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Dawlance lcd

  1. 1. Scenario LCD-TV by Dawlance Presented to: Sir Hashim Zia Presented by: Muhammad Tofeeque Zuhaib Ahemd Imran Qadri, Kiran, Zunairah, Date: 01st May,2012
  2. 2. Introduction of Company • Dawlance United Refrigeration Industries Ltd. was established in 1980. • Its refrigerator Factory is located in Hyderabad • The main Objectives are to provide dependable and reliable product at reasonable price
  3. 3. Company network
  4. 4. BUSINESS The main business of Dawlance is manufacturing and marketing of domestic appliances
  5. 5. Vision statement Make Dawlance a Global brand by practicing reliability: make Pakistan proud of us.
  6. 6. Mission statement Promote reliability in everything we do in the field of Household Appliances.
  7. 7. Product oriented statement We make great quality LCD with no compromise in technology .
  8. 8. Market oriented statement • We make good quality product in affordable price.
  9. 9. Products of dawlance • Refrigerators • Freezers • • Air Conditioners • • Washing Machines • • Microwave Ovens • NEW “LCD Television”
  10. 10. LCD-TV market Share Market Share LCD 2011: • Samsung = 36% • LG = 30% Samsung • Sony = 14% LG Sony • Others = 20% Others
  11. 11. Competitor  SAMSUNG  Sony  Eco Star  L.G.  Haier
  12. 12. New Product Development
  13. 13. Idea generating We are making LCD in Economic price with additional features
  14. 14. Idea Screening The purpose of idea screening is to create a large number of ideas so we had many ideas as: • High price and more features • Economic price without compromising with quality
  15. 15. We chose Economic price without compromising with quality
  16. 16. Product Concept
  17. 17. Product • Core product • LCD television • PRODUCT FEATURES • Sharp but not soreness to the eyes. • Built in DVD player with writeable option (First Time in LCD TV) • Built in memory card (10 GB with 32 inch and 8 GB with the 26inch) • Channel option (300 with 32 inch and 200 with 26 inch) • USB port • Parental Lock • Slide in remote cabinet • 1year warranty + 6 months (after 1st yr. parts replaced for 50%) *breakage not included • 1 remote extra for backup.
  18. 18. Actual product LCD’s brand name is “Scenario LCD” with good and safe packaging .
  19. 19. Augmented product We are giving warranty of 1 year and also service of installation
  20. 20. Strength • Leading company in local market for its existing brands • Strong Distribution network though out the country • Own service Center in big cities where product lunching. • Low turnover in technical staff side. • Have customers list for existing brands. • Super LCD performance at low price • Better product life and durability.
  21. 21. Weakness • Average Skill of technical staff. • No past experience for LCD TV manufacturing and marketing. • We would be a small player in LCD local market.
  22. 22. Opportunity • We can target other cities of Pakistan as we have launched only in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. • Traditional Picture tube TV replacing from LCD TV. • LCD is the growing market in Pakistan.
  23. 23. Threat • Current unstable market situation • Government Taxes • Competitors • Devaluation of the currency.
  24. 24. Product objectives • To capture market shares. • Attract customers through promotion. • No compromise with quality.
  25. 25. Boston Consulting groups
  26. 26. Marketing strategy Development • Objective: Create Product awareness • Based on product concept
  27. 27. Targeting Strategy: 1.Middle level 2.Upper level 3.Upper middle level
  28. 28. Segmentation
  29. 29. Demographic Segmentation:  Gender: Male and Female  Family life cycle: young single, married and married with children and so on  Income: 40,000+
  30. 30. Behavioral segmentation Our products have been segmented on the basis of benefits that customers seek in the LCD in economic price.
