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Career Coaching -- Market:Talent:Passion

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Coaching the important trifecta of Market:Talent:Passion

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Career Coaching -- Market:Talent:Passion

  1. 1. Into the Great Wide Open How I Care For My Client’s Careers By: Matt Morava
  2. 2. Transitions are never easy
  3. 3. Bona fides • Have supported professionals in finding their true calling since 2002, as both a coach and organizational development consultant • Have worked closely with Millennials since 2008 as a career coach and professor • Have worked in HR and as a manager have hired dozens (and sadly fired) dozens of people over the course of my career • 100% of my clients get hired if looking for work • 100% of my clients get promoted if wanting a promotion
  4. 4. Era of Choices • It’s hard for people to see what’s changed... • • If you’re 40 something, you’re busy with your own life • • If you’re 20 something, it’s how life has always been If you’re 60 something, you’re focused on other things I get to see it as a professor and what stands out is that a whole new set of skills are required to succeed in today’s world... if you are young, have a modicum of talent, experience, and passion there are almost endless opportunities waiting for you
  5. 5. Major Challenges • Lots of Choices, Lots of Decisions • Specialization Rules -- 10,000 Quality Hours to be Proficient (Not Genius Level) • Reach and Expertise vs. Experience and Credentials • Dysfunctional Systems, Traps, and Talent Thieves Abound... especially in “Default Decision Making” • Healthy Relationships + Talent Determines Success
  6. 6. Missing Curriculum • It’s an old truth, but formalized classes never match the challenges you’re about to face in the “real” world • Breaking Up, Endings and Saying Goodbye -- To know when you’ve truly outgrown something/someone vs. when you’ve made it/them too small for you to live • Fight Club -- The Five Conflict Styles & How Conflicts Can Serve You • Defense Against the Dark Arts -- Dealing with A-Holes, Broken, and “Evil” People • Learning to Say “Yes” and “No” Effectively -- Head, Heart, Gut Alignment • Basic Visioning Skills -- How to create a future you want to live • Decision Making -- infinite opportunities, can’t do them all, shared promises and sacrifice being the essential building blocks of all relationships • Your Body/Your Wisdom -- The Mind/Body Connection
  7. 7. Additional Skills to Develop • A Voracious Desire to Learn -- We love to be the expert, strive for it, but the novice mindset is the best prepared to fully live in this ever changing world... Always Be Learning • Embrace Failure and Pain -- Fail often, speed up the process of failure, don’t repeat your failures (learn) and face the hard things as default decision making will eat you alive • Embrace Transitions -- Learn to “Welcome The Unknown” • Ability to Toggle Between Being Present Today and Long Term Goals -- We may never arrive at our long term goals, but long term goals are what give meaning to our lives
  8. 8. What Will Determine Your Success (or Failure) • Your basic orientation towards external authority -rebels and princesses don’t last long • Your ability to network and build relationships -reputation matters • Your Trustworthiness -- Based on How People See Your: Competency, Consistency, Character, Commitment and Confidence • Your Comfort Level With Power
  9. 9. What Will Determine Your Career Success • Forgiveness and Gratitude -- Cornerstones of Resilience • Finding Your Inner Authority -- Is directly related to your relationship with your own shadow: Unwanted anger, sexual desires, neediness, and insecurities • The Embrace of Pain and Discomfort -- Two kinds of fear, two kinds of pain (Both say stop, but one of them is lying to you) • Toggle Back And Forth -- Internal/External, Horizon/ Immediate Surroundings, Strategic/Compassionate, You/ Other, Big Picture/Small Details
  10. 10. The Coaching Process • To have heartfelt, soulful coaching that is also effective and efficient begins with meeting the client where they are and illuminating their journey • As a self-employed career coach, I don’t have the luxury of time, nor am I distracted by a focus on metrics or career development theory, as the only way I succeed is if my clients find work
  11. 11. What’s Your Passion? • It’s the first question I ask every client • I work from the basic premise that we all want something -- a deep and abiding passion that compels us forward even if work is just a job and simply a means to an end • I also believe that each of us has a unique gift or talent that may or may not have been nurtured • Maybe the most important consideration is how our very first career aspirations were met... It’s how we respond to internal and external calls
  12. 12. Past, Present, & Future All Together The Past Does Impact our Present and Future The Challenges We Face Today Took Root In Days Past Some of the Challenges We Face Go Deeper Than The Recent Past -- Multigenerational The Present The Steps We Take Now Matter Distorted Thinking and Faulty Decision Making Impact Choice 99% of What We Do is Mostly Unconscious Behavior -- Expand Consciousness Must Consider Influences -- Who We Allow to Speak Into Our Lives? The Future Can We Name and Confront Our Worst Fears of the Future? Can We Sincerely Commit to Our Best Dreams of the Future? Realize the Role of Complacency and Familiarity in Keeping Us Stuck The Future Truly is Unwritten -- It’s Up for Grabs
  13. 13. The Essential Questions Where Your Vocation Meets Your Avocation Market Passions What is one thing that people will pay you for regardless of the economy? What jobs could you apply for and have a reasonable shot at getting right now? Market Make a list of your deepest desires. What turns you on? Passion How can you develop multiple streams of income? How in demand are your skills and experience right now? Are you currently doing what you want to be doing? Talent What’s worth the sacrifice? If you could be doing anything right now, what would it be? What do you daydream the most about? What is your body telling you? What do you love to practice? Talent What can you do better than anybody else? Describe one of the best decisions you’ve made in your life. What is satisfying about your current job or situation? If ten people who know you well were asked to write down the one adjective that they feel best describes you, what would be the most common words used to describe you? If you could teach everyone in the world one skill, what would you teach them? Where could you work less and achieve more? Is this what I want to be doing? What is an activity that brings you fully alive?
  14. 14. Our Passion (What We Want To Do) • There are two basic challenges that come with Passion • If our passions are not met with success, what does that mean? • • That we should give up? • • That we’re not talented enough? That we need to keep working at it and for how long? If we follow our passions and they are met with success, what’s next? • How do we flow with our success and not self sabotage? • Prepare ourselves for the next level of challenges
  15. 15. Our Talent (What We Can Do) • The truth about developing competencies is that there’s always a massive potential for growth • When you think about it, there really is no limit to developing yourself and your competencies • Strengths are always in a developmental process and evolution, same with weaknesses • A difficult truth to face is that our passions don’t always match our talent
  16. 16. The Market (What People Will Pay Us To Do) • This is where the “Dreamers” and “Realists” battle it out over... What’s possible vs. what’s probable • The future is not set in stone, anything is possible • • The Dreamer will tell you that your only limitations come from fear and a lack of imagination There is however a specific market for talent and expertise • The Realist will tell you that the reason you are miserable is that 99.9% of everything you think, and everything you do, is for your “Self” and there isn’t one
  17. 17. The 90 Day Plan • In 90 days you should see results from any form of coaching. The goal is simple... multiple job offers coming in at the same time • You become an Application and Networking Machine • • 40 Applications Sent, 20 New People In Your Network, and 10 Networking events per month Past issues are resolved, present is the focus, future is the goal
  18. 18. Career Coaching • My thoughts on what makes a great career coach: • They Are Managers -- They’ve actually had P&L responsibilities and hired/ fired employees • They Are Networked -- They are well connected in a diversity of industries and are aware of what the business community is asking for from employees • They Are Recruiters -- They are more than willing to act as a recruiter and head hunter for you • They Are Certified Coaches -- The therapeutic model is more passive and designed for developing diagnosis and treatment plans, coaching is primarily designed for accountability and action