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Iastra Entertainment Portal Network Sites

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Iastra Entertainment Portal Network Sites

  1. 1. Iastra Broadcasting Group of Companies is a number of online venues that make up an entire entertainment portal that allows its user to do just about anything technologically possible on the internet. Live Event Broadcasting / Streaming http://www.bigcitylive.net and http://www.brightlightslive.com Arts & Entertainment Community http://www.iastra.net TV Channels Video Sharing http://www.ifilmfeatures.com Music uploads / Sharing http://www.urockme.tv Game Community http://www.paidplayer.net Christian Family Broadcasting http://www.cfclive.net Action Sports http://www.acsports.com IPO Mavens Financial Reporting http://www.ipomavens.com and http://www.ipomavens.net Movie Project Funding http://www.movieinvestorsclub.com Game Project Funding http://www.gamersorg.com Game Tournaments Online http://www.tournamentorg.com
  2. 2. Iastra Corporate Info http://www.iastra.net/clients Iastra Customer Service portal http://iastra.info/support/ Event Broadcasting http://www.bigcitylive.net/affiliatemall/index.php?cat=3 Website Hosting http://www.iastra.info And many many more thousands of web pages that are up and have banner space that are receiving good traffic. Please contact us Directly if you need more information on any of the services offered by Iastra. Iastra Digital Entertainment Association (IDEA) http://www.iastralive.com admin@iastra.net 310-894-9854