  31. 31. Geographic segmentation  Country: Pakistan  City: Karachi, Islamabad & Lahore  Density: Urban
  32. 32. USP – Unique Selling Preposition “we are providing luxury in economic price”
  33. 33. PRODUCT PRICING • 22” MRP.23,500 (Control Price Rs.21, 000) (Trade Price Rs.18,500) Ex-Factory Cost: 15,000.00 • 26`` MRP.30,500 (Control Price Rs.28, 000) (Trade Price Rs.25,500) Ex-Factory Cost: 22,000.00 • 32`` MRP.33,500 (Control Price Rs.31,000) (Trade Price Rs.29,000) Ex-Factory Cost: 26,500.00
  34. 34. Marketing Strategy Product: LCD with best quality Product name: Scenario LCD Slogan: Strategy: Product’s strategy is totally based on our USP as we are providing luxury in economic price” and our targeted market is family by applying affordable pricing strategy.
  35. 35. Product Life cycle • Introduction Our product is in Introduction stage as it is a new product having low sale in start, affordable price and low awareness too.
  36. 36. Marketing Distribution Dawlance has got various types of dealers according to their potential. They have got 80% penetration in dealer sector.
  37. 37.  they have got big warehouses located in almost all big cities and towns. Whenever they get order from the dealer they try to provide supplies to their dealer from closest warehouse in 3 hours.  In case stock is not available in the warehouse then it will be delivered directly from Hyderabad Factory in 4 days.
  38. 38. Dawlance has got around 800 dealers all over the country. 1.25% of dealers are "A-class" dealers who sell over 1000 units and above per year. 2. "B-class" dealers are those dealers who sell from 400 units up to 999 units per year They are around 50% in total dealer 3. Rest are in best 25% of "C-class" dealers sell from 200 up to 399 units per year.
  39. 39. Placement Product will be available in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad at our: USL Shops in different areas of the cities (locations find out from the website). Authorized Dealers (Dealers list available at our website). Display Centers (situated in the heart of the cities like in KHI: Abdullah Haroon Road, DHA, Clifton, North Nazimabad, Shahrah-e-Faisal, PECHS, Saddar, and FB Area. LHR: Model Town, Anarkali Bazaar, Bhatti Gate etc. ISL: Aabpara Chow Market, Parliament House Market, F-10 Markaz, G-10 etc.)
  40. 40. Product Development
  41. 41. Action Plan • May 01, 2012 we are going to launch. • Related person and media invited for convention. • Awareness of invitation will be given through ads and web sites. • We will have the launching ceremony in Karachi Expo Center. • LCD brochures will be given to all. • Offer will be there of Rs.2000/- per unit discount at the time of launching ceremony.
  42. 42. Control • After the launch of the product we will examine the performance of the product by taking consumer feedback . • verify the amount of consumer satisfaction. This will help us in correcting our mistakes and tighten our Quality control
  43. 43. Commercialization • ATL Activities For the activity we have hired Random Advertising (Pvt.) Ltd. • Electronics Media: Advertisements will be on Geo Channel, Hum Channel, Sama Channel and PTV. Frequency will 24 times a day after 1 hour. • Print Media: Daily Jang, Daily Express, Business Recorder, Dawn, Qaumi Akhbar, Akhbar-e-Jahan
  44. 44. Commercialization • BTL Activities: Sign boards at Shahrah-e-Faisal, Tariq Road, Bahadurabad, North, Nazimabad and Saddar, M.A. Jinnah Road, North Karachi. • Public relations: Public relations we will conduct at Karachi Expo Centre.
  45. 45. Advertisement • Dawlance pesh krta hy………. “Scenario LCD”, nya andaz munfarid style…… apki khawahishat ky ain mutabiq, kam qeemat aur aala mayar aur sub se brh kar wohi features jo sub dete hyn…….. magar hm apka ziada khayal rakhte hyn……………. isi lye to DVD bhi sath dety hyn. “Dawlance ka LCD Scenario jahan lag jae…………………………….. wahan sajh jae” kun ky…………..! “Dawlance reliable hai”
  46. 46. Post Launch Strategies • We will evaluate that our message is targeting our customers or not if not up to that extent so backup plan we have to implement that one. • Take customer's feedback to evaluate our product. • To make zero defect piece. • After success of the product we will launch more series of LCD. • We will create awareness through web too.