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Sun in Uruz

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Birth runes and astrological rune information for those born in the half month of Uruz (14th - 29th July).

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Sun in Uruz

  1. 1. Sun in Uruz 14th July ~ 29th July BIRTHRUNES Birth runes and runic astrology www.maginrose.com
  2. 2. Heroic Self Charismatic, persevering, creative, patient, strong, earthy, driven, independent, practical, grounded, sensual, purposeful, pure of mind, body and spirit Harness the power of your strength to your own wild nature or stubbornness may lead you to become a beast of burden for others Shadow
  3. 3. 13:30-14:30 is your power hour Earth and water are your elements Aurochs, wild cow and bull are your power animals Green is your colour Garnet (carbuncle) and raw minerals are your treasures Birth runes, runic astrology, reading the runes, rune magics www.maginrose.com