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Design More Innovative Solutions with a Holistic Understanding of the Chronic Health Experience

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Hosted by Jen Briselli, SVP of Experience Strategy and Service Design, Mad*Pow and Priyama Barua, Director of Experience Strategy, Mad*Pow.

Through years of work across the health care ecosystem, Mad*Pow has developed The Chronic Health Experience Map. This artifact represents a human-centered architecture of the health ecosystem for someone managing a chronic condition. It illustrates common health related events so designers and innovators can build empathy for the health seeker’s experiences at different points on their journey and design more meaningful solutions that build value and improve health outcomes.

In this Webinar, the co-creators of this map will share insights from the research that led to this map’s creation, and discuss examples of how they’ve successfully used it in work with healthcare clients, along with tips and tricks for using it in your own organization.

The map is free to download at https://bit.ly/3gta94n. Print it, or paste the downloaded file into a Mural or Miro board to facilitate remote collaboration during an ideation session.

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Design More Innovative Solutions with a Holistic Understanding of the Chronic Health Experience

  1. 1. CREATING BETTER SOLUTIONS WITH A HOLISTIC UNDERSTANDING OF THE CHRONIC HEALTH EXPERIENCE Jen Briselli SVP of Experience Strategy & Service Design Priyama Barua Experience Strategy Director Tiffany Mura VP of Client Experience & Strategy, Health
  2. 2. Go to Webinar Interface We willbe presentingfor approximately20 minutes, and then we will spend 10 minutes answering your questions. Please enter yourquestions intothe questionbox. If we run out oftime, youcan emailus directly.
  3. 3. We leverage strategic design and the psychology of motivation to create innovativeexperiences and compelling digital solutions that are good for people and good for business.
  4. 4. Must Insert Background Image To do so: 1- Select “Insert” in the file menu 2- Select “Picture from File” 3- Scale your image to fill the page by dragging the corner Background Image must be “sent to back” To do so: Right click the Image, select “Send to Back” Make sure Arrow Box and Mad*Pow Are viewable. DESIGNING THE FUTURE NOW EXPERIENCE INNOVATION BEHAVIOR CHANGE DESIGN Strategicvisiongroundedin actionableresearch insight Leveraging psychology to shift behaviorsinto new patterns DIGITAL SOLUTIONS Continuousdelivery on digital customer expectation
  5. 5. Designing the Future of Health
  6. 6. Experience Strategy Work in Health Improve People’s Experience Obtain actionable insightsvia qualitative research and experiencemappingto identify& plan improvements. Health Behavior Change Design conditionmanagement and health engagement interventions. Envision a Future Collaboratively envisionideal, differentiatingexperiences alignedto business goals
  7. 7. Journey Maps Journeymaps typicallyillustrate a specificexperiencescenario unfoldingover a set time periodor specificuse case, for a target persona or audience segment. They can includeinformationabout the qualityof an experienceand the backstage processes that support it,but are often limitedin format to a linearA-to-B experiencewith definedbeginningand end
  8. 8. Ecosystem Maps Traditional ecosystem diagrams illustrate the fullbreadth of componentsin a given environment,but they typicallydo not show howthese componentsinfluencean experienceor indicate howthat experienceunfoldsover time.
  9. 9. The Chronic Health Experience Map This map blends aspects of a traditional experiencejourneymap with an ecosystem diagram. It is designedto support the ideationof interventions and solutions, build internal alignment,as wellas guideproductteams in creating a consistent experience across products, channels,and services.
  10. 10. This map represents the journeyof an individualwith a chroniccondition,seeking& maintaining health.
  11. 11. Health Seeker A health seeker is someonewho wants to behealthy, andmay be aware of their own motivation to improve their health.Health seeking is the natural pursuit of personalwell-being, which may be defineddifferentlyfor each individual.
  12. 12. Health Seeker “What if someoneisn’t a health seeker?” A health seekingjourneyexists over a lifetime, and one’s encounters, experiences,and pursuit of well-beingmightchange over time. This experiencemap depicts acontinualprocess of health seekingbehaviors over a lifetime,with nofinalstate of achieving “health.”
  13. 13. The Journey
  14. 14. Social EnvironmentalPhysical & Digital People, organizations, or other types of social network available to the health seeker Self Physical environment in which someone lives, works or seeks health Experience EcosystemObjects or interfaces that a health seeker may come in contact with or rely on Psychological and physical influencers, as well as actions being taken by health seeker The Ecosystem
  15. 15. Instructions 1. Startwitha singlehealthevent that you wantto focuson. This willbe your “key moment”. 2. Brainstorma “How Might We..” statementthat couldhelp supportpeople in that key moment. 3. Identify other events thatmay influence or impactthatevent. 4. Identify entities withinthe healthecosystem thatinfluence or impactthatevent 5. Brainstormsolutions relatedto that key moment that considerother healthevents and ecosystem entities identified. 6. Once done, move onto other healthevents as relevant toyour project.
  16. 16. Example: HMW make healthdata more easily accessible?
  17. 17. Using the Map
  18. 18. https://bit.ly/3gta94n.
  19. 19. Questions?