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Summit ppt gcc 2016

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Summit ppt gcc 2016

  1. 1. Associations’ Summit 1 Joan Popolo Execu(ve Director, Associa(on of CleanTech Incubators of New England 2 Ronald Gillooly Board Member, Energy Engineers New England – MA Chapter 3 Angela Vincent Board Member, American Planning Associa(on – Northeast 4 Trevor Smith President, Ecological Landscaping Alliance 5 Eugene Benson Execu(ve Director, MA Associa(on of Conserva@on Commissions 6 Angela Allen Member, MA Associa(on of Public Purchasing Officials 7 Kevin Doyle Workforce Development Consultant, Northeast Clean Energy Council 8 Peter Dewar Director, Professional Development, MA Assoc. of Voca@onal Administrators 9 Ken Wertz Board of Directors, MA Facili@es Administrators Associa(on 10 Ray Willis President, New England Water Environment Associa(on
  2. 2. 1 ACTION
  3. 3. The region’s network of cleantech business incubators Joan Popolo, Execu(ve Director, jpopolo@ac(onnewengland.org, www.ac(onnewengland.org suppor6ng new ventures that are helping to build a prosperous green economy and a healthy, sustainable environment. Our Mission is to: Strengthen the regional cleantech cluster Accelerate the growth and success of early-stage companies Support green job growth in the Northeast
  4. 4. Industry Trends in Cleantech Water, Waste and AgTech • Water quality and security • Waste to Energy Distributed Energy & Storage • Grid integra(on of renewables • Baery storage and new materials Smart Ci(es and IoT • Infrastructure/transporta(on and mobility • Open data/analy(cs and visualiza(ons
  5. 5. ACTION benefits We happily employ student interns through the MassCEC Internship Program. For Startups Are you looking for support for your cleantech startup? ACTION can connect you with our network of business incubators that will provide valuable resources for your company. For Incubator/Accelerators Startup referrals to their facili(es Professional development programs in incubator management Industry discounts (programs, soaware, market research reports) for incubators and member companies Shared resources among the network For Affiliate Members and Interna@onal Partners Business development opportuni(es to reach incubators and companies Visibility for your organiza(on across the Northeast region
  6. 6. Educa@on, Training, and Events Incubator Insights Conference Calls Quarterly conference calls with incubator managers for discussion and idea exchange, providing thougheul solu(ons to common issues guided by their own experiences in incubator management. This forum allows incubator managers to enhance their skills and network with others commied to advancing the industry along the highest professional standards. InBIA Northeast Training Ins@tute Offering courses in incubator management and entrepreneur support for •  Business Incuba(on/Accelera(on Professionals •  University Administrators and Faculty in Entrepreneurship •  Community Influencers/ Chambers of Commerce •  Economic Development Leaders WPI Water Workshop with NEWIN - October 24 This one-day workshop, sponsored by NSF, will bring together 150 individuals from academia, industry and the government to iden(fy, address, and share solu(ons to improve water supply abundance, access and safety.
  7. 7. 2 AEE
  8. 8. •  The Associa6on of Energy Engineers (AEE) is your source for info & networking in the dynamic fields of energy engineering, energy management, renewables, power genera6on, energy services, sustainability, and related areas. AEE’s overall strength is augmented by its strong membership base of over 17,500 professionals in 98 countries and its widely recognized energy cer6fica6on programs. Its network of over 96 local chapters located throughout the U.S. and abroad meet regularly to discuss issues of regional importance. •  Na6onal Website: hSp://www.aeecenter.org/i4a/pages/ index.cfm?pageid=1 •  Local Chapter: hSp://aeenewengland.org/index.php •  Local Contact: Ron Gillooly, C.E.M. •  ronald.c.Gillooly@leidos.com or (508) 922-6835 ASSOCIATION OF ENERGY ENGINEERS OF NEW ENGLAND
  9. 9. ASSOCIATION OF ENERGY ENGINEERS OF NEW ENGLAND • U@lity regula@on and new business models • Increasing number of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) on the Grid • U@lity efficiency programs con@nue to expand SUSTAINABILITY TRENDS
  10. 10. ASSOCIATION OF ENERGY ENGINEERS OF NEW ENGLAND • Professional cer@fica@ons • Local and na@onal network of professionals • Local & Na@onal LinkedIN groups • CEU’s • Job lis@ngs in local newsleer (none listed currently) • Na@onal Online Career Center hp://www.energyvortex.com/careercenter/ jobdetails.cfm?id=5074 BENEFITS & CURRENT JOB OPENINGS
  11. 11. 3 APA
  12. 12. American Planning Association – MA Chapter APA-MA provides leadership in the development of vital communi(es by advoca(ng excellence in community planning, promo(ng educa(on and ci(zen empowerment, and providing the tools and support necessary to meet the challenges of growth and change. http://www.apa-ma.org/ Kristin Kassner, AICP, Chapter President: kkassner@burlington.org Massachusetts Association of Planning Directors MAPD Inc. is a not for profit membership organiza(on of professional planners dedicated to facilita(ng exchange of informa(on, presen(ng planning perspec(ves to government, and promo(ng fellowship. http://massplanningdirectors.org/ Angela Vincent, AICP, Chapter President: avincent@mvpc.org
