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Pictures of Different Socio-Spaces Examined

  1. The Group at Kenan Football Center
  2. At the Student Recreational Center
  3. The Weight Machines at the SRC Look at how cluttered and closed the space is
  4. Pictures of the Kenan Field House An Office Near the Weight Room Weight Machines Cardio Machines (2) Cardio Machines (1)
  5. The Weight Machines at the Kenan Football Center
  6. More Pictures of the Kenan Football Center Weight Room
  7. More Pictures from Kenan Football Center Lounge Locker Room Swofford Auditorium Coaches’ Office
  8. Signs and Symbols at the SRC Instructor’s Wall Intramural Team Wall Artwork hanging from the Ceiling Instructions for Use of Weight Machines
  9. Signs and Symbols at the Kenan Football Center Carolina Players in the NFL Wall Recognition of Carolina Football Players Tarheel Weight Room Achievement Hanging Banners of NFL Players Words of Encouragement in the Wight Room