system / solution

  1. 1. Unified Employee Performance Management and Review 360 AutoPilot driven by artificial intelligencewww.butterflytalent.com
  2. 2. MODULES KEY FEATURES AND PROCESSES Performance Review 360  Setup Performance Indicators, Evaluation Criteria and Weight  Feedback & Achievement Based Reviews  Integrated Reward Matrix  Initiate performance review of multiple employees in one plan Goals and Achievements  Setup Goals at different levels  Periodic Performance Targets Allocation  Individuals can update their achievements and managers can review Data Analytics  Achievements Data Analytics  Performance Review Analytics  Data Analytics for Managers to Drilldown into performance and ratings Integrated BI  Performance Monitoring Dashboard  Department, Position and Location DB Butterfly PERFORMANCE AND REWARDS WHAT IS IN THE BOX?
  3. 3. Butterfly Performance and Rewards Functionality Overview
  4. 4. Butterfly PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Performance Review 360 Continuous Feedback Goals and Achievements Performance Auto Pilot KEY FEATURES  Conduct 360 Performance Reviews  Achievement and Feedback based KPI setup  Flexible Evaluation Scale  Assignment or Task based Feedback  Feedback on Demand  Feedback Against Goals or KPI  Customizable Feedback Templates  Communicate Organization Goals  Setup Individual performance goals  Submit and Review Achievements  Auto Pilot performance review process  Transfer Knowledge to Machine learning  Adjustable to your approach and method
  5. 5. RICH Butterfly is an integrated platform that can help you drive performance from your workforce Appraisal Feedback Goals Achievements Reward • Adjustable • Configurable • Dashboard Driven • Consolidated View• Flexible  Performance Appraisals  Continuous Feedback  Feedback On Demand  Assignment or Project Feedback  Goals and Achievements
  6. 6. Butterfly Reviews 360 Performance Visualization Centre
  7. 7. Manual and Robotic Reviews Review Drilldown and Analysis Powerful Data Visualization Butterfly Performance Reviews at a Glance
  8. 8. Butterfly Reviews 360 Performance Review Rules
  9. 9. Butterfly Performance 360 Appraiser Workbench
  10. 10.  Powerful dashboard for executives to view team performance  Performance trends by Period, Cluster, KPI and Appraiser  View Goals and Analyse Employee Achievements  KPI wise Ratings Breakdown and performance at a glance Butterfly TEAM PERFORMANCE INSIGHT
  11. 11.  Dashboard for employees to view their own performance  View Appraiser list and include peer  Performance trends by Period, KPI and Appraiser  View Goals and analyse self achievement  KPI and appraiser wise Ratings Breakdown Butterfly MY PERFORMANCE DASHBOARD
  12. 12. FEATURES FUCNTIONALITY Key Performance Indicators  Flexible Indicator Setup  Setup your own Scales  Allocate Weight to KPI  Define Criteria and Rules Rule Based Reviewing Team Setup  Manager, Peer and Self Appraisal  Nominate or Auto Select Peer  HR Reviewer Selection Setup  Setup Rules for Auto Selection Scientific Rating Calculation  Calculate Each KPI rating based on the weight allocated  Calculate Stakeholder Ratings based on Weight for Each KPI  Calculate and Finalize Ratings Rating Based Reward Matrix  Create Rating Based Reward Matrix  Based on Final Rating, Follow Reward or Any Other Actions Time to AUTO PILOT Performance 360 with Butterfly AI PERFORMANCE 360 AI FEATURES
  13. 13. Butterfly is the next technology revolution using Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning to Auto Pilot Performance Review 360
  14. 14. Understanding Butterfly AI adaption in Performance Management
  15. 15. Butterfly Reviews 360 RPA Configuration Let Machine Learn how you do performance reviews
  16. 16. Butterfly Continuous Feedback Overview Side by Side Feedback and Performance Customizable Templates Assignment Based Feedback Project Based Feedback Task Based Feedback
  17. 17. Butterfly Goals and Performance Overview  Executive Insight and Goal Monitoring  Consultative Goal Setting  Period Wise Goal and Achievement Analysis  Quantitative and Qualitative Goals  Goal Integration with Performance Reviews and KPI  Allocate Weight to Each Goal in the Period  Flexible, Configurable Evaluation Criteria  Align Goals with Organization and Manager  Create Performance Value Chain  Goal Priority and
  18. 18. Butterfly Team Goals and Achievements
  19. 19. THANKS For More Information, Please visit www.butterflytalent.com