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Grey lee2015masccc

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Presentation at the 2015 Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference

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Grey lee2015masccc

  1. 1. USGBC MA Chapter 2015 Leadership & Engagement The Pursuit of Sustainable Living Devens Common Center, Devens, MA Thursday, April 16, 2015 WWW.USGBCMA.ORG    
  2. 2. About  the  Chapter         USGBC  MASSACHUSETTS  CHAPTER     §  Formed  in  2009,  evolving   from  Affiliate;  The  Green   Roundtable;  NEXUS     §  USGBC  MA    Chapter      Membership  –  over  500     paying  members  and  over           7,000  subscribers   §  25  Corporate  Sponsors   §  13  CommiNees    
  3. 3. MISSION:   1.  Promote  the  design,  construction,  and  operation  of  sustainable   buildings  and  communities;   2.  Environment,  social,  economic  benefit  (Triple  Bottom  Line);     3.  Improved  Quality  of  Life  for  all.     VISION:   1.  Keeping  Massachusetts  at  the  forefront  of  green  building;   2.  Sustainable  design  and  operation  of  every  building  and  community  in   Massachusetts  within  a  generation.  
  4. 4. Educational Programs LEED Exam Study Groups Green Building Tours Professional Networking Opportunities Annual Design Competition Green Movie Screenings Green Breakfast Club Connections to a Community of Practitioners What  USGBC  MA  Offers:   USGBC  MASSACHUSETTS  CHAPTER  
  5. 5. Committees:   *  Advocacy   *  Communications   *  Residential  Green   *  Events   *  Education   *  Emerging  Professionals   *  Fundraising   *  Membership   *  Regional  and  Statewide  Outreach  
  6. 6. Branching  out!!       §  Western  MA  –  Hampden,  Hampshire,  Franklin   county  are  our  official  “West  Branch”       §  Central  MA  CommiNee  –  greater  Worcester  and   central  parts  of  MA     §  Cape  and  Islands  Interest  Group         USGBC  MASSACHUSETTS  CHAPTER  
  7. 7. How do we do this? We  improve  the  professional  cadre  to  deliver  on  our  mission  –   training  around  LEED  and  other  green  building  practices   We  celebrate  our  practitioners'  successes   We  help  practitioners  connect  and  improve  each  others'  ability   to  find  the  right  solution  to  project  obstacles   We  help  the  public  at  large  understand  the  benefits  of  green   buildings  and  the  systems  we  support  to  achieve  them   We  advocate  for  state  and  local  regulations  &  legislation  which   supports  our  industry  and  furthers  our  mission     USGBC  MASSACHUSETTS  CHAPTER  
  8. 8. Being done through: •  Events   •  Programs   •  Advocacy  Campaigns   •  Regular  communications   •  Resources  for  all  on  web     USGBC  MASSACHUSETTS  CHAPTER  
  9. 9. Get  Involved  in  Green!     §   Check  out  our  Website:  www.usgbcma.org   §   ParYcipate  in  our  social  networks  at  LinkedIn,  Facebook   and  on  TwiNer   §   Write  about  a  project  you're  involved  in  on  our  blog!   §   Sign  up  for  our  email  newsleNer   §   ParYcipate  with  our  peer  mission-­‐aligned  partner   organizaYons   §  Engage  on  MA  green  iniYaYves  like  the  new  Stretch  Code,   Net  Zero  and  E+  projects   §  Find  upcoming  events  on  website       USGBC  MASSACHUSETTS  CHAPTER  
  10. 10. Upcoming Chapter Events: April 20th – LEED Plaque Ceremony at Peoples Bank in Northampton April 22nd – the Earth Day Building Tech Forum at Mass Challenge in Boston April 25th – Earth Day Service Project in Franklin Park, Boston www.usgbcma.org     USGBC  MASSACHUSETTS  CHAPTER