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Graham McElearney, University of Sheffield on iTunesU, MELSIG Jan 2015

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One of three presentations comparing the experience of leading the institutional adoption of iTunesU. The presentations each reflect on what has been done and by whom:

*How academics and students have responded
*How iTunesU has affected innovation in teaching and learning

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Graham McElearney, University of Sheffield on iTunesU, MELSIG Jan 2015

  1. 1. Sheffield on iTunes U MELSIG January 2015 Dr Graham McElearney, Technology Enhanced Learning Team Sheffield on iTunes U manager December 2013 - November 2014
  2. 2. New kids on the block - Russell Group Sheffield
  3. 3. Why are we doing it? A responsibility to share knowledge with the world To raise the international profiles of individuals, their discipline, department and the University No previous experience in OER
  4. 4. Meaning of iTunes U to TUoS A vision: To take the fantastic diversity of excellence that is the University of Sheffield, and distil, distribute and celebrate it in digital form
  5. 5. Excellence in...... Learning and teaching Research Public engagement Outreach Supporting the student experience Student generated materials
  6. 6. Learning and teaching - Introduction to feedback, modelling and control Examples...... Screencast tutorials....
  7. 7. Learning and teaching - We Are Feminists Examples...... Talking head - voice of expert or discussion....
  8. 8. Learning and teaching - iDig Examples...... Instructional video..... media held on students’
  9. 9. Learning and teaching - Italian podcasts Examples...... Audio....
  10. 10. Excellence in Supporting the student experience - Virtual Graduate School Video Interviews
  11. 11. Outreach - Discover Study Skills Online Examples...... Video and screencast tutorials....
  12. 12. Public engagement - Sounds of the Cosmos Excellence in Special events from the Festival Of The Mind
  13. 13. Who is the audience? Thomas Pleil CC BY NC 2.0
  14. 14. What sort of content? But must be legal No copyright infringing material - although law has now changed..... Contributors need to consent
  15. 15. Review of the current site content Over 700 individual items 80 collections All Sheffield based Faculties Professional Services
  16. 16. Review of the current site content - access (December 2014) 20,200 Streams - this is now more like 35K 24,761 downloads 32,180 visitors 5,405 subscriptions
  17. 17. Review of the current site content - access by country 80% Traffic from outside of UK
  18. 18. Marketing the content.....
  19. 19. Review of the current site content - access across time including November
  20. 20. Review of the current site content - popular items
  21. 21. The project - how to build an iTunes U presence Steering Group Content strategy Copyright, consent and IPR Visual identity Branding, transcoding and hosting
  22. 22. Steering group - getting the right people together Senior manager Academic lead Marketing/PR/comms Technical/IT Content producers Academic staff
  23. 23. Produce a content strategy Learning and teaching Research Public engagement Outreach Supporting the student experience Student generated materials
  24. 24. Copyright, consent and IPR Needs a thorough approach to © Specifically relating to video and lecture recording Consent forms required - need to understand IPR agreements at your institution
  25. 25. Visual identity
  26. 26. Media transcoding, tagging and hosting Approach depends on what solution you have Currently using Apple hosting Want to move to different solution - “Produce once - publish many”
  27. 27. Available Support - Creative Media Team Equipment loan Editing facilities Support and advice Direct support for production Training and support for your students Freely available software for audio and video editing
  28. 28. Web-based support SiTU support site at www.sheffield.ac.uk/itunesu Information for contributors Gallery of examples Request support Consent form and explanation Technical information Other useful downloads - branding files and Adobe encoding presets
  29. 29. Produce once - publish many Move away from hosting content in a number of places e.g. Apple’s servers, YouTube etc Have one hosting platform with the ability to publish into YouTube, UoS website, iTunes U, MOLE...... Need to create an open web based mirror so we are more discoverable and less proprietary
  30. 30. Telling the academic story..... Shift emphasis away from a specific platform Engage more with the increased interest in using media to tell the academic story e.g. Tales From the Ivory Tower Encouraging people to join the academic commons of digital publishing - especially early career academics, PhD students