  13. 13. Sustainability Trends in Na@onal Planning Field •  Comprehensive Plan Sustainability Cer(fica(on •  APA Sustainable Communi(es Division •  Smart Ci(es and Sustainability Task Force •  Student Engagement •  Inves(ga(ng a Professional Cer(fica(on
  14. 14. Associa@on Benefits •  Facilitate exchange of informa(on relevant to planning issues, techniques, and innova(ons •  Provide educa(on and networking opportuni(es to address local and regional planning •  Work with allied professionals/organiza(ons to promote interest in and support for planning •  Engage in legisla(ve policy reform
  15. 15. 4 ELA
  16. 16. Ecological Landscape Alliance "Advocating for responsible stewardship of land and natural resources in landscaping and horticultural practices.” Ecolandscaping.org
  17. 17. 1.  Storm Water Management 2.  Green Space/Green Streets 3.  Community Gardens/ Lot Reclama(on Trending
  18. 18. Eco-Tours/Events Inspira(on from a Prairie Eco-tour: Ecological Landscape Maintenance Techniques at Mass Audubon Eco-tour: John Hancock Charles River Walking Path And So Many More ECOLANDSCAPING.ORG
  19. 19. Webinar Season 4 Improving Cash Flow: Beer Business Prac(ces for Landscape Professionals Dirty Streets to Dirty BMPS: Maintaining Clean Stormwater BMPs Along Roadways Urban Tree Selec(on in a Changing Climate And Many, Many More ECOLANDSCAPING.ORG
  20. 20. 5 MACC
  21. 21. Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions PROTECTING MASSACHUSETTS NATURAL RESOURCES THROUGH EDUCATION, ADVOCACY, AND SUPPORT OF CONSERVATION COMMISSIONS www.maccweb.org / staff@maccweb.org
  22. 22. Sustainability Trends Understanding Wetlands and Forests as “Carbon Sinks” MA forests capture more than 10% of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions annually Coastal wetlands might capture and store carbon at rates three to five (mes greater than forests Managing Storm Water to Protect the Natural and Built Environment Mi(ga(ng the largest source of water pollu(on in MA Providing flood control and groundwater recharge in a (me of climate disrup(on Maintaining the Ecosystem Biological diversity in Massachuses depends on the protec(on of forested, wetland, and open space habitats and their associated plant and animal species
  23. 23. MACC Benefits Fundamentals for Massachuses Conserva(on Commissioners: A Cer(ficate Training Program 11 Units – take 5 required units and three elec(ves for a Cer(ficate MA Wetlands Protec(on Act and regula(ons, wetlands protec(on and permiung, managing conserva(on land, and much more Fall Conference 2016: October 29 in Holyoke Managing Massachuses Forests: Conserva(on, Stewardship, and Regula(ons Annual Environmental Conference 2017: March 4 in Worcester 24 Environmental Workshops; 40+ Exhibits, Poster Session, Networking
  24. 24. MACC Benefits Jobs Board (hp://maccweb.org/resources_jobs.html) as of September 23 includes •  Assistant Planning Director/ Environmental Planner, Easton •  Conserva(on Director, Tyngsborough •  Conserva(on Administrator, Marshfield •  Conserva(on Agent, Townsend •  Conserva(on Administrator, Bolton •  Conserva(on Administrator, Wayland •  AND MORE! •  Electronic Resource Library •  Forms, documents, other resource materials •  MACC Web Forum •  Ask ques(ons, get answers, share your knowledge and experience. Be part of the conserva(on conversa(on!
  25. 25. 6 MAPPO
  26. 26. Massachusetts Association of Public Purchasing Officials (MAPPO) •  MAPPO represents and promotes the Purchasing Professional as an essen(al contributor to the governmental func(on and vital to the well- being of our communi(es as watchdogs of public funds. •  Our shared direc(ve is to be sure our Ci(es, Towns and Agencies conduct legal and compe((ve procurements while maintaining ethics, quality, and savings in each and every purchase. •  www.mappo.org •  Mary A. Delaney, Chief Procurement Officer, City of Fitchburg, MDelaney@fitchburgma.gov, MAPPO President •  Angela M. Allen, Director of Purchasing, City of Somerville, AMAllen@somervillema.gov, MAPPO Speaker Commiee
  27. 27. Sustainability Trends •  Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (“EPP”) •  Products: recycled, third party cer(fied, non-toxic, energy-saving •  Services: recycling, consul(ng, surplus/re-use services •  Environmentally Preferable Products and Services Guide from Opera(onal Services Division (OSD): www.mass.gov/epp •  Legisla(on •  Green Communi(es Act – technical assistance & financial support to ci(es and towns (Exec. Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs) •  Mass. General Laws (MGL) chapter 25A provides streamlined procurement guidance for energy management services, green tech providers, energy performance contrac(ng •  Clean Energy & Energy Efficiency Services for local ratepayers •  Municipal aggrega(on •  Solar programs •  Energy efficiency programs
  28. 28. MAPPO Membership Benefits •  Represents membership in legisla(ve maers with respect to procurement. •  Provides educa(onal opportuni(es, resource sharing, and opportuni(es to network with professionals from all areas of public purchasing. •  Works with the Inspector General, whose cer(fica(on and con(nuing educa(on program is designed to confirm a high level of competence in the field. •  MAPPO imparts our message through par(cipa(on in state appointed commiees, communica(on with the Offices of the Aorney General and Inspector General, and collabora(on with the Office of the State Purchasing Agent.
  29. 29. 7 NECEC
  30. 30. Northeast Clean Energy Council Kevin Doyle, Workforce Development Consultant KevinLDoyle@gmail.com www.NECEC.org NECEC’s mission is to create a world-class clean energy hub delivering global impact with economic, energy and environmental solutions. NECEC helps clean energy companies start, scale and succeed with our unique business, innovation and policy leadership.
  31. 31. Resources •  Career Opportunities •  Internship Information •  Job Postings •  NE Clean Energy Careers Training & Education Directory http://www.necec.org/about/career-workforce- development.html
  32. 32. 8 MAVA
  33. 33. Preparing a Globally Competent Workforce through High-Quality Career and Technical Education •  PARTNERSHIPS WITH BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY •  Program Advisory Commiees for 45 Voca(onal & Technical Agricultural Programs •  Over 6,000 Advisory Board Members Statewide •  Co-opera(ve Educa(on Programs •  INDICATORS OF SUCCESS •  High Gradua(on Rates (94.5) •  Low Dropout Rates (0.7%) •  High Growth in High Stakes Tes(ng (MCAS) •  INTEREST CONTINUES TO GROW •  Change in Voca(onal Enrollment 2004-5 2014-15 Change Change % •  Regional Voca(onal Schools 25,832 28,532 2,700 10.5% •  Other Voca(onal Programs 15,709 18,351 2,642 16.8% •  Partnerships with Business & Industry 41,541 46,883 46,883 12.9% •  KEYS TO SUCCESS •  Fully Engaged and Immersed Students in a Career Pathway •  Real World Experience •  Integra(on of Academic & Technical Instruc(on
  34. 34. MA Vocational Technical School Initiatives SUSTAINABILITY - Never Enough! Never Fast Enough! • Blackstone Valley Tech, Upton -- First Green School-Building Project/ 2015 Green School •  Solar-installa(on Training •  Drama(c reduc(on in the use of hazardous substances used in voca(onal training •  Drama(c increase in the proper disposal of hazardous substances used in voca(onal training •  Training programs follow the new Mass. Building Energy Code •  Increase in Environmental Science and Engineering Programs •  Significant Reduc(on in the use of energy •  Significant Reduc(on in the use of Water Resources •  Increase in Recycling Programs
  35. 35. ConnectingForSuccess.org The "not to be missed" premier professional development conference for all professionals involved with career & technical educa(on. June 28-29, 2017 Assabet Valley Regional Technical School 215 Fitchburg Street, Marlborough, MA REGISTRATION BEGINS FEBRUARY 1, 2017
  36. 36. 9 MFAA
  37. 37. 10 NEWEA
  38. 38. ABOUT NEWEA •  New England Water Environment Associa(on •  Member Associa(on (MA) of Water Environment Federa(on •  2000+ Members represen(ng the six New England states •  87th year – Founded in 1929 •  NEWEA’s mission is to promote educa(on and collabora(on while advancing knowledge, innova(on, and sound public policy for the protec(on of the water environment and our quality of life. •  Website: www.newea.org •  Contact: (781) 939-0908
  39. 39. SUSTAINABILITY TRENDS •  Water Resource Recovery Industry Focused on Sustainability of their Resources and Assets. •  Op(mized Opera(on of Facili(es •  Energy Reduc(on/Chemical Reduc(on/Green Energy •  Resiliency for Short Term Disasters and Climate Change •  Recruit Workforce to Operate and Maintain Facili(es and Infrastructure
  40. 40. NEWEA BENEFITS • Educa(on and Training • Building Leadership Skills • Networking • Publica(ons – NEWEA Journal and Waterlink • Opportuni(es for Professional Growth (Cer(fica(on Programs, Government Affairs Commiee) • Opportuni(es for Recogni(on (Awards Program) • Na(onal Benefits (WEF Membership)
  41. 41. JOBS!!!!!!!! NEWEA Job Bank •  Free to members and non-members •  Current Jobs Listed •  Engineers •  Wastewater Facility Operators & Supervisors •  Instrumenta(on, SCADA, and Maintenance Technicians •  Laboratory Technicians •  Construc(on Management & Laborers •  Heavy Equipment Operators
  42. 42. MORE JOBS!!!!! Industry Web sites •  www.mwpca.org •  www.mwwa.memberclicks.net •  www.newwa.org/careercenter •  www.newea.org •  www.awwa.org - career center •  www.wef.org – job bank Workforce Development Agencies •  Career Center Lowell •  Skill Works •  Regional Employment Agencies/Workforce Investment Board •  MassDEP •  Veteran Affairs Services
  43. 43. Thank